Transmigrated into Naruto World
57 Death of Hiruzen Sarutobi
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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57 Death of Hiruzen Sarutobi

he spoke "I remember you very well Diran of the Senju clan." then laughed "but unfortunately, you don't have your sensei with you to seal them like last time nor these guys don't hold any sentimental value to Konoha to get liberated. this time, you will lose for sure and can't stop me from killing that old man".

he turned to Kazekage "Reto san, help me kill this person and you'll be free. I will neither try to control you in the future nor I will pester you for anything. he frowned "although I know you can't control me for now, but I won't take the chances that it won't be same in future. OK, deal".

I spoke in low voice "Mei, go and help out those two hokages I will take care of these two clowns." she nodded "I believe you" and she dashed towards third hokage who was in a very bad condition. those three sound shinobi intercepted her, she killed them easily and moved forward.

Orochimaru who saw this "Reto san, change of plans. handle him alone.whether you kill him or stall him, I don't care. I just need enough time to kill that old man." Kazekage replied "don't worry although this barrier seems impressive, it needs high amount of chakra to maintain it and I can sense he isn't a jinchuuriki at all. I will..."

and before he even finish his line, his head was gone and the body fallen down and sand which was in air earlier fallen down as well. Orochimaru got his shock of the century when he saw the dust cleared. "Hmpf, trash who thinks he can give lengthy speeches like main character". when he saw my cold face got shivered a little bit and thought 'damn, seems he'll be a very troublesome to deal with.'

then Kazekage's body start to recover. he didn't talk and looked towards me and directly attacked with the sand. suddenly the sand dispersed in front of me. then he made some sign, and it surrounded me and prisoned me. he then raised his hand and closed the fingers. the the prison suddenly started to contract but suddenly it stopped.

Kazekage frowned "Huh?, no matter how much you resist there is no escape from this. "Sand Crusher" "Huh?, what's happening" no matter how much he concentrate, it's not going past the stage. it's like some wall had stopped it. then suddenly, several wooden spikes came out of that sand prison. and it exploded. all sand dispersed fallen on to the ground. it shown a wooden dome with wooden spikes on it. it's an upgrade version of Wood barrier jutsu. slowly it disappeared.

I smirked "so, this is your ultimate move huh, quite nice I would say although with this much limited sand, you won't be able to do anything".

I summoned my sword again, dashed forward "Concealed sword : Swallow reversal". three strikes of vertical, horizontal and circular slash hit him all done in rapid succession upon which the three consecutive slashes close in from all sides created a prison that allows no chance of evasion or defence. the result is his lower and upper body were seperated while his upper body missing an arm.

If he were a human, he would have screamed very much but these resurrected ones don't sense any pain.eventually he recovered again. he replied with seriousness "I accept that you are a formidable foe. here in konoha with little sand available I may not able to beat you but I have a indestructible body now".

I looked towards him thinking the same thing. I realised no matter how many times I kill him, he will recover and killing Orochimaru also won't solve. then I thought one little thing 'I don't know anything about this first Kazekage except he's very strong in that era and united all desert shinobi and formed Sunagakure. I guess without sand he's useless.

Once again, he took control of the sand formed it solid and started to attack me. I started running towards him while dodging it quickly. I gathered my senjutsu chakra into my right hand and just I'm about to punch him, the sand appeared him and formed a shield.

unfortunately how can that even stop my punch which made Shukaku flew into the air. he got crashed into the barrier and fallen on to the ground. before even he stood up

I made a water clone. he went near him "Suiro no jutsu". he captured him in a water prison. I didn't relaxed yet "Mokuton : Shichuro no Jutsu - Wood release : Four pillar prison ". and I made a wood prison enclosing my water clone which is inturn captured the first Kazekage with in his water prison.

it's a double prison which can capture high end targets meanwhile protecting your clone so that there won't be any chances of escape from the inside or any problem from outside.

