Transmigrated into Naruto World
50 Team 7 disbanded
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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50 Team 7 disbanded

One month later

it's almost two months since the disaster happened with Team 7 and now there's no Team 7 anymore and kakashi sighed remembering how it lead to this. after they got back, there's a strange atmosphere developed in the team. Sasuke stopped coming to training and only appear when it's mission time and remaining time he mostly spend his time with Itachi. after Kakashi confronted him about it, he replied "Sensei, I won't lie. it's been a fortuitous encounter for me to awake my sharingan. but I don't think I can trust my back to them. I'll become so strong that I won't become depend on anyone" without his knowing he already activated sharingan when he finished his reply.

he apologized when he realized it. in case of naruto, for the first few days he became very much depressed and he also refuse to come to train. and when kakashi asked about it "Sensei, I finally know the reason why villagers despise me, parents tell their kids not to play with me when I was child, why all shops overpriced me deliberately and my classmates and instructors in academy call me monster. I have kyuubi inside of me right. why me of all people. why?" he roared at him and he ran away from there.

and Sakura, who was completely overwhelmed in fear before and later realised until now there wasn't a single thing she had done helping in missions. she realised she can never walk together with Sasuke and Naruto in her present state and thought she would only get in their way. a few days later, No one heard of her, and even her parents had gone missing. but strangely Third hokage and Kakashi are silent about this issue and she also wasn't declared as missing nin by Third hokage.

well, this news surprised all of her friends including Sasuke and Naruto but Third hokage gave order that no one would go search for her. some people thought hokage was angry and some thought there might be a more story to it. speaking of Naruto, few days after Sakura's disappearance Jiraya was introduced to him and Naruto went out of village with Jiraya. many people got rejoiced that demon finally left the village. the only people who became sad are Ayame, Teuchi, Kakashi and Third hokage. well there are also some people who missed his pranks. they felt village is no longer lively without Naruto and remaining people who don't care a bit about him from the start, resumed their works normally.

and so, team 7 was officially disbanded and Kakashi became a bit lonely but he recovered quick as they didn't spend much time together. but still since Sasuke was still available he sometimes train him when Itachi wasn't available. within this gap, Sasuke become a bit stronger and his sharingan already 2 tomoe now.

Meanwhile, at keishi

Miura asked me "papa, when is Hana san arriving." I replied "I got a message from her she will drop by tomorrow" well, one month ago, when Hana left Miura became quite sad. and after that for some reason, Hana kept coming once a week to meet us. more specifically Miura. she became very attached to Hana.without knowing Hana was already included in our family list for Miura just like Takahiro Ojisan.

but still, peace in our life didn't changed. until one evening I sensed some shinobi who were at least jonin level enter into the city. it's not that they are very strong. it's just after I sensed them, I felt something bad going to happen but I didn't cared about it much and went to our home since there are many shinobi comes to Keishi every now and then.

Meanwhile at some random place in Keishi

Ao and with two other jonins entered keishi. a jonin said "Ao san, based on our intelligence unit, a person similar to the description of him had seen with Daimyo in his palace sometime ago." he nodded and replied "ok, we three search for him separately, and we'll meet here at the end of the day. ok, let's go".

next day, Hana arrived and said "I have a mission to do, it might take a month." I nodded and replied "ok, I'll say that to Miura. by the way if you don't mind what's the mission". she replied "well, it's not like it's a secret mission anyway. hokage sama is retiring, he actually wants you to come back to konoha and take the position of hokage. but I know that you won't come back so, I don't told you then."

I thought for a while and asked "then, how is your mission linked with that?". she replied "hokage sama hopes that Tsunade sama returns to village and become fifth hokage". then I said "do you really think Tsunade san will return to Konoha?. She hates the village you know". she nodded "yeah, I know but still I have to try right. anyway, I have to go and meet Jiraya sama on the way. he's also going there with Naruto Uzumaki training him on the way".

