Transmigrated into Naruto World
48 Team 7 vs ninja swordsmen of the mist, Reunion of Hana and Diran.
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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48 Team 7 vs ninja swordsmen of the mist, Reunion of Hana and Diran.

Jinpachi spoke "Kakashi of the sharingan, we meet at last, too bad it'll be our last meet". Kakashi warned "Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura be careful. the one in mask have that sword like needle which will easily pierce your body. so, be sure to dodge or just interrupt it with a kunai with precision. Sasuke I leave that to you. Naruto go all out with your shadow clones and leave the other one to me." then he revealed the sharingan. Sasuke sure got surprised as Kakashi isn't an Uchiha and even if it's a transplant, he never heard of any shinobi outside the clan.

well, compared to team 10 who were destroyed by Haku easily, team 7 doing fairly well. Naruto and his shadow clones kept him busy and Sakura sitting on sidelines. she was completely frozen by fear and stood there like a statue and then kushimaru attacked her with his Nuibari. just when it's about to hit her, Sasuke ran towards her and pushed her in time. it seems she got woken up from her trance. Sasuke shouted with angry "if you don't have the guts to battle, just run away from here. don't drag us down."

first she got tears then she was shocked "Sasuke kun, your eyes". "hmm?" and he saw his surroundings he was taken back "what is this, I can see clearly. every motion of his seems slow." Kakashi who was fighting Jinpachi smiled "it seems encountering you guys really helped us". he snorted "hmpf, so that's an Uchiha brat huh. too bad he just awakened that weird eye.unlike you he's just a kid. poor boy he will be short lived".

the battle continued. Naruto keep distracting him with Shadow clones. with this huge chakra, he keep on creating clones even though they are being killed easily in one hit so that he's giving Sasuke enough time to attack and Sasuke attacked with "Gokakyuu no jutsu". Kushimaru dodged it easily but he no longer had that much advantage as before. just then Kushimaru saw something and smiled cruely and he started to attack Sakura. she was completely overwhelmed in fear. Naruto with his Shadow clones keep defending her and soon they fell into disadvantage.

Kushimaru used his special technique Needle thrust. it uses huge amount of chakra and there will be a chakra coating on the weapon when he threw unless there's an absolute defense like susanoo nothing can stop it. you can only dodge it and just as ecpected Shadow clones can't even stop it and they are popping like balloons and just when its about to pierce Sakura, Sasuke came in front of her and shield her with his body and it pierced his stomach but too bad it didn't stopped his attack at all. it also pierced Sakura stomach and then he recalled back his sword and since there's a thread attached to it they got dragged towards him.Sasuke and Sakura coughed blood and fainted. Naruto and Kakashi shouted "Sasuke, Sakura".

*boom* Kakashi got blasted away by Jinpachi's sword Shibuki which has lots of explosive tags over it when it contacts something it will explode."You shouldn't be distracted in a battle. didn't your teacher taught that". Kakashi got serious but then suddenly both of them stopped their battle and looked towards Naruto. there's a red chakra which was clearly visible to the naked eye which was quite evil even for those two coming from naruto. he got shocked "what, what is that chakra?. it reminds of Zabuza when he got very angry. but this one is even 100 times evil than that chakra." Kakashi also thought 'don't tell me seal broke now'

Kakashi used this opportunity "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" then seven different types of ninja dog got summoned and they ran over while he was distracted and they caught all of his hands and legs there by immobilizing him. "good bye Jinpachi Munashi. Chidori" and he stabbed him through his heart and ended his life.

meanwhile with Naruto. after his outburst he found himself in a dark sewer. he got confused "where am I" and he followed his way through and found a jail. "what is this". suddenly in the dark jail, eyes which are very big opened and slowly the figure appeared. Naruto upon seeing that got scared. he took a step back and asked "who are you, where am I". the creature with nine tails laughed "finally, after 12 years my host appeared. we are inside your mindscape and I have all the time to chat with you but it seems you don't have that luxury". he suddenly remembered something replied "i saw you in are kyuubi. how are you alive.let me out, I need to save Sasuke and Sakura." The kyuubi replied "and what would you do even if you go there. submit to me, I'll grant you power to get your revenge."

"hmpf, since you are staying in my mindscape shouldn't you help me out when I need it. help me now. think of it as paying the rent". Kyuubi grumbled "hmpf, truly crafty even at this time just like your mother" and Naruto disappeared from there. on the outside there's suddenly a red chakra came out of him and formed like a cloak all over him and also his appearance slightly changed like there are claws came out of his fingers and two canine also became very big and his posture is that of a beast on four legs. his shadow clones all disappeared for some reason. well, Naruto didn't have control over power or himself right now and he instinctively punched Kushimaru in a rage. he flew away and got crashed to the ground. he got up and attacked Naruto with his Nuibari.

