Transmigrated into Naruto World
51 Miura gets a birthday presen
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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51 Miura gets a birthday presen

we started our journey from Keishi to Kiri with Ao and two other jonins. the two jonins didn't talked much. Curious Miura asking questions one by one on the way and Ao was answering it. he looked towards me helplessly "you sure have an excellent daughter Diran sama". I laughed and patter her. we went to land of waves first then we travelled to Kiri from there by ship. One good thing is that we didn't encountered any bandit or rogue ninja on the way.Overall it's a peaceful journey till Kiri.

Couple of weeks later, we reached the village entrance gate. guards stopped us and asked our identity. and with Ao accompanying us, we didn't faced any difficulties.and also the temperature in the village is quite cool I should say. Miura shivered a little bit. I took a sweater from our backpack. well, there's mist here and there. if this is on our earth, I would say it can even become tourist destination. too bad it's history isn't good and seems their living conditions are poor.

I asked "Ao san, do your village have any problem with your daimyo?". he followed my gaze and instantly understood my point. "no, it's not like there's a problem it's just because of bloodline purge back then under fourth Mizukage's rule, our popularity got dropped, number of clients decreased and so were the number of missions and it hit our economy badly. Daimyo gave us funds time to time but it isn't sufficient and to increase funds village council welcomed the shipping magnate Gato, you might have heard of it. it boosted our economy for a while but it made our village even more infamous and Iwa wasn't being helpful for a while. that's why this deal is more important."

I replied "but you should know konoha wasn't asking for alliance to make a favour for you, they have their agendas". he nodded "we can understand it pretty much but we don't have any choice. this world revolves around power and money after all. we are here". we reached Mizukage office and entered. Mizukage is busy with talking with someone else. she saw us entering without notifying her. She frowned "Ao, can't you see I'm busy right now. who are they?". he replied "Mission Accomplished". her eyes widen and looked towards me and spoke loudly "Umi no Ryoshu?"

"huh?" Ao turned towards me and replied "you might not know about it but people here call you with Umi no Ryoshu (Lord of the sea). and Kiri no eiyu (Hero of the mist)." I looked toward her "greetings Mizukage sama". the old man who was with her earlier got shocked and looked her "did Ao just said he brought the Hero? or am I hearing things?".

Ao looked towards him "Juzo sama, he's indeed" he bowed "thank you Hero sama" Ao then "juzo sama". he replied "it's OK, he did a favour on us that we can't pay him back even in our lifetime". I waved my hand "please don't. that was all in the past." I looked towards Mizukage and it seems she's in a daze. "Um, Mizukage sama?" she's still not responding. I looked towards Ao and he went and shook her. she woke up instantly "it's nice to meet you Diran sama". I replied "you can call me Diran and this is my daughter Miura Senju."

then we talked about our business. later, I and Miura walked around the mist and Miura upon seeing a toy shop, just like every kid she dragged me into there.

we went in and saw varieties of toys. the shopkeeper greeted us and showed us the best and most expensive toys since we are not from village of course. then Miura saw a stuffed toy and she pulled my sleeves and pointed it out. It's a stuffed toy of Three tailed beast. "Miu chan, you want it?" she smiled and nodded. I turned towards the shopkeeper and asked "give that one". and we came out. I felt like we got scammed as the price was over 30k ryo seriously.but what can I say Miura liked it very much and her happiness is more important for me.

all the way, she's hugging it and she even didn't left it during sleep. I guess she liked it very much. then next morning I asked "Miu chan, it seems you like it very much". she smiled "I love it papa, it's so cute and fluffy. I wish I had a pet like this" I replied "the real one won't be this soft." she widen her eyes "a animal like this exists?". I nodded "but it so much big in size much bigger than a house". "wow". "anyway, we are staying here for two weeks, you know what that means?". she was excited "we celebrate my birthday here. papa, what gift would you give me this time?" I smiled and pinched her nose lightly "anything you wish".

she replied "this time, I won't say what I want but you have to buy it without me saying it". "Aw, not fair Miu chan". she stuck her tongue out "papa have to find it out himself". "deal". then I left her with my clone and went to Mizukage office then we went to council room. she introduced me. they were already notified before but still all were very much surprised but one old lady didn't agreed and said "first we need proof whether you are our hero or not". I asked "and how should I prove it?" she replied "show us if you can really control the water in the sea". and she stood up and also others. I already expected this and replied "we don't need to travel all the way there. you can sit down and watch". all were confused. Mizukage then "Diran sama, what are you saying". I smiled "relax, I know what I am doing".