I got surprised "wait, what. did you say Naruto Uzumaki. but shouldn't he be with his team?". she replied "you don't know about it right. after a incident happened, their team disbanded. it's really a huge news in village" and she told the whole story. I thought 'it seems story is completely moving in a different direction. let's see what way it would go'.

few weeks later in the land of Hot spring

A fair-skinned woman who's in her 50's but looks like in 20's with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Her hair has shoulder-length bangs that frame her face and the rest reaches her lower-back is training a girl of around 12 years old fair skin, green eyes and pink hair. even though it's called training for outsiders who don't know what's going on looks completely like a adult is bullying a kid. they are obviously Tsunade and Sakura.

Tsunade is completely punching, kicking and throwing rocks which are as big as 4-5m against her. Sakura dodging it very quickly and she destroyed the rock into some pieces with her fist.

Tsunade smiled "good job Sakura, even though you are far away from mastering it but still I'm satisfied with your progress." then she practiced medical ninjutsu with Shizune and she thought 'soon, I'll finish my training and join my team and this time Sasuke kun, you'll see a whole different me'. and she went towards her home suddenly she heard "Sakura" she turned and her eyes widened.

Meanwhile at Keishi

I and Miura eating ice cream and walking towards home just like everyday. I sensed three shinobi at least jonin level approaching towards us. I stopped and waited for them. they stopped in front of us the one in middle asked "are you Diran Senju?". I frowned "who are you?". Ao replied "we don't mean any harm. we want to talk for sometime".I made a wood clone. I looked towards Miura "go with my clone alright. I have some important to discuss with these men". She nodded and my clone picked her up and went to our apartment.

I turned towards them "tell me, what do Mizukage's right hand want with me?." he was surprised "you know me?". I replied "in the whole world there's only one person existed who had Byakugan outside of Hyuga clan that's you Ao of kirigakure. don't waste my time and come to the point." he nodded and replied "by Mizukage sama's order, I came here to make confirmation about something". I asked "what is it?". he replied "seven years ago, the one who helped us in defeating fourth Mizukage. was that you?. can you tell us the truth please. it took us long time to find you and it's very important for Kiri."

I smiled "for someone from Kiri, the village which have graduation system of killing. you sure talk very polite with a stranger." he shook his head "that system is no longer there. Kiri has been reformed under Mizukage sama. and we come here not for interrogation but to request for help". I nodded and replied "yes, it's me. I'm the one who killed him back then but I'm no longer a shinobi anymore so, I can't help you out with anything. so, if there's nothing I'm going back".

Ao sure was surprised after hearing the confirmation but got disappointed after I refused to help without hearing "wait, Diran sama please hear me out fully, after that we will not disturb you anymore". I turned back and looked towards him with serious face "sure, but before that please tell your subordinate over there to lower his hostility." the I smiled "you see, I'm sensitive to people's emotions. if you keep that kind of hostility in your heart. then it might be possible there will only two of you alive when you go back to Kiri." Ao looked towards him "you didn't heard what Mizukage sama said when she gave us this mission?, after we went back, get ready to be punished." he bowed "I'm sorry about his behaviour". he also bowed "I'm sorry". I waved my hand "now, tell me fast."

Ao recounted the whole issue about the swords and alliance with Konoha "and if you, who people of our village hailed as hero of the mist come with us and support Mizukage with the decision then it would help our village very much. for that other than seven swords of the mist and position of Mizukage. whatever you want, it'll be done." I thought for a while and said "honestly I don't want to step into a hidden village but if just my support helps so many people, I don't see any problem with it. I don't want anything in return but promise you or your village will not disturb me again in the future." he nodded "I give my word". then I asked "when we should start our journey". he replied "we can wait if you have something to do but if possible we should return quickly. I can't let Mizukage sama wait".

then, I went to our apartment and dispelled my clone. "Miu chan, we are going to some place". she was excited "really?, where are we going papa". I replied "we are going to a place where there are lots of people who are like Hana," her eyes widen "really? I can see lots of people like Hana san, Naruto Niisan, Sasuke Niisan and Sakura san?. are we going to konohagakure?".

I shook my head "no, we are going to Kirigakure" the we pack up and met three of them and started our journey towards Kiri.


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