Transmigrated into Naruto World
59 Kenjutsu academy
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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59 Kenjutsu academy

"Sensei, your eye. what happened?". Suddenly their expressions changed. but a second later Nagato squeezed out a smile replied "nothing happened. everything is fine. it seems you grown stronger in these past nine years."

I was confused "what do you mean nothing happened? you only have...." I was interrupted by Konan "Diran, shouldn't you report to Hokage?". then I understood that they don't want to talk about it. I replied "yeah, actually we arrived yesterday but it's already late. should report her now.ok, we go now and catch up with you guys later".

I and Miura went to the Hokage's office. She's in a meeting with Homura and Koharu. Shizune came "Tsunade sama, they are here". She nodded "let them come in." Koharu asked "Tsunade, who are they?". she smiled but replied nothing. I went inside "greetings Hokage sama." I looked towards the other two "greetings Homura san, Koharu san".

she introduced me "this is Diran Senju". their eyes widened. Homura replied "it's nice to meet you Senju san, it's been more than 10 years. the last time I saw you is during your clan head ceremony."

I looked towards Tsunade and said, "I guess you might have already guessed the reason I'm here". she nodded and saw them. they understood and left the office. she asked, "state your terms". I nodded and said "first is Miura under any circumstances will not be assigned to any unit or mission." she nodded.

"my second condition is that I will be given full freedom and will be free from the orders of Hokage and the village council. that means I cannot be treated as a shinobi who you can give order even in an emergency situation. unless there's a chance of Shinobi war, you cannot use your authority to order me."

she became silent for a few seconds and nodded. "my third condition is that you will not enforce your Anbu or any shinobi to monitor either me or my daughter. don't blame me if I kill someone who does that".

she frowned "are you sure about that?, after your exposure, I already know that she'll become a high profile target for kidnapping." then a voice came from the back "you don't need to worry about that Tsunade san". she was puzzled and saw Miura who's not listening to us at all and observing the room. a turtle jumped from her shoulder.

I smiled "Oh, I forgot to introduce you. meet Isobu, the three tailed beast". he lifted one of his front limb like gesturing hello. Shizune is completely frozen. and Tsunade's condition isn't worse. she shouted "What!!!. Diran, that's a bijuu. it can't be roamed free".

my face suddenly became cold "Tsunade Senju, I hope you don't insult him further talking like it's a thing. he's my summon and he's part of my family." She's taken back and replied in serious "OK since you said he's your summon then you are responsible for it. you seem at the same level as my grandfather if you had subdued a bijuu. I hope you'll keep him in control all the time."

I replied "relax, he isn't like Kyuubi." he nodded "of course I'm not like that foxy which is arrogant just because it has more tails and more battle-thirsty. I'll just be with that kid all the time to protect her".

Shizune then "um, but you look unusual in that appearance." I shook my head "but I didn't face a single problem despite that. he can control his size. you can even take the situation now an example. you didn't even know about his existence till I introduced him you." Isobu replied for that "that's because I release genjutsu all the time which makes people ignore my existence".

I nodded "I see, no genjutsu works on me. I guess that's why it's normal for me. OK, the problem is already solved." then I thought of Nagato 'it seems he also put a genjutsu on his eye'. Tsunade replied "well, that things aside. continue your terms"

I nodded "OK, the last one isn't a condition but more like a proposal." she gestured me to go on "since I'm living in Konoha now and I'm already free from shinobi services. I would like to open Kenjutsu classes in the academy".

she replied "but that's an advanced subject like ninjutsu which can only be taught to Chunins or exceptional genins. not for academy kids." I nodded "I know about that. but please understand the situation just a few weeks earlier. we're been attacked. academy students aren't eligible to participate in anything. that's OK. but what about genins. they won't be taught ninjutsu until they never Chunin or get experienced being a genin for at least a year. how can they even defend themselves if their sensei ever get down or busy with the enemy and didn't have the time to protect them."

she began to think and after a while, she replied "but it's too risky to teach academy students and genins would have already sensei so you are forbidden to teach them. I should change the academy and shinobi system rules for you. that needs permission from clan leaders, village council. it's troublesome."

I thought for a while and said "OK, this is my last proposal. give me permission to set up a private academy. I'll set up Kenjutsu academy. it'll fall under private organisation." she gestured to go on. "I'll make a rule that one should be minimum eleven years old or he should be in final year of graduation to apply. of course it won't be free. I'll just set a minimum price for admission. those who can't afford can do E rank and F rank missions to earn and apply".

she frowned "but there isn't anything like that." I smiled "exactly, I need your help in that. you can create E-rank and F-rank missions from present D-rank missions which don't need the lightest of shinobi skills for final year students. they can earn pocket money with that and they'll able to serve the village in their own way."

she thought for a while and turned toward Shizune "what do you think". Shizune already was excited "Tsunade sama, Senju sama's idea was great and it'll make many villagers request for such missions and we don't need to waste genins for every D rank mission." she smiled "OK, I accept that. go on". I nodded "OK, and also setting maximum age is 18 and only Chunin or below. that's it no more complicated rules. all I need is your permission and a piece of land." she nodded "it's a nice proposal you have my permission but the issue with land had to be discussed with the council.and also I have a question". "yes?" "to run an academy, you also need some talented instructors. where do you plan to get that". I replied "well, I actually plan to post an ad to recruit who are interested. well, if you know any you can recommend some. I'll pick a day and test everyone who came and will recruit the best. as for how many that is decided on the number of people apply for classes." then I picked up Miura who slept on sofa probably she was bored and went to the clan compound. I left a clone and Isobu to watch over her and came back to Hokage tower.

later Hokage called for a meeting. after everyone agreed. she announced to the village. many kids applied for it although the majority of them are just admirers. next day, I met Sensei to ask about his eye "Sensei, what happened to your eye. why are you covering it with genjutsu". he sighed "I forgot that genjutsu doesn't work on you. you know about Akatsuki right". I nodded. he continued "a couple of months ago, we got an Intel about one of their bases. unfortunately, it turned to be a trap for me.we were defeated and I got captured. they managed to stole one of my eyes before I escaped."

I frowned 'I guess the fourth Shinobi war bound to happen.' "Hmm, Diran what are you thinking about?" I replied "nothing". "anyway, this matter only known to few. so keep it secret especially from Naruto". I nodded.

Meanwhile, Sasuke is training with Kakashi. "Chidori Senbon" it's a variation of Chidori that uses shape transformation to create countless sharp sending that are fired at the enemy in quick succession.

currently, he's attacking ten practice targets too bad only 3 of them got hit. "dammit". Kakashi consoled him "it's ok. you'll get it right if you practice enough. for your age, creating your own jutsu is already a great feat". Sasuke with an unhappy face "at my age, you are already jonin and Itachi Niisan gained the forbidden eye of the Uchiha clan. wanting to surpass Niisan and coming out of his shadows is my goal but now, even Naruto got ahead of me. and here My Sharingan still isn't matured to three tomoe"

Sasuke grit his teeth "at this rate, I will no longer reach my goal." Kakashi thought for a while "Say, Sasuke kun, how about you apply for kenjutsu academy." Sasuke frowned "you want me to learn kenjutsu?" Kakashi nodded "yes, Uchiha clan have the gift in that because of Sharingan. I can teach you a bit but it's better if you learn it under Diran after all he learned from two of the greatest kenjutsu masters. the only issue is you who is the future clan head of Uchiha willing to learn from a Senju?"

Sasuke didn't even think for a second ", yes, to gain power, I'll learn it from whoever it is. even if it's a demon".


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