Transmigrated into Naruto World
47 Diran“s location got exposed?, Trouble with Mist not over ye
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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47 Diran“s location got exposed?, Trouble with Mist not over ye

A few hours later, Itachi reached Keishi and thought 'now, I rushed here without thinking but with this many people how should I find him'. he massaged his temple "OK let's just rest in an inn, plan things and start to search from tomorrow". next morning, he made some clones and spread all over the city. he hypnotised many of civilians over there to find some information.many times he got confirmation that I'm here but not sure where I am.

Meanwhile at Konoha

Third hokage is fighting with his biggest enemy "PAPERWORK". suddenly anbu came and reported him "Oh, Itachi rushed out of village in a hurry without informing me?. there are only four persons who can make him quite emotional. Sasuke and Nagato are in Konoha and Hana is in a mission. probably something unexpected happened? or is it....."

One week late

after searching without rest for a week, he finally got information that I'm in constant touch with a girl who's the small boss of Ichiraku. he was surprised that Ayame regularly meets me yet she kept the secret but later figured it out that she didn't even returned konoha for a while probably because of me.

he later found her and asked her. well, I didn't said to her to keep quiet about me. So, she told me about it. he didn't waited for her and came to my apartment but it's locked then he went to the Academy and found out that all students left.he became disappointed and started walking towards the inn he was currently staying. While on his way he saw a father and daughter pair eating ice cream just sat on bench and chatting some random stuff.

yup, that's me and Miura. then suddenly I sensed someone was approaching us and when I looked, my surroundings got changed into a barren red land. I was surprised for a second but then I smiled and I snapped my fingers and it disappeared "I told you it would never work on me. not then and not now Itachi." he smiled "It's been a while Diran". I nodded "yeah, it's been a while". I turned towards Miura who was looking curiously "Miu chan, this is uncle Itachi". I looked towards him and introduced her. "wow, Itachi Ojisan, you look like Sasuke Niisan". I laughed and replied "that's because they are brothers".

Itachi replied towards me "it seems you aren't surprised seeing me". I shook my head "well, I don't plan to completely hide anymore and also after I saw Sasuke,I expected sooner or later I'll meet you".later after we had dinner at Ichiraku, I left Miura there and we went somewhere. I asked "So, how's everyone. how's Hana?". he replied "yeah, she's alright. She woke up 3 months after you left the village. I don't know what you wrote in that letter. she haven't said showed or said anyone about it but she decided to stay at the village and train after reading it. you know, She hadn't moved on and waiting for the past 8 years. now I really don't know how to reply her that you already moved on and already got married and has a daughter".

before I replied anything he asked "Speaking of which who is your wife. where is she now. earlier when I searched for you I went to your apartment but it's locked and after seeing you two are like there won't be anyone who will wait for you at home. it's almost as if she's....." he became silent then I replied "yeah,she died. it's been 2 years since then. I can't say anything more than that. so please don't ask about it." he apologized "I'm sorry, I didn't know about that. Can you at least tell me the name". I replied "Nashio Ichiko Senju".he nodded and stood up "I have to get back to Konoha but before I go, Can you answer one last question?". I nodded. he asked "do you still have feelings for Hana or you already moved on?". I was silent for 5 seconds and stood up "I still love her but I love my daughter more than her, more than even Konoha".he nodded "I actually want to ask some other questions but I got the answer to them without asking." and as he was about to leave

I said "before you go, I also have a question for you. how many years you have until you go blind?". he was shocked for a second and smiled "I guess, I can't hide it from you. probably 3 years at most I think if I will use it moderately." I said "but you have a solution right in your pocket yet you still hesitate. you know what I'm talking about. Eternal light". he was completely shocked over "how did you know about it. only selected uchiha know about it." I laughed "I know more about uchiha than you will ever know in your life time. anyway why aren't you using you dad's eyes".he shook his head "no, I kept it for Sasuke. currently he hasn't awakened his sharingan yet and I hope when he awakens Mangekyou, I was thinking dad's to transplant into him so that he can gain Eternal Magekyou Sharingan".

I replied "hmm, I think there's no need for that. I remember the time, when I left village before I destroyed the root HQ building, I sensed your dad entered the building and came out after a minute. I think he took Shisui's Mangekyou".

"what?, how come we have never been told". I shrugged my shoulders "probably he didn't trusted you or may be some other reason. go to your clan compound and check in secret places." he laughed and some tears came out "thank you very much, you really are reliable even if you aren't with us. I thought of actually quitting the shinobi service but now I can serve konoha for lifetime." later we parted. by the time I went to Ichiraku, Miura already slept. I picked her up and went to home.

Meanwhile at Konoha

Third hokage who was reading reports "oh, Itachi stayed at Keishi for a week and he didn't applied even for an absence. now that's something." he called on anbu "investigate why Itachi is in Keishi.

Two weeks later near Land of Noodles

at some remote forest, three people are engaging bandits and finished them. didn't killed them as Naruto and Sakura was against it. Sasuke was silent though. "yes, we finished our mission, now let's go and celebrate with ramen". Sakura was annoyed "Naruto, for the past couple of days we have been eating nothing but ramen" he replied "and what wrong with that. we can even eat today and make it 3days in a row and not to mention we are in Land of Noodles. The place ramen originated".

Suddenly Kakashi sensed something he shouted "now, jump away away from there". they hurriedly backed off and in the place where they stood before, a sword which is in the shape of a needle with a long thin wire that resembles the thread attached to it came and pierced the tree. "tch, kushimaru san, you are off the mark". and there are two persons appeared in front of them. Naruto shouted "who are you?". Kakashi with a serious face replied "Jinpachi Munashi, Kushimaru Kuriarare, two of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist".


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