Transmigrated into Naruto World
46 Ayame Meets Diran
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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46 Ayame Meets Diran

they started their journey towards land of Waves. someone is angry all the way. Shikamaru said to choji "it seems ino is angry I wonder what happened". he replied back"why don't you ask her?" he replied "I don't have energy to ask her. Can you ask her for me?" he nodded and Choji asked "Ino, what happened?, it seems today you are not in a good mood". She looked towards him and grabbed his collar "good mood, do you think I'll be in nice mood that we are going away from the village" and then she looked up in the sky "I thought, I would finally get sometime to spend time with Naruto kun, he came to the village and I'm going out." she looked at Tazuna angrily "it's all this old drunkard's fault". Asuma replied in a serious tone "don't talk about a client like that next time." he turned towards him "I apologise in place of her".

Shikamaru asked "I don't know what you see in that idiot". she snorted "hmpf, that's why you are unpopular". he sighed "women. they're are troublesome alright". after they travelled some distance two guys attacked out of nowhere but Shikamaru immobilized them before they get to Tazuna and Asuma finished them and said "Shikamaru good job, Ino and Choji, a shinobi should be alert all the time cases like these will sure happen time to time so get over it"

they nodded and Asuma asked Tazuna about the Mission completely. Asuma wrote a letter and send it to hokage with bird puppet. few hours later hokage got the letter and frowned "seems like my worries became true, now this mission might be at least B-rank, there is a possibility of even going up to A-rank. few minutes later Itachi in his anbu uniform kneeling in front of him.

"Itachi, Aid team 10. here's the details of the mission. but remember, you would only intervene when their life is in danger." he nodded and disappeared.

Meanwhile at Keishi

Ayame asked around the people she knows about me but in a city with huge amount of population it's very difficult to find a single man. So, eventually she gave up. "let's just go back and wait. may be they'll come again".

few days later at Land of Waves.

Asuma is fighting against Zabuza while Haku is busy with the three of them. well, it looked bad for them. Asuma definitely wasn't a match for Zabuza neither or those three except Shikamaru only he was doing fair. but too bad they aren't match for Haku. Haku hit them with his senbon needles all of them got fainted and he proceeded to capture Tazuna for Zabuza to kill him

Zabuza clicked his tongue "this kid still refuse to kill".Asuma was full of injuries and just Zabuza was about to blow a final delivery, his Kubikiribocho was stopped by a kunai. and in a second all of the mist cleared from there. "konoha's crow?, I heard about you. I guess your blood is just as awesome as kakashi for my Kubikiribocho". but before even said anything, his surroundings changed and he was tied to a pole. "what's happening". Itachi appeared before "welcome to my world". and Zabuza screamed with pain and fainted.

Itachi went near him then "Wait, if you attack Zabuza sama, I'll kill these kids". Itachi looked over him "I don't have orders to kill him so, you can take him away. I'll step away from him and you leave those and take him away". he carried all of them into Tazuna's house.

later when they woke up three of them asked "what happened?, how come we are here?".

Tazuna replied "some guy in mask carried you four of them here. your sensei is upstairs". Shikamaru asked "what happened exactly". he shook his head "I don't know". they went upstairs and found Asuma was sleeping. Choji asked "Shikamaru do you have any idea who might be?". he replied "might be someone from anbu". Ino then said "then, why didn't he helped from before if he came to help us." Shikamaru "that's how anbu is anyway. you also seems to be very energetic for someone who almost died".she became silent after that. After a day Asuma got recovered a bit. and Itachi after finishing his job ran towards konoha. but suddenly he got dizzy and rested for sometime "Damn, it's happening again. I guess there's only a few years left before I go complete blind. after I go back I'll withdraw from Shinobi services and train Sasuke kun to my fullest". A week later the bridge got completed connecting land of fire and land of Waves.

Meanwhile, at Keishi

Ayame seems distressed at the moment "Why hasn't he appeared yet, it's been a week." Yuko then asked "Ayame, if you don't mind can you pick up my sister?, I have lot of work to do and now customers will be more". she replied "no problem. you are really working hard you know. take a break from time to time." She shook her head "well, I too want to take a break but you know financial situation in our house. father medical bills and Miya's school fees etc.. I can't afford to take a break and enjoy the time like other girls. anyway forget about me and go and pick up her now please."

