Transmigrated into Naruto World
45 Trouble with Mist, Miura goes to School
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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45 Trouble with Mist, Miura goes to School

a couple of days later, at Degarashi port city, three of them practicing water walking exercise. Naruto said "it's been a few days since Sensei disappeared. there isn't much in this city to do and we have no way of contacting Kakashi sensei." Sakura turned to Sasuke "Sasuke kun, why don't we go for a date just the two of us. we first go for movie then we go for walk in park then we go for candle light dinner then we go to inn then..." her face is already completely red she suddenly snap out of it only to find out there was no one there.

"Aw, he keep avoiding me and stick with Naruto all the time. don't tell me..." her face got paled she screamed "No way that would happen".later she found them. a while later three of them went to Ichiraku to find Ayame. Naruto asked "Ayame Oneesan, how many days will it take more?". she replied "actually, I'm waiting for Kakashi san he told he would be back in three days. So, he should return by today. after he come back we shall return to konoha".

later in the evening, Kakashi came back there's blood on him and quite a bit injured indicating he was in a battle. we asked him about him he didn't replied anything and later he said "ok, let's return to Konoha". A day later a ship reached the port and two people step out and landed on the ground. one is a muscular man around 26 years age, 6ft height with light grayish skin, short spiky black hair, dark brown eyes, and small eyebrows. he has bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. and the other is a young man around 15 years old, He had long black hair, pale skin and large, dark-brown eyes, and a slender frame. most people would discern him a female as he looks more feminine and prettier than many ladies. those two are none other than Zabuza Momochi and Haku.

Haku turned to Zabuza "his tail ends here if I'm right" Zabuza asked "are you sure this is the correct place?". Haku replied "I'm not 100%sure but in this direction this is the only city which exists. if I'm right, he reached here but I'm not sure about whether he is hiding here or went away somewhere." Zabuza laughed a bit menacingly "dared to mess with mist. he should face consequences. Kakashi Hatake my Kubikiribocho is excited to drink your blood".

two weeks later they reached Keishi. Ayame said "you mission is now completed. I have work here it might take two weeks at least. so, you can go and I'll ask help from Merchant association here. they provide security to all those who do business as a bonus here in keishi. don't worry about me." they nodded and went back to konoha.

meanwhile I and Miura went to the Keishi Business Academy. it's a civilian school. just like the name, all students who come here will become business man or business woman and some become merchants anyway. well there are also other academies here in keishi. due to tsunade being famous medical nin are widely popular here. the people here as well as Daimyo don't like shinobi much of course aside from 12 guardian ninjas they are used to be highly regarded here even above samurais. well Daimyo disbanded it. I'm not sure why. but it's not like they hate shinobi. there's even mercenary association here. sometimes people use them as bodyguards when they go outside of city but they charge very high.

Ok, anyway it's admission time of the year. we went there, I see lots of parents with their kids. when we both reached there, Miura asked me "papa, why are people looking at us?. I sighed "I should have listened to Daimyo"

One day before

well, two weeks ago when we reached Keishi, I went to Daimyo to meet him after 4-5 years. he naturally recognised me and we talked a bit and also I asked him not to reveal my identity to public. he did that obviously considering our freindship. then, we talked about how my businesses are doing these days. seems like doing well. I haven't seen my account balance yet probably would be tens of millions ryo or may be hundreds who knows and who cares. well, anyway he gave us a dinner invitation. we went there and Miura was pretty much excited. inside the palace it is damn awesome.

she asked "papa, I also want live in a palace like this, it's my first seeing this big rooms". well it's natural that she wants after all we moved from the a small village to the city and Degarashi port is incomparable to this city. I laughed "Miu chan actually it's not the first time you came here. when you were very small we used to come here often." "I didn't remember much since I was very small then. papa will you built like this home for us?" I pinched her nose "don't worry papa will built you a palace more amazing than this one in the future. ok". she hugged "my papa is the best".

