Transmigrated into Naruto World
56 Diran saves the day
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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56 Diran saves the day

Main body P.O.V

while resolving the matter with Manda, my second clone went towards Naruto. just when he reached Shukaku has already been released he laughed "finally, I'm free hahahaha." team 7 was completely stupefied. even Naruto "What the hell is this". unknown to him inside his mindscape, Kyuubi woke from his sleep "Oh, this little raccoon managed to free huh. would be nice if it's only silent."

Wood clone 2 P.O.V

Shukaku is like a little kid jumping here and there upon getting free. I went near them and asked them "do you plan to fight that thing?". All three turned back . naruto then "you, that Ojisan from back then. what are you doing here?". I waved my hand "forget about me for now, are you going to fight him?" I pointed to Shukaku who wasn't paying attention to anyone just jumping here and there.

Naruto replied "of course, we have to stop him". Sasuke scold him "are you an idiot?, this isn't our level, let's just return to village and ask for Kakashi or some jonin". Sakura also nodded "Naruto, don't be foolish". I smiled "kid, didn't your sensei taught you summoning jutsu. the toad summon by now you should have learn it right." "Ah!!! how did I forget about that. thank you mister. hey, how did you know about that".

I looked upwards "uh, we can talk about that later, but first dodge." we jumped to side. It looked towards Sasuke "it seems my jinchuuriki has some hatred towards you. I guess I'll kill you first then". it attacked specifically towards Sasuke with its tail. just when it was about to hit. there's wooden dome appeared around him. Sasuke then "what is this". then it attacked it again. unfortunately for him, there wasn't even a crack on the wooden.

Naruto and Sakura were very shocked although for different reasons. while Sasuke is shouting "why is so dark here." and he is knocking the dome from inside "release me now". Shukaku turned it's eyes towards me "you". it's very angry I should say. I released Sasuke and turned to Naruto "it best if you summon that toad boss to deal with this little raccoon over here."

it probably heard and got engaged "how dare you call me little raccoon. I'll kill you". I jumped up and landed in different direction. it attacked with "Wind release : Sand buckshot"

I defended with "Earth release : Great mud Wall". a wall rose from ground and it stopped it but eventually it was destroyed by continuous attacks.

Meanwhile Naruto is trying to summon

"Kuchiyose no jutsu" and then a toad got summoned "hey, naruto". "Ah!!! why is it you again Gamakichi, I want the Boss". "oh, you mean pops" "pops?". Sakura smacked on his head "didn't you find anytime to prank?". Sasuke also nodded "Naruto, be serious what's the use of this tittle toad".

Gamakichi turned to Sasuke "how dare call me weak. I can help you fight with anything. You know what they call me. the toad warrior who knows no fear". all three faces turned blank like they are saying "really, stop bragging" Naruto then "really, seems you are very strong. how about helping us defeat that thing." "what thing?" Sasuke lifted it up and showed Shukaku who was madly attacking me. he screamed and hurriedly climbed Naruto's shoulder. he's shivering by covering his eyes with his front limbs".

"that thing is so scary". Sakura sighed "it's no use, let's just go back to village". Sasuke then replied "No, I won't come back with you. I need to watch this battle completely." he's watching the battle with his sharingan so intensive.

the battle became a bit harder. well, it's not that I can't defeat this guy. I thought I shouldn't defeat him as defeating him or killing him isn't good. only when he gets defeated by Naruto, Gaara will turn good and become, all I'm doing is just defending or dodging his attacks while waiting for naruto.

I shouted "Naruto, how much time do you need to summon the toad boss". he replied "for some reason I can't summon him." I roared "you idiot , use your tenant's chakra" "Ah!!! I forgot that." then he appeared before kyuubi, "yo, I came again for my rent again". kyuubi showed his canines "you really liked to enrage me dont you. don't worry I'm just waiting for you to ask. go and kick that Tanuki's ass for me". Naruto showed a thumbs up.

after he went away. kyuubi frowned, "that man's chakra is awfully similar to someone. it really giving me a bad taste. but where I have experienced it and who is it?"

then when I'm about to dodge. I sensed Naruto getting pumped up with kyuubi chakra. I smiled and activated sage mode. I poured all of my chakra in my right hand."Shukaku, our fight is over. I dashed towards him. and I gave a upper cut in on his chin. he flew tens of metres high. I jumped up and punched his face down with all of my force. he got crashed onto the ground on his belly.

then I reached them who were completely stupified. "Sorry kid, out of it's all on you." I patted Naruto's shoulder and my clone disappeared.

