Transmigrated into Naruto World
54 Diran to return Konoha?
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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54 Diran to return Konoha?

Miura woke me up "papa, papa wake up". I still closed my eyes "Miu chan, let papa sleep five minutes please." "papa, wake up now." she shook me till I stood up from bed "good morning Miu chan, seems you are way energetic in morning." then I opened my eyes completely and saw Miura wore a little appron of her size. She replied with her hand on her waist and a ladle on her right hand "go and brush your teeth, breakfast is ready. after that make some clones to clean all rooms. understand?".

"Ok, Mom". after she started to go to academy, Miura sometimes goes into this Mom mode nagging about my careless and undisciplined behaviour. whenever even she does that, she looks even more cute though. well, I don't know why a business school teaches 6 year old kids cooking but Miura was very talented in it. and it made us visiting Ichiraku a bit less than before. if Ayame is there that's another thing though.

since it's holiday for her, I took her with me while leaving three tails at home to our businesses like grocery store, clothing store, and the bank which earns highest revenue since it's the only private bank in keishi the other bank is National Bank which was controlled by Daimyo. actually, some business magnets wanted to open their own bank but it's banned to open a private bank in Fire country. even the bank at Konoha also belongs to Royal family. they had done it this way so that Daimyo can rule over fire country for eternity. some people take advantage of a loophole and opened Financial services organizations though and some opened vaults services. but still to give loan or storing our money. banks are the most reliable though.

this is why the Village can't use Senju clan or Uchiha clan's money even when they are in heavy need of money.but due to my friendship with Daimyo, he had accepted my proposal to open a bank on a condition that I can't move Senju clan funds into my bank more than 30%.

now I faced a problem with Water country's Daimyo as he rejected my proposal of setting up a branch in Kiri in fear that the residents will take loan from my bank because of low interests. I think that's the reason Mizukage stopped by here. finally we decided that they can directly take loan from here. although there's a high risk of moving money from here to all the way to Kiri, it's their problem to protect it.

and lastly we stopped by Shopping district, there I have a business which generates a steady income each month. actually it's not what I call business. it's just a Shopping mall of mine. and I get rent each month from the business men who run shops there.i just shown her all these things so that she knows how my businesses work. but alas what can I expect from a 7year old who only started to go to academy just few months ago. she didn't understood anything. I sighed "I guess it's too soon for her".

after that we ate our lunch and while returning home, Miura suddenly left my hand and ran. "huh?, Miu chan where are you running". I saw a familiar figure, Miura then excitedly "Mei san" and she hugged her. Mei hugged her back "Miura chan". she looked towards me and greeted. I nodded and after talking for a while she said "I'm going to konoha for Chunin exam finals. there's only 4-5 days left." I nodded. Miura asked "what's Chunin exam finals?" Mei replied "it's a tournament where people fight each other".

suddenly Miura's eyes twinkled and she looked towards me with an excited face "papa, let's also go to konoha and watch it". I looked towards Mei in a serious face as if I'm telling "why did you have to tell this in front of her". she looked apologetic when she saw my face. I sighed "Miu chan, we can't go to Konoha." and I looked towards Mizukage "Mei, I'll see you later".

I turned back "Miu chan, we are going home now. let go and will talk there".we went away and then Mizukage got disappointed "I actually thought that I would ask him to accompany me but I guess it not possible now" and she turned back and went towards konoha with Ao and a few jonins.

after we reached home, Miura asked again "papa, why can't we go to Konoha to watch that tournament?". I looked towards her "look Miu chan, you don't understand it even if I explained you in details. just understand that it was for your safety". "but, papa I want to go". I replied "forget about it". she screamed "but I want go, I want to go"..and repeated it until I shouted with a serious face "Miura, if I say we won't go to Konoha. then we won't go. that's it".

she got flinched and tears started to come out and she ran off to her room and shut the door. suddenly I realised that I made her cry. I hold my head "what I have done. I never scolded or shouted to Miura till now. but can I do? inorder for safety we can't go back to konoha".

the three tails who woke up earlier saw the situation and spoke "what is your problem with going to konoha kid. it's not like you are going to shift there and live permanently. just going for a couple of days won't hurt right."

I looked towards him "Isobu, it's not that I have a problem with the village. it's just that I can't stand seeing Third hokage's face. I worry that I can't control myself and kill him." he said "listen kid, what kind of enmity between the two of you have is none if my business but I want to say one thing.not just hokage, I know that every kage is same all think about the interest of village more. so if it's a personal enmity then I won't say anything, if enmity is formed because of the decisions of hokage then I can only remind you one thing. now he's no longer the hokage and there's fifth hokage. and moreover you don't need to worry about her safety after all I'm with her all the time. lastly I want to say one more thing. is your so called hatred is greater than the person who you love the most in the world, your daughter's happiness?".

I widened my eyes and realised he's right. I ran towards her room. knocked the door "Miu chan, open the door please." then I tried open the door it wasn't locked at all. she covered herself with blanket and crying silently. for that one second I felt like a mountain dropped on my heart. I walked towards her. "Miu chan" she looked towards me. I hugged her "now, now don't cry. I'm sorry. we will go to Konoha as you wish ok?".

and I wiped her tears. instantly there's a smile appeared on her face. "really?, yay we are going to Konoha. papa, you are the best" she kissed my cheek and started jumping on the bed excitedly. "ok, calm down. we are only staying there for a week". she nodded and she asked "papa, are we going with Mei san?". I shook my head "no, we will go tomorrow"."Aww, fine."

next day, we started our journey to Konoha.


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