we met again. I greeted him "Daimyo sama". he replied "C'mon Diran kun, how many times I should tell you can call me uncle like in old days. is this my grand daughter Miura?" he came near her "hello Miura chan." She replied "hello, Daimyo jiji". he smiled at her and nodded to me "let's go," we had dinner and when we are about to go back "Diran kun, I would advice you to change your look slightly". I frowned "enemies? or konoha nin?, I careless about that anymore" he smiled "no, there will no problem with shinobi. you will have a different kind of problem that even you will be helpless when you go for her admission"

back to now

So, uh this is the problem. I know I'm a bit handsome but I don't know situation is this much bad. I calmed myself "I just don't need to care. I can deal with it". most of the females there who are parents are a bit starting at me and slightly blushing. it's good that there are less female parents here while many males are bit angry. Over the years of constantly improving sage mode let me a bit sensitive to other people emotions. so it became hard for me.

I looked forward and didn't cared about others and met the receptionist. it took a lot of time just to take admission. she's asking details a bit too much and she didn't even looked Miura once.first I thought it was normal later eventually I found out the real motive so we hurriedly filled the application and left. after I went she looked disappointed "aw, such a handsome young man, he's definitely my type. the application says his wife died. hmm..may be there still an opportunity? it's rare to meet someone rich, handsome and young like him. her name is Miura, no surname?. well it's not rare anyways. definitely a copy of Diran sama".

she become a bit dazed then suddenly someone woke her up "oh, hello welcome. what is your name." in front of her is a middle aged man a bit uncle type. he asked "what's your name?". she replied "take this application and fill it don't need to fill it here please don't waste our previous time with useless questions. there's are a lot of people after you"

we both went to our businesses to check on them. well I have lots of them in this city. I gave all of the workers a holiday for my return. then we went to Ichiraku. "wow, papa this one is so bigger than the one at Degarashi port city". I nodded and ordered the lunch. some gazes are on me here as well. anywhere I go its normal so, I didn't mind that and it's good that only a few are looking not everyone like in the academy.

after we ate and just about to exit. Ayame who came out of kitchen "good job Yuko, take break for some time...." then she saw me and Miura exiting and when I turned right she saw a partial appearance of me. "Niisan?". she hurriedly ran and came out and saw right in the direction I went but due to large population outside we already got disappeared in the crowd. "is that?. no that can't be. but that face and that hair and there's a kid with same hair".

she shook her head "nah, I must be seeing things". and she went inside.

Yuko asked "Ayame, what happened?". she shook her head "no, I thought I saw a familiar person that's all". "hmm?, you mean those two that handsome and his cute little kid?"."Yuko, it seems your eyes and mind are somewhere else when working." she slightly blushed from embarrassment "well, he really looks like a gentleman though. especially that purple hair and the tattoo under his eye. he looks very cool. oops sorry. I'm going back to my work".

Ayame got stunned for a second and she grabbed Yuko's shoulders and asked loudly "are you sure he has a tattoo like mark under his eyes?". she nodded. it attracted the customers attention "oops, sorry about that". A regular middle aged customer teased "looks like miss Ayame has a crush on someone." She shook her head replied "no, he's like my brother". she looked up "I found you finally Diran Niisan. but who's that kid?"

Meanwhile at the Land of Waves

Zabuza and Haku sitting before a business man named Gato. he said "there's a bridge going to be constructed between this land and konoha. you have to stop it. how you do it.I don't care. I already paid the amount for mission to the Mizukage. I got the news that bridge builder went to konoha for help. I hope you are strong enough to kill them as your mizukage sent me only two of you".

Zabuza didn't replied anything and they parted later. then he laughed "hahaha, I didn't think we will get the chance to take revenge this quickly." Haku replied "Zabuza sama, its better if we capture them rather than kill them and exchange Kakashi for them". he replied "we will do it your way but I know they won't risk kakashi over some common jonin."

next day

Hokage Office, Konoha

hokage is thinking about the mission "hmm, which team I should assign?.he paid only amount for C-rank but the matter is big and there will be Shinobi involved if I assign some genin they'll die easily and if I assign Chunin and Jonin and if there's no attack then it would be wasting time. ok, I got it".he gave an order to his anbu "Call, Asuma and his team".

a while later, they started their journey towards the land of Waves"


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