I ran towards them. on Mizukage's side, she had advantage over her predecessor Byakuren, the first Mizukage and Tsunade is completely dominating first Raikage, too bad that third hokage isn't match at all for Orochimaru. those two Kages just like any reanimated Shinobi, they are just recovering over and over stopping both of them from helping out the third hokage. well, by the time I reached. Third hokage got stabbed in the chest. enma is down trying to slow down Kusanagi. I used mokuton Jutsu to catch that snake and threw him away. he got crashed onto the ground. I went and pulled out the sword and threw it aside.

he coughed out blood and panting "you are finally back Diran." I had cold expression on my face. I don't even had pity for this old man. I replied "you sow what you reap. not stopping Orochimaru then, got Konoha to be attacked in broad daylight now and see yourself getting killed by your own favourite student".

I took out a wood block out or nowhere "take this, this will save your life for now." I made a sign "Mokuton : life transfer "

and insert it inside his chest. it gave him some life force. his injuries got healed in a instant. even though he looks fine on outside. seems like he aged few years just in one day. then, Orochimaru roared "Diran" and ran towards us. I didn't even looked at him a branch erupted from below and attacked him but he dodged it. I looked at him and I waved my hand, the branch made a turn around him and binded him and he was suspended in air.

I looked towards him "I'm talking here. don't disturb me. Be a good boy and stay there". he was struggling to escape. but the branch was very thick and strong. well, if he has Kusanagi he can cut it. but too bad for him. then just like a snake shed it's skin, he shed his skin and a new body fallen onto the ground. he stood up. I shook my head "you don't listen do you". I made a clone and it made a sign

"Mokuton :Mokusatsu Shibari no jutsu - Wood release : Smothering Binding ".

it transforms his two arms into a tree with multiple branches and binded his hands legs even head and mouth. I smiled"See, you didn't listen to me. now suffer like that till I decide what to do with you".

hokage who was stunned smiled "Diran, you really became too strong. I have a question I had in mind for the past 5 years. why didn't you come back to the village when I lifted your banishment and why am I seeing so much hate in your eyes when you see me?". he looked into my eyes "What have I done to you to deserve so much hate"

my expression became cold "you want to know the reason why I didn't return?. it simple I hate you to the core that I want to kill you myself."

" even if you are known to be professor the one who have all solutions all over the elemental nations let's see your failures. you failed to create a loving, supportive atmosphere for this village's jinchuuriki, you are too sentimental to your best friend and allowed him whatever he wants to do in shadows.Your poor administration made One of the founding clans of Konoha almost got eliminated and the great Uchiha clan now became useless. and because of you Itachi had to kill his own father and mother and became traitor of the clan."

"after all this at most I hate you, but you want to know the real reason my hand is still shivering to strangle you" I raised my hand to show him. slowly my voice was raised very high that even Mizukage and Tsunade getting a bit distracted from their battles.

"it's because of your one f*****g decision that you took more than 30 years ago, when Tsunade san proposed during second shinobi war to include medical nin in four man teams."

"what did you do, sure you agreed but didn't implemented it because of lack of funds? are you serious? you are a hokage for God damn sake. why didn't you ask money Daimyo then. he would have sanctioned funds for it or you could have taken loan from the capital. but no, you didn't. probably your dear friend Danzo might've rejected that Idea."

while he was pretty much stunned by my accusations, he was also got confused. I saw his expression "you might have confused right, why does that thing which happened long ago before I was even born has to do with me. because of your one decision, it lead to her beloved Dan Kato's death which lead to her developing Haemophobia and also desertion of Konoha."

I looked towards side "it's been only a few weeks Tsunade returned to the village and I see there a medical research institute developing" I pointed towards it's direction. "if you would have implemented that proposal that day, today there will be a medical research institute much bigger than that and probably it will be more advanced by now to cure most of illness or injuries and my wife would have been alive by now".

my tone became low "do you know before you removed my banishment, she had some illness that even now there's no cure for it. Of course, I didn't know about it. then," I roared "after you removed my banishment, I refused to come and stayed peacefully. but you didn't accepted my decision. you send anbu to my place to bring me back. I refused and tell them to return. but your anbu didn't took for no because for them, Hokage's orders are absolute."

