Transmigrated into Naruto World
53 Mizukage“s Secret Boyfriend
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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53 Mizukage“s Secret Boyfriend

these days Konoha became very busy and lively with entertaining the guests since it's Chunin exams was going to be held in konoha after four years. it became important to all shinobi villages since Konoha is the only nation which doesn't have absolute enemy with anyone. well, to some extent it does have more enmity with Iwa comparing to all other villages, but both villages didn't hate each other to core unlike kumo and Iwa.

So, all shinobi available are being assigned to security of the village or escorting guests from other villages. Many villages accepted the invitation but some rejected politely as they don't have any good candidates to send and some didn't have good impression on Konoha from long ago but the most notable of all is Iwa. although Iwa isn't what you call enemy but it's not a friend either and also a while ago, since Mist broke their alliance with them and joined with Konoha, they were unhappy and didn't want to involve with Konoha. the major blow for them is that Tsuchikage thought if he won't go, then Kazekage also don't go but unfortunately for him, they accepted it happily. of course Orochimaru has a big hand in that.

Team 7 is training hard as competition this time is very intense compared to the past. as this time just in konoha, there are 7 clan heirs participating and there's a genius of Hyuga clan who was said to be the strongest genin of this generation and not to mention Kazekage's three kids are participating. So, you can say lot of money is also involved in betting. if it was before four to five years ago, there would be no problem with these kind of activities as there is uchiha police force to monitor everyone. but now it became too hard at least when compared to past. and also since Tsunade is fond of gambling very much, she just gave a free ticket to those bookies and make it legal and that decision dragged many business man to Konoha. and it forced Third hokage to cancel all missions and call every jonin or Chunin back to village and increased the security even more especially for the participants.

while all this stuff going on, the one who don't have any relation with the exams or villages that's me, happily enjoying with my daughter in amusement park. after a while, we went back home. and just when I was about to sleep., I received a message from Hana through bird puppet. she said that she won't be visiting us for a while as there are Chunin exams going to be held this month and some other usual stuff. I thought 'Chunin exams. I guess Konoha will be attacked by Orochimaru this time too but I wonder who he would bring back from the dead now.' and I replied back to Hana as usual.

few days later at Konoha

Chunin exams has started, the first two phases were completed with no issues or so whatever. Since there were more participants passed this time, they decided to conduct preliminary finals. there were some interesting matches happened first was Gaara vs Lee, unfortunately it ended same as in anime. second was Sakura vs a random shinobi who was more built. all people thought she was done for and will defeated with in a second. as they expected the match was over in a few seconds. it also recorded later a the quickest fight ever happened in Chunin exams. before that guy even know what's happening, he was already crashed to the wall and fainted. all were very surprised and the one who got most shock was Ino seeing her transformation.

then third and the last interesting one is Naruto vs Hinata. it made Hyuga clan leader head held in shame for a long time. as they were both about to face off, Naruto who had a good impression of her came near to her and shake her hands and greeted her "hello Hinata chan, let's try our best". and everyone know what will happen next.she blushed and fainted. Naruto looked towards the proctor, many hyuga clan members who came to cheer for their heiress left the stadium quickly. then after all matches over,16 genins got selected to final which is going to be held half a month later.

a week later, important guests started to arrive which includes leaders of small villages, some business magnates, leaders of some private organizations and also Kazekage and Raikage. each have their own interests. some came for money, while some came for potential candidates to recruit or watch out for. some came to get a chance to be in alliance with one of great villages while some came with bad intentions. Tsunade greeted the two Kages and later asked Shizune "how come Mizukage hasn't arrived yet. She left the Kiri a week ago right." Shizune replied "it seems She dropped by Keishi to visit a friend of hers. we got message from her last night."

Two days later, three Kages sat together and started discussing this and that.then Raikage asked "Mizukage hasn't arrived yet?". Tsunade replied what shizune told her. he frowned "what kind of matter she has with her friend is so important that she have to stay there for three days?. there's only five days left till the finals."

Orochimaru who is in the disguise of Kazekage who was silent whole time replied "well, I guess I found out the reason". both looked towards him. he folded the newspaper on his hand and kept on the table pushed it towards them.Tsunade took it and read the title "Mizukage's Secret Boyfriend revealed". and there's a photo of a couple walking on a street arm in arm. too bad that the man's face wasn't clear as he faced other way but one can clearly see Mizukage's face. it sure looked a bit intimate for readers who observe her expression and there's some imaginative stuff written in details. she threw the paper aside shrugged her shoulders "well, each have their own priorities".

well, the only people who cared about it is the villagers of Kiri. some are happy while many youth cried who has a crush on her. while this is all going person who has a patch crying heavily with happiness, One person who have tattooes on her cheeks fuming with anger and One person smiling mischievously reading it. Lastly the man who was involved directly enjoying his sleep while remaining clueless about the issue.


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