"fine fine, I'm going." and she went to Keishi Business where Yuko's sister Miya study. she's in third year right now.She went there and waiting like everyone out there. she ignored some who tried to start a conversation with her. A while later students came out and going with their parents. Miya also came out "Ayame san, where is Neesan?". "She is very busy now. let's go". then suddenly she stopped and stood there a statue. "Ayame san? what happened?" and she followed her gaze.

it's actually first day of Miura's academy. well, it seems she's a bit afraid of leaving me and staying away from me for 8 hours. after I found her, she ran towards me hugged me and cried a bit. it's her first day after all. I kneeled down to her height and started wiping her tears. "now now, papa is here alright. how's your first day at academy?". she replied "it's ok, I find some people who are willing to be friends with me and I missed you papa, I don't want to go there again. I want papa to be with me".

I laughed "hahaha, Miu chan papa is always with you. education is important. so you have to go everyday and study hard and make lots of friends. papa will always be here when you step out of school. ok?."she nodded "papa, I want to eat ice cream today". I patted her head "sure, let's go". then I suddenly sensed someone is observing us. well normally I wouldn't care but I sensed some emotion. so I turned towards the direction that direction and found Ayame.

She ran towards me and hugged me and cried a bit. it's just an emotional one a sister give to her brother. "it's been a while Little Ayame". "it's been 8years, I finally found you Diran Niisan".we separated and I turned "Miu chan, this is your aunt Ayame." I turned my head towards Ayame "this is my daughter Miura Senju". She was surprised "Niisan, you got married? who?".I smiled "you have left that girl there who came with you." "ahh!!" she ran towards her "I'm sorry Miya. come with me let me introduce my brother".she came towards us and introduce her. I Replied "hello Miya san, I'm Diran and this is my daughter Miura. she just joined today".

later we dropped her and Ayame walked with us to an ice cream parlor. we took each of one and talk while while "So, tell me Ayame chan, how's your life these years". she smiled "just like you said last time Niisan, I have graduated and developed the business and also opened the Ichiraku branches all over the fire country. just a few days ago I opened one even at Degarashi port in the land of Tea."

I nodded "yeah, I know it's smaller than here but the quality of food is not lesser at all. well it can't be compared to Teuchi san's though." "hmm, wait a minute. I think I remember now. you met me twice before right. once we got collided and other time you both came and ate. yeah now I get it. that man was you after all." she turned her head away "you didn't even talked with me then".I scratched my cheek "well, there is Kakashi and his three students there. I don't want to expose I'm sorry". "it's fine. see we have met after all" she then asked "Say Niisan, when did you get married. you didn't even told her name yet."

I became silent for a while "we'll talk about it later. please don't ask anything about it for now". she nodded after seeing Miura face. "Miura chan,do you like ramen?". then Miura suddenly got a bit excited "I like it very much Ayame Obasan. My favourite is Miso ramen with poached egg". "whenever you feel come to Ichiraku. I will especially cook for you.ok?". I was surprised "hmm, If I know correctly Teuchi san will never allow you to cook in konoha". "well, yeah even though he praises me he never let me cook there. so, I cook sometimes here."

"that's normal, it's just he doesn't want you to become chef" She replied "may be". and we talked about lot of things for some time. "Hmm, Miu chan?". Miura leaned one me and slept. "I guess she got tired". I nodded "I guess we will go then". I picked her up and while we started moving Ayame spoke "Niisan, will you never come back to konoha?". I turned back "May be in the future I will return to Konoha. but for now this is my home".

next day at Konoha.

at Sasuke's apartment.

"Itachi Niisan, you came back. busy with missions?. go and fresh up I'll cook something." he nodded and later they had breakfast. and Itachi asked about their first mission and he replied "it's boring I should say. we had only done tree climbing and water walking exercises." and recounted the whole story happened.

itachi frowned "that's really weird". "Niisan, both you and Kakashi sensei are both overthinking. it's not much of an issue right". he replied "yeah may be. anyway what is his name by the way?".Sasuke replied "Diran". Itachi suddenly stood up and grabbed his shoulders "is his hair purple and had a tattoo like mark under his eye?". Sasuke shook his head "no, just an ordinary black hair but his daughter Miura has purple hair. she look cute on outside but is a devil on inside I'm telling you".

Itachi's hands shook a bit. he also lost his composure "he has a daughter and her name is Miura?." and he started to talking to himself "May be it's coincidence, but my intuition tells me he may be him but in transformation. even there's a small chance I need to find him and see for myself". Sasuke asked worriedly "Niisan, what happened? I have never seen you like this". Itachi patted him "don't worry otouto, it's nothing. I should leave now to Degarashi port." he replied "but they already left. his uncle told that they moved to keishi". Itachi nodded and before he went "Oh, and after I come back I'm going to train you personally get ready for it" and he quickly disappeared leaving behind an excited Sasuke.


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