Sakura screamed "what!!! it's just a clone?". Sasuke who was thrilled before wondered "is it dead?". then they saw the motionless Big raccoon on ground. unfortunately for them, few seconds later, it stood up shaking his head and checked his surroundings and roared "where is that damn human, I want to kill him". Sakura's face got pale. naruto smiled "don't worry, leave him to me". just when Sasuke about to scold him. there's a huge chakra bursted out of him it made two of them flew away and of course they landed safely. "Kuchiyose no jutsu". and Gamabunta got summoned."kid, don't waste my time". then it saw Shukaku "ichibi eh?, it's been a while since I saw a bijuu"

Naruto smiled "ready for the big battle boss?" . "No, I don't want to". then gamakichi appeared "C'mon pops help naruto please". then it ended the same way as main body which is going towards Orochimaru landed on a roof. there are jonins standing there watching the battle going on.

Originally I thought let's just leave it like that. it's good if he get killed by Orochimaru. but after I realised there's Tsunade also in it, I decide to save them. but after I landed I observed Orochimaru is completely in disadvantage. I sat there and start to watch the battle. then a chunin shouted to my back "who are you?". "hmm?" I turned to back, upon seeing he's only chunin. I ignored him and continue to watch the battle.he again shouted "state your ninja id number, if you are from konoha or else don't expect me to". I waved my hand "shut up kid" and a tree which is on the ground extended it's branch caught him and dragged him down. I smiled "OK, now that annoyance is gone. let's continue. it's really good when I see Orochimaru getting thrashed up by Tsunade."

then that snake made some signs "Kuchiyose :Edo tensei". I sighed "I guess I need to intervene again huh".three coffins erupted. there are only three persons who got shocked. one is the third Hokage, second is Raikage and last one is Mizukage. well, although Raikage and Mizukage just sitting in their VIP seats. they are still observing the battle between Orochimaru and the two hokages from far. well, they are kage. their sight is far more greater than average jonin. they both stood up.

Raikage cursed "that bastard resurrected our first Raikage". Mizukage who was also in shock "he's also our first Mizukage sama." They dashed towards the formation. one of Konoha's any stopped them "Raikage sama, Mizukage sama you can't go". Raikage who's very angry activated his lightning release chakra mode. "move aside konoha shinobi. I can no longer tolerate someone who dared to spoil our Shodai Raikage."

the anbu replied "no, you misunderstood. that's four violet flames formation. anyone who touch it will get burned." Tsunade who saw them turned towards Third hokage. his face became very serious. "Listen Tsunade those three are the shodai Mizukage, Raikage and Kazekage." then She activated her seal. then there are marks appeared on her face.

she turned and told them "it's Konoha's problem whoever the enemy, you two please go back and don't interfere."

raikage snorted "hmpf, you think you can defeat three of them. well, best of luck then. I'm going back" Mizukage replied "I'll stay here just in case". and Raikage with his Kumo shinobi departed from Konoha which is facing crisis.

Orochimaru ordered "kill both of them". Raikage and Mizukage dashed forward to attack them. while Kazekage folded his hands and looking towards him. Orochimaru looked towards him "attack them". he snorted "hmpf, you think a mere piece of trash like you can control me?."

Orochimaru tried again. I rolled on the roof laughing. it's very funny seeing his face after he made a failure. his face became grim and he tried to make him go back. he laughed "it won't work. I had to thank you though for bringing me back from the dead although I wonder how you got to learn the second hokage's jutsu."

