Transmigrated into Naruto World
52 Diran bullying Three tails, Tsunade returns to the village.
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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52 Diran bullying Three tails, Tsunade returns to the village.

after I woke it up, Three tails looked at me furiously "how dare to you destroy my sleep." I actually thought it will attack with a Bijuu dama and I went into a battle stance but the next second he stretched it's body and collapsed on the floor and kept snoring. I really got angry and thought 'Rikodou Sennin sent you here to guard the temple but you f*****g lazy pig, sleeping here without any worries and ignoring me even after I smacked your head.its still not enough I guess'. I went behind him activated sage mode and concentrated the chakra on my right leg and kicked him with all my force. it flew a few metres a high. he woke up again when he's in air "huh?" his one eye widened "What is happening?" and a couple of seconds later he got crashed into the sea.

he looked around and found me. "now I got your attention I suppose". then he asked "what do you want kid". I caught off guard. when the hell a tailed beast started to talk with humans first. they always fight first talk later type. I told him that I made a deal with mizukage. he became enraged "I'm free. I'm not a thing that someone can sell and buy it. and you sure are brave to come in front of me I'm not in a mood to fight anyone. so I let you go away." now I got confirmation, he sure is the laziest tailed beast of all. and probably a peaceful one afterall unlike other tailed beasts it wasn't sealed for long time and spent most of its time here in the temple probably sleeping. I replied "unfortunately you don't have any option. don't worry you won't be sealed at all. I guarantee your freedom. he snorted "hmpf, you think I will submit to a weak human like you?".

I made some signs quickly "Mokuton : Heavenly deity gates" and four gates fallen from the sky and each of them restricted each tail and the last one restricted his head. his eyes widened "I can't move. this jutsu is very similar. you". I smirked "to subdue a turtle like you, it's more than enough. oh by the way, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Diran Senju, Current head of senju clan." it tried to move "release me you brat". I smiled "then, agree my terms". he roared "no way" and it start to gather chakra for bijuu dama in its mouth. I sighed "you really think you can blast it as you wish?" I snapped my fingers and the gate which was at it's head began to press it even further. "now, if you don't agree to the terms, you will be the first turtle to die by getting drowned". he can't even speak right now. but it seemed like he's saying "we are made of chakra we can't drown and die"

I just replied "yeah, I know what you are saying ,but I'm just saying it as example you lazy turtle. if you still don't think I don't have the ability to kill you. then guess what" then I activated sage mode lv3, summoned the trident "Amagumo Sage art : Sea dragon". and enormous dragon which is even bigger than the three tails which is made of water stood behind me and waiting for my orders. I asked "you must have surely remembered this one right." then his expression completely changed and I sensed his emotions which are no longer hostile but a slight hint of submission and he's suffering quite a bit. So, I released him. "I admit that you have the ability to defeat me and kill me since I realised the one who liberated me back then was you. So, whatever you want whether to seal me, use my chakra whatever your wish. I submit".

I shook my head "didn't you heard what I said in the beginning, your freedom is granted and I won't seal you. I want you as my summon. here's the summoning contract." I pulled an empty scroll. this one made by Miura eight years ago. this one let's me have a contract with whatever animal it is as long as it agrees but the only disadvantage is that I can only summon that particular animal not it's entire species. so, it's a bit different from the bull or toad contracts.

after the work is done. I said my plan to him. then he revealed his name. well, I already know it but still I acted like his name is new to me. then I told Isobu my plan that I will give him as a pet for Miura for her birthday which is in 2 days and asked him to down his size to a small cat. and he will stay with her all time to protect her just in case some thing will happen.

present day at birthday party

Miura was all smiles she hugged it "it's sure feels different from the toy. but I like it. Isobu rolled his eyes "hey kid, put me down".she put him down felt a bit disappointed. I narrowed my eyes, he got shivered and he jumped on to her shoulder and sat on it. she got cheered up and she petted him. he felt embarrassed "I, isobu who was thousand years old being treated as a pet to this 7 year old girl. anyway I'm getting sleep." and it slept.

"ah!! papa it slept." I patted her head "his name is Isobu OK?" "Isobu?, I like the name, thanks papa, I like it very much" and she hugged me. then we sang and I danced with Mei for a while.

Meanwhile somewhere in the land of fire

Tsunade, Sakura, Shizune, Naruto, Hana and Jiraya are walking towards konoha. Jiraya spoke "I'm sure Konoha must have been decorated by now for your welcome." She laughed and turned around. there is naruto and Sakura arguing with each other about something. she replied "it's thanks to them" and they resumed walking "Ah, wait for us, baa chan, Ero sennin" "hey brat, give me some respect will you". Tsunade snorted "yeah, yeah you are nothing more than a pervert anyway". "what did you say you old hag" then he was punched by Tusnade and flew over.all laughed. Shizune said to Hana "I never thought Tsunade sama will return to Konoha."

