Transmigrated into Naruto World
55 Chunin Exam Finals
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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55 Chunin Exam Finals

it's near Chunin Exam Finals, the biggest event of all elemental nations in the past nine years, the last time was the battle tournament where an entire waterfall country being treated as a prize which was won by Lightning country. it's also where Konoha faced it's biggest humiliation as they were the ones who asked an year time and yet they didn't even participated.

nine years later, this time the event is going to happen in konoha. there are billions of ryo in betting. some became rich overnight while some became paupers. even though Konoha are the hosts, it still didn't escaped from criticism mainly because of its own hokage, Tsunade Senju. even though she promised that Naruto will be her last gamble and she won't ever gamble again, she can't stop herself from making a betting. and just like her nickname she lost millions of ryo and got scolded by Third hokage.

days later, Finals

the stadium which assigned for the fights for finals was packed full. and a girl stood up from her seat "wow, papa there are so many people here." I patted her "Of course, it would be Miu chan". then one after another fights going on, Miura enjoyed it very much that she didn't even sat for a second. she was cheering excitedly and soon it reached semi finals. the candidates are Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara and Neji.

the first battle is Gaara vs Sasuke. well, it ended up in same way. Sasuke overpowered him making him mad and getting lost control over himself and then Sound, Sand began their attack and some smaller villages joined them,while Third hokage and Tsunade's got trapped by Orochimaru in violet flames formation barrier.

Team 7 or whoever wasn't hypnotised was given A rank mission to back up Sasuke who went in search for Gaara. nothing was changed. but strangely, I hadn't sensed Nagato sensei or konan anywhere in Konoha.

even though there's a huge crisis, there are two people who hadn't took any action and sat in their VIP seats just observing.

Those two are raikage and Mizukage. at first Mizukage stood up to help but Raikage stopped her "no, you can't involve in their issue." She frowned "Konoha is our Ally, helping our Ally when they are in pinch is our duty". he shook his head "it's true but they hadn't asked for our help. you know what that means. if you a kage of other village help another when they haven't requested you for help. it's the same as insulting them for not having enough power. and not to mention if you joined, then a fourth Shinobi would start.

then she sat down helplessly unable to do anything. then, her eyes lit up "hey, Kages can't interfere but our shinobi can right." he smiled and nodded. she ordered "Ao, go gather our jonins or genins who are present in this village right now and help out". he nodded and disappeared.

while they are busy, I carried the unconscious Miura who was also one of the victims of that jutsu which made most of spectators sleep. the one who did was lucky as it's a harmless one or else I would have already killed him by now.

I took her to a safe location. which is a small space inside of second hokage face of the Hokage rock. I summoned Isobu and told him to look after her and I went to the commoners district to help them. many genins of konoha evacuating them to a safe area. I helped out in carrying some unconscious people to genins and let them take it from here.

I looked towards Shinobi district where there's a lot of mess going on. then I looked another side. far away where there's a battle going on between Team 7 and Gaara. then I looked towards the barrier. Orochimaru is at a total disadvantage right now. but I thought 'he won't be that easy to defeat. I wonder who will he bring back back from the dead now.'

the main problem now isn't Sand or Sound shinobi, it's the snakes. there are a large amount of snakes some are small while some are big. there's are hundreds of them, possibly thousands and the senior Ino-Shika-Cho currently battling Manda but it seems they aren't getting any advantage. I made two wood clones. I sent one towards Naruto and other towards Manda and lastly I went in the direction of Orochimaru.

soon, My clone 1 reached Manda. it's been a while I've seen it. it seriously really is the largest snake in the world. of course Manda 2 hasn't been created yet. so, I should add "for now". he's extremely fast avoiding their attacks. and attacking them either biting or with tail. then after Choza used Super Expansion jutsu. it soon fallen into disadvantage but suddenly it leaped towards him, coiled around him and constricted him. and applying more force to crush him. the people around stopped their attacks as they fear they would attack Choza. he completely became a hostage for it and he's struggling to move his hands to cancel out his jutsu to escape.

just then, Manda screamed. he looked down and while screaming "leave me" he tried to swing his tail. then all the shinobi there followed his gaze and found out a ordinary plain looking man. catching his tail and crushing it. well, that's my wood clone 1 which was of course in disguise.

"you are quite an amusing creature Manda. what happened to your arrogance just a few minutes ago." first he thought of disappearing but then he thought of Orochimaru and the deal and he moved his head towards Choz who's still struggling then roared "leave my tail and I'll leave him, try to apply more pressure and I'll eat him." Inoichi there went into a despair while Shikaku is thinking of something.

I smirked "yeah right, as if I'll give you that chance. I went into sage mode lv2, then gripped it tightly and pulled it with full force. if this scene happened in anime, it would definitely be seen as a comedy one. it was like a thread tied around a man tightly untied by simply pulling the thread at the end with a huge force. it screamed and so was Choza he became like a Spinning top toy. he got crashed into a big wall thereby going to his normal form and fainted.

Inochi and some shinobi ran towards him. and he was relieved he just got unconscious. and Manda's condition wasn't any better than him. but still he got hold of himself although his face looked like he was about to puke. I apologized Inoichi who was looking at me "sorry, I forgot to hold back my strength." and I looked towards Manda. my face became serious "I'm giving you two options now, either disappear and never come back till the battle is over or the Ryuuchi cave won't have a boss to rule it anymore." "you" it got angry that a human looking down on him. I narrowed my eyes "I'm only giving you three count, if you don't disappear within the count of three. then.." "3, 2..." "you will regret it" and it disappeared. Shikaku asked me "who are you?". I replied "relax I'm not an enemy. but it seems this isn't the question you want to ask". he asked "why did you spared him?, he's Orochimaru's summon". I replied "now I didn't expected a foolish question from a person who is said to be the most intelligent Shinobi in Konoha." his face became grim "it's simple, it's because he's a summon, I didn't killed him."

he didn't replied anything else and started thinking something "now, stop analyzing about stupid things and go help out your village." they left somewhere and my clone disappeared as his job is done. well, that's how my wood clones are anyway. they won't stick around like shadow clones even after finishing the main's instruction.

meanwhile at Naruto vs Gaara. it's also at the climax, but unfortunately there's no Gamabunta there. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura's face became pale after Shikaku was released. "


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