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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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60 Wada Eizo

after Sasuke replied Kakashi that he would sign up for kenjutsu classes. Kakashi then replied "here's a tip.if you want him to teach you personally, make your brother ask him. after all, they are teammates in the past." Sasuke sure got surprised "I should ask my brother? can't I directly ask him to teach me?". kakashi smiled "c'mon Sasuke, there are more than a hundred students who applied for it. so, how would he have the time to teach you personally. at most some elite teacher he recruits will teach you."

Sasuke replied "if he's really good is as you claim him to be. then, I would make Itachi Niisan ask him for a favour." upon hearing his Kakashi said "go to training ground 6 this Sunday. he's conducting a practical test for instructor job. you can see how much strong he is with the sword." he nodded and went home to talk to his brother.

few days later at Training grounds 6

I stood before dozens of applicants. although most of them were interested in the handsome pay for it and as the job doesn't get in the way of their missions. many kids came to watch it as the recruitment is open to the public. many of the audience are final year students with their parents or guardians and genins. there are fewer chunins as most of them weren't interested in it and also they were reluctant to learn from someone.

Meanwhile, after daily morning D rank mission completed Sasuke hurriedly started to leave. Naruto asked, "what happened? are you in a hurry?". he nodded "today there's a recruitment of kenjutsu Academy which was about to be built. I hope to see how much strong Diran san really is with the sword".

and he left them. Sakura shouted "wait a minute, I'll also come with you" and she followed Sasuke. Naruto thought "kenjutsu?. nah, I wasn't good with weapons anyway. I'll practice improving my chakra control."

soon, Sasuke and Sakura reached training grounds 6. Sasuke was shocked "what is going on here. it's only a recruitment test why are there these many people?". Sakura sighed "well, they probably came for Diran san. he's really popular these days." both of them squeezed in the crowd and reached the front.

I spoke "welcome. don't mind those around you.my test isn't much complicated. withstand a minute from my attacks. I'll only attack through kenjutsu and you will only defend through kenjutsu. ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu are forbidden. it's just a simple rule.

all began to whisper themselves. some parents near Sasuke talked between themselves "only a minute? is he making fun of them or is he really that much strong." while some kids felt dejected "I hoped to see his ninjutsu. they say he uses mokuton jutsu just like the first Hokage. we see in books the fight between first Hokage sama Uchiha Madara. I hoped I would see some action today. too bad I only get to see only sword fighting."

Sasuke then became excited 'Diran Senju, now I will see whether you can make me stronger by learning it under you'. I spoke"ok, who want to try first. a random man came forward "hello Senju sama, I'm going first." I smiled and replied "I'll give you two choices. you can choose one of those ordinary swords from the pile or you can use your own." he replied, "I'll go with my own". and he looked out his sword. I looked at him with pity "too bad you've made a wrong choice".

I just took a normal sword from the pile "let's go". he got taken back "you want to fight with a normal sword. isn't Senju sama underestimating me too much?". I waved my hand "you don't need to worry about that. all you have to be undefeated for a whole minute." he smirked and thought 'haha, only a minute and he wants to defeat me with that ordinary sword. with my chakra metal sword, that sword guarantee to be broke. I guess getting this job is a piece of cake'.

I smiled and dashed towards him with normal speed and slashed my sword against him he defended with his sword but a second later he was stunned as his sword was cut into two. "you failed". he kneels down "My sword!!!". I look coldly towards him "a great sword doesn't make a great swordsman. you look down on these the so-called ordinary swords. and the result is obvious.go and collect repair fees from the receptionist"

and I looked towards other participants "who's next". then a shinobi named Takiji came forward and bowed and he took a normal one from the pile. I smiled and gestured that be ready. he then said, "Senju sama, are we only allowed to defend not attack?". I replied "well, if you want to attack you can. but I recommend you when you attack don't be hostile. I'm sensitive to emotions you know.I might kill you instinctively."

he got taken back then nodded and took a stance. I observed that his stance seems pretty much standard, unlike the other one. without waiting, he dashed towards and forward thrust. it's not fast for me but for other guys, it's very fast. I dodged it. then he went for a fake thrust towards the neck then the real attack came to the waist. I've already seen through it. so, I just deflected it. I smiled "your attacks are good, let's see your defense" I went for some normal quick strikes but he somehow managed to defend them. then I went for the double strike. he managed to deflect first. but then, the second one was about to pierce his chest. I stopped right before it touches.

he knew it, he lost. he looked down in disappointment. I smiled "congratulations, you are hired." he was surprised "but it isn't a minute yet". I waved my hand "if I can make rules, then I can bend them." he bowed "Thank you Senju sama". Later one after another I tested them, many of them failed and some managed to stay undefeated. one after other I get to see some kenjutsu masters.

Meanwhile, Sasuke who's face was that of disappointment shook his head thinking 'I don't think kenjutsu will make me stronger and he doesn't seem strong as Kakashi