Naruto attempted to catched it but it pierced through his hand just when Kushimaru thought he got him, he catches the thread and pulled it with force. he got pulled towards him very fast and soon when he got near, Naruto attacked with his claws through his neck. the claws pierced his neck and without even giving him enough time to react he pulled out his hand and punched him on the chest.

then, Naruto got fainted and Kushimaru who was in very badly state stood up slowly and walked towards him with great difficulty and he decided to kill Naruto just when he was about to strike, a kunai struck through his neck from the back and killed him which was threw by Kakashi. He went near them and checked their pulse. he got relieved by finding that all of them are alive and thought 'one good thing is Sasuke awakened Sharingan. but I wonder what will happen to Naruto now and Sakura, I wonder how she will change'. he sighed "it's my fault that I didn't trained them enough. After reaching village, I have to train them hard" then he turned towards those two dead bodies "what should I do with them" and he took both of their swords while his summons carried three of them and went to Land of noodles. Few days later team 7 returned to Konoha.

meanwhile at some random location at one of the Orochimaru's underground labs. two jonin and few chunin surrounded a lady shinobi of height 5.7ft brown hair with which she wears in a ponytail with two locks of hair framing her face over her large, black eyes and has traditional tattoos on her cheeks like most inuzuka. it's Hana inuzuka with her three ninken.

one of the jounin smirked "You dared to infiltrate Orochimaru sama's lab and that too without any help you truly are courting death" she turned towards him "is it over?, or should I have to wait until all of your dialogues completed". he was enraged "you". "Ryu, Hiro and Shirou. inuzuka clan secret jutsu:fusion" then the three ninken fused and formed a huge 4m height dog with three heads. she said "destroy" and that's it all flew away with one swipe of dog's paw and they died quickly under the assault of it.

she snorted "nothing more than a flies". she went inside and collected the experiment results, destroyed all the equipment and released all the prisoners.

after she returned to Konoha, she went to Hokage's office to submit the report. while she was about to leave, hokage said "we have found the location of Diran". She suddenly turned and screamed "What did you say" she calmed down a second later "I'm sorry". he waves his hand "it's OK. few days ago if my assumption is right, Itachi met him. till now I just waited for Itachi to tell me by himself but it seems he has no intention of doing that and I don't want to force him. so, that's why I'm telling you. You are the only one I think who has a chance to bring him back to the village."

She dashed towards their apartment. Itachi is busy in teaching Sasuke some theories behind the Justus. she kicked the door and entered and grabbed his collar. "Hana, what are you doing.." "Itachi, did you met Diran?". he became silent. she asked again. her voice raised a bit more "I'm asking you again, did you met Diran or not?". he nodded and replied "yes, but please calm down first." he turned towards Sasuke "we will get back to it later. for now I have something important to talk to her. can you go and buy groceries". Sasuke nodded and gone out. Itachi then "Sit down and listen clearly".

and then he began to recount my meeting with him he put Uchiha clan secret aside and said everything else like how I got married and my wife died and how I lived all these years etc.." her eyes filled with tears when she heard that I got married and has a daughter but later when she heard I said to him that I still love her but my daughter is more precious to me. she wiped her tears and She touched the necklace in her neck."Don't worry, I don't blame him Itachi. where is he now, I want to see him"

next day at Keishi

after Miura went to academy I stayed at home and doing some paperwork. some one knocked the door I opened it and it really surprised me. it's Hana. itachi must have told her.she didn't said anything stood there seeing my face. I said "come in" she came in and sat and there was a long silence. it became awkward. I tried to talk but I don't know what to say. I calmed down and started a conversation "It's been a while Hana".

She suddenly stood up and so did I. I wonder why she stood up. will she go away without saying anything. but then slowly she walked towards me then suddenly she punched me in the stomach out of nowhere. the first sentence she spoke was "this is for hiding away from me for a long time". "Ouch, that hurt. I'm sorry I should have contacted you guys but" she suddenly kissed my lips and the excuses which were about to come went back down the throat. she whispered "You idiot, who in the hell would propose to a girl by a letter and disappear just like that without even getting a response. Now you got my response and we are even".

I scratched my cheek "that was unexpected". She got blushed "well, seeing you after a long time I lost control of my emotions a bit." then she calmed down and replied "Itachi told me everything about it. now that everything is clear. I'm going back." I was surprised "I thought you will stay for a while". she shook her head "village needs me. now that I finally found you, I don't need to roam everywhere to search for you. but promise me one thing you won't disappear this time". I nodded. it seems she was in a hurry. after she exit from my apartment, she touched her lips and mumbled "I kissed him now didn't I" and her face became totally red and she covered her face with her hands "Ah, never thought my first time will be like this in sudden and I was even the one who made the move".

and meanwhile I got confused "now what did just happened in the past few minutes. Hana came then she kissed me and she gone?huh?".


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