"they kidnapped my wife leaving my 2 year daughter alone there on streets when I'm not with them. So, I killed them and we had to go and hide at a small village in the country side."

"then a year later I found out my wife's illness and we visited more than 100 hospitals all over the elemental nations." I looked into his eyes "do you want to know what they said?" I roared "all said the same thing, they don't have any cure it. and said only Tsunade has the chance to cure and it's already in advanced stage and she only has few years left"

I looked up in the sky "She lost hope and committed suicide because she doesn't want to live in fear." I became a bit emotional got light tears in my eyes but calmed down after a second.

I see looked at him "now, tell me Hiruzen Sarutobi, who should I blame for her death. even if you didn't directly harmed her. in my eyes You will always be the killer of my wife. and yet I didn't took my revenge because you are the hokage, by killing you I'll bring suffering to the village. now that you finally understood. let's take care of these annoyances."

I left there leaving him shocked and dazed thinking about something and went towards Mizukage who has unstable emotions and can't concentrate in her battle thereby felling into disadvantage. I made the signs of the same jutsu that I binded Orochimaru and used wooden pillar jutsu to imprison him. I asked "Are you ok?" she replied "I'm sorry".

I did the same thing with Raikage. we three gathered and Tsunade replied "Thanks for the help and I'm sorry about your wife". I waved my hand "it's alright. now what to do with Orochimaru?" she replied "I guess we will seal his chakra and lock him up for eternity but what to do with them?" she pointed towards reanimated kage who are trying to destroying the wooden prison. I replied "it won't hold them much longer"

Suddenly her pupils constricted and shouted "Sensei, what are you doing?" I and Mizukage turned he made three shadow clones.they are running towards each kage and stood there. he and his there clones made some signs and his main body looked at Orochimaru and at me and Tsunade "Diran, I'm sorry for the things I've done with or without knowing which impacted your life. Tsunade I'll leave the village to you."

Tsunade asked "why are you talking like you are going to die". he now no longer had the demeanor of a warrior. he looks completely like a tired old man. I asked "Do you truly want to do it?". since I'm already in sage mode, I can see the death god standing behind him. he looked at me "even if live today, I won't live longer. I know that I have very little time." he coughed "may be it's true that I'm the killer of your wife that's why I was suffering with an incurable disease for the past year. can't escape from Karma I guess. it's the last thing I can do. please let me do it."

I nodded. Tsunade asking me "what's happening?".I stayed silent and watching him. "Shiki Fujin - Sealing jutsu : Reaper Death seal".  The Shinigami's arm emerged from the summoner's body and grasped the soul of the target, enabling the target to see the Shinigami as well. Orochimaru started screaming "what's happening? what's that thing? Ah!!!. please stop it." and after sometime his soul was pulled out and sealed inside him. same happened with the three Kages.

after sealing all of them, he kneeled by losing all of his strength. we all reached him Tsunade grabbed him. tears flew out "Sensei". he said his last words "Tsunade, I leave the village to you" and he died. The barrier I made disappeared and the anbu and other jonins who were watching the battle rushed. eventually, all were defeated and got captured. I left there and picked up Miura and started to go towards the gate. on my way Hana stopped me "at least stay until the funeral".

Later that evening I explained about the battle and hokage's death to Miura. She became sad that so many people died. then she became even more sad when she understood we won't stay much longer. she asked "papa, we will go back tomorrow?". I patted her "yes, don't be sad. we can visit some other time OK?"

next day, we wore black clothes for the funeral. one by one all paid their turn came up. I went near and said "Hiruzen Sarutobi. I forgive you. go and enjoy your afterlife in the pure land." later we departed from Konoha without saying goodbyes to anyone.

a week later, I'm reading newspaper at my home. someone knocked the door. I went and opened it to find Tsunade Senju and Shizune at my door step.


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