I closed my eyes and activated Sage mode lv1 then lv2 and stopped at lv3 where there are markings appeared all over my body. "Summon Amagumo" and a long sword appeared on my hands I ran sage chakra and water chakra into it and it vibrated, glowed brightly and revealed it's true form. a Trident. many people there were shocked. some are shivering "don't worry, this is it's true appearance". I lifted it up "Amagumo Sage art : Tsunami Barrage" and I stopped. one blurted out "what happened?". for a minute there's nothing happened. just when the old lady about to say something, suddenly the door was opened and a Kiri shinobi came in. "I apologize in the middle of meeting mizukage sama. but it's urgent".

Mizukage asked "what is it?". he replied "we got a report that a huge wave is going to reach here in 15minutes. she frowned " what do you mean it will reach here. our village is at least 100km from the shore. he replied with a pale face "its height is at least a 100m and it's speed is increasing and it's coming from North and west". her face got serious "our meeting today is suspended." and just when she's about to go, I coughed "Umm, you don't need to worry about it. I'm the one who created it for proof". She turned towards me "I think everyone believe it. now, take them back". I shook my head "I can't". she roared "what!!! this isn't funny Diran, if the wave wasn't stopped many villagers will die.

I looked toward them "don't need to worry." I moved the trident. it glowed for sometime and stopped. I opened my eyes. "OK, problem solved. I redirected the waves and they will clash together and nullify each other in probably five minutes." and I sat down. few minutes later another report came like just as I said. good thing is that there are no casualties.a while later we all sat down and all agreed to Mizukage's proposal. later only I, Mizukage and Ao san remained in the room. she sat down "phew, you really scared me there for few minutes. why there's a need to do that". I laughed "well, there are three reasons. one is that I don't like people pointing finger at me doubting my words, second is I'm sensitive to people's emotions and when we entered before you even introduced me to them I sensed some of your council members have a bit of hostility.

so, to make them fear me a bit was necessary. so you can say second reason is for you. and the third reason is that." then she began to mumble herself "he did it for me?" she kept on repeating it for a few times then Ao woke her up. She blushed "I'm sorry, what are you saying?" "I'm saying the third reason is that, I need something from Kirigakure that you may find it outrageous". Ao san then replied "just as I said before other than the seven mist sword or position of Mizukage, no matter what you ask we'll give you". I turned towards her "speak whatever you want, I'm giving you my word as the Mizukage" I told them what I want and first they completely lost control of themselves. then I said "relax, I'm not asking for free. I run a bank named Overseas bank in keishi. if you don't mind I will open a branch here and the bank will provide you loan for zero interest for a period of 5 years. think about it and reply me before one week".Ao nodded and Mizukage replied "we don't need to think it. I will approve but I have a few conditions".

One week later.

in Mizukage's residence, there are quite a bit of decorations set up, Miura cut the cake. well, there weren't many people invited. we decided to keep it small. one after other, people gave their gifts. she put them aside and asked me "papa, where's my gift?". I laughed and went near her closed her eyes from behind. "three , two, one ". and I removed my hands "surprise". her eyes widened "wow, it's real?." she went near it and pinched it's face. it shouted "Ouch, it hurts kid". Mizukage shook her head "I never saw a doting father like you who gave a bijuu as a pet for daughter as a birthday gift."

one week ago

Mizukage said "you know that a bijuu represents a village power. so it's a bit hard to give it you. fine I will give you the permission to take away the three tails but I have conditions" I asked "what are they?" she replied "one is that we want the freedom of three tails to be stayed that way. I need a promise from you that you will not seal it in a jinchuuriki. second is that you will not use it's power offensively against someone or a village you can only use it in your defense. my final condition is that until we are in alliance with konoha whenever there will be an issue that concerns the safety of our whole village, you will help us whether konoha help us or not.

I went into silence for few seconds "you really made it hard for me but fine. I agree with your conditions. She then asked me "if you don't mind me asking, a person of your caliber don't need a bijuu right. I mean you already killed it once. I don't think it would be helpful for you in anyway. what do you even need it for?" I smiled "I don't need it to gain any power or something. I need it for something else which is more important".

few days later at glacier temple somewhere in the land of water, I arrived there and found it sleeping. I made a mokuton hammer in big size and slammed it on its head. it woke up suddenly and roared "who dared to disturb my sleep". and looked towards me.


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