few days later, they reached the village. All people welcomed her and a while later Sakura separated from them and went to meet her friends. Ino asked Sakura lot of questions. she answered them one by one and asked "I can't see Sasuke kun here, where is he?" Ino frowned "he probably was busy with training". her eyes widened "even today?" Ino nodded "after your team got disbanded, Sasuke changed very much, especially after he got his weird eye." Sakura corrected it "Sharingan" Ino nodded "yeah, that's the one. he became completely cold and distant and became obsessed with training."

else where, Sasuke is training "Fire style : Fire breadth jutsu" and a stream of fire came from his mouth to hit the practice target. it hit it good but it couldn't destroy as it's weak. Itachi then "OK, that's it for today Sasuke. seems Tsunade sama reached the village. we need to go". Sasuke nodded and they went together. and itachi parted from Sasuke in the middle and went on his way and Sasuke went to meet Naruto. after roaming for a while, he found Naruto in Ichiraku. he greeted "it seems you are back". Naruto turned and smile "Sasuke". after they ate, Sasuke said "I heard that one of the legendary sannin trained you. I want to see how much stronger you got". he grinned "yup, I'm a lot stronger now Sasuke. also you know Sakura's progress is the best. She learned under Tsunade baachan"

Sasuke got surprised for a second then replied "it seems she'll be a little helpful now that she can heal us." Naruto clicked his tongue "it seems you still underestimate far too much. if you two fight against each other. she can mop the floor with you." Sasuke snorted "hmpf, even if you two come together against me, I'll defeat you guys with no problem with this eye."

and next day morning, there's a hokage ceremony being conducted and officially Tsunade Senju became the fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. team 7 has been assembled later. but the team didn't go back to how it's been previously. Naruto always trained with Jiraya, Sakura with Shizune and Sasuke learn from Itachi but since he's usually very busy Sasuke mostly do combat training with Kakashi. Kakashi whole heartedly trained him and taught him wide variety of Justus. then Sasuke realised that Kakashi is way better than Itachi. Itachi relies on Uchiha clan Justus every time and there's his own inventions. but Kakashi has many Justus he stealed from others. this is one thing he learned from him how to steal Justus from others with Sharingan easily.

Since there's a ninjutsu library beside him, he got excited to learn as many jutsus as he can but too bad that his chakra capacity is too low to perform higher rank Justus. for a few weeks, Team 7 didn't do any missions just focused on training. between this time, few changes had happened that is Sasuke changed his mindset a bit towards his teammates but against others his attitude is same. cold, distant, looking down on them etc... he even praised Sakura once after seeing the power of her fist. One more thing is kiri allied with konoha as per previous terms. Kakashi sure was angry about that. but he knew that the present Kiri has nothing to do with the past actions.

one nice evening, Tsunade and Shizune went for a walk. but she walked in different direction this time. shizune asked "Tsunade sama, where are you going?" Tsunade didn't replied and after a while, they reached the destination. "here. the place where I grew up. my clan compound. let's go in". when she entered she felt like she entered some sort of barrier.Shizune when tried to entered, it felt like she collided with a wall. "Tsunade sama, it seems I can't enter. there's some barrier which is not letting me in". She looked towards her "I guess, this is done by that brat so that no one would enter. it's OK, I'll be here for sometime. you go".

She felt nostalgic when remembered about her past it's like there are scenes going in front of her like spending childhood here with hashirama jiji, Mito baachan, nawaki then she saw second Shinobi war started and realised after that she never came back here. she looked upwards and said "Nawaki, Dan. I never thought I will become hokage that you two wished to be. and her tears few down the cheeks and fall on the ground." she wiped them and smiled "I guess it's all thanks to Minato's brat huh. but I really wonder why I want to see Diran now, even though I never even saw him once. probably because he's my last living relative. my family I guess. hmm, may be Sensei probably know about it."

next day, she summoned the third hokage, and other village elders and asked " Sensei, you know anything about Diran Senju?". he replied something then she summoned Hana "Hana, do you know about Diran's location?". she looked towards Third hokage "but why?, I kept my promise didn't I?, why are you going after Diran again?". Tsunade replied "it's not third hokage's fault Hana. I asked him about it. it's not about village interests at all. you see aside from me, Diran is the last living Senju. I just don't want my clan to end with me." Hana shook her head "don't worry about that hokage sama, he has a daughter named Miura. so, you don't need to worry about Senju clan going to face extinction." instantly Tsunade's eyes became big "really?" Hana nodded. Tsunade mumbled "I have a grand daughter now". she nodded and dismissed her. Third hokage thought "it seems she changed very much compared to the past" "huh?, Tsunade where is your grandfather's necklace?. don't tell me you lost it in gambling". she smiled while looking through window "it's true that I lost it in gambling but it's with someone who is worth for it. I hope this last gamble of mine would turn out success for me".

Meanwhile at Kirigakure, I and Miura were about to go back to Keishi. Mei send us off. I found her emotions are quite a bit unstable. well, I put it aside and I, Miura and Isobu started our journey.

at the same time far away from Kirigakure somewhere in the land of Wind. there are three dead bodies. someone who was standing before them took the hat and the coat from one of dead bodies and put on himself. he laughed loudly "konohagakure, your doom is near".


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