"OK, I admit you won, but can you join those two to kill them or not". he laughed "don't tell me, you don't have confidence in those two. fine, I'll do you a favour". I was actually surprised when I heard it's the shodai kages but I got even more surprised that Orochimaru cannot control him at all. "it seems there's a decent kage here. but I wonder there's no sand here. what can he do even if he joins."

then next second, a huge chunk of rock separated from below and its suspended in mid air. then he did one more sign it got pulverised into powder. but it didn't fall on the ground rather it went near him and stayed behind him. it's a bit quite similar to one of my creations. the sea dragon.

well, his performance it's quite good but doesn't seem like too strong like that first hokage. and while Byakuren, who's the first Mizukage looks very old like Hiruzen, weak. completely weak even though he hailed as a legendary shinobi.

but still since Hiruzen is also weak now, it became hard to fight four of them. the three of them have indestructible bodies.eventually they completely fell into disadvantage. Orochimaru is laughing after stabbing the third hokage. he coughed out blood and looked towards Tsunade. "I guess my end is near. this is my fault after all for not able bring back my student into light."

I stood up and walked towards it. I knew what he's going to do. then Mizukage attacked the barrier "Yoton: Yokai no jutsu" - Lava style : Melting jutsu

she spitted out strong acid mud. it flew and attacked the barrier. but it didn't destroyed it. I went near and said "it won't work that way. attack there Mei chan". she turned while frowning "who are you?". I looked myself and forgot that I'm still in disguise. "Cough, Cough, Mizukage sama, please attack there" I pointed a's a point which is just a tip above a person of the four corner. before she say anything. I said "we don't have that much time, we can talk later".she nodded and attacked it . then a slight crack appeared on it I didn't wasted time and attacked with " Lightning release : erosion rat".

a lightning rat released from my hand and it flew into the space formed by crack and with in a second. it ate the part of the barrier which covered him. then without waiting she attacked him with "Boil release : skilled Mist jutsu." a vapour came out of her mouth and engulfed him and completely melted his body. then suddenly, the barrier disappeared.

Orochimaru got shocked and looked towards us. even anbu and Tsunade looked towards us. all of them thought one thing "who's the guy beside Mizukage". before anyone reply, I looked towards him and spoke "it's been a while Orochimaru".

his face became serious as the barrier got destroyed. now there'll be anbu come in and protect Hiruzen. he looked towards me. "I don't know who you are but destroying barrier is not a disadvantage to me at all. Reto san, you no longer need to attack them. go and attack the entire village and destroy it with your sand."

Kazekage laughed "now, I will take the revenge of my humiliation by madara uchiha back then". I shook my head "I guess, I have to remind you who am I after all". I went into sage mode gathered my chakra "Six Green yang formation" "barrier protect"

then six clones of me appeared each at one corner. we all raised our hands. and there's a green coloured crystal barrier appeared all around us. now inside I, Mei, Tsunade, Third hokage, Orochimaru, those three Kages and his three minions. all were shocked and looked towards me. orochimaru pointed his finger and his arm is shivering "You"

at the same time, Manda is finished at the same as Shukaku. all turned towards the green coloured barrier which is almost touching the sky.

Sakura screamed "what is that?". the sand or sound shinobi or the Konoha shinobi stopped battle for one second and they are also stunned for a minute. Kakashi who was fighting with sand jonin then turned "that jutsu, it's very similar where" he flinched "Diran?" Shikaku who was going towards common district turned , thought for a. second said the same thing "Diran?".

Hana who was fighting. saw her three headed dog which is fused and battling shivered and barked. she followed the gaze "what's that barrier? seems so powerful." Mizukage who was shocked asked "who are you?". I smiled "oh well, I guess there's no need to put my disguise anymore." then I removed my disguised and showed my original appearance. currently I'm in a sage mode lv2, so it looked a bit similar to Tsunade. she was shocked "that markings, he's like me?. wait that man seems familiar." Mizukage got excited and she hugged my arm "Diran, you came?" I scratched my cheek "well, we can talk later. first let's deal with him. by the way you are too close"

she blushed and kept a distance and became serious while looking towards Orochimaru. I cracked my knuckles. "lets get our party started. this time you won't get to escape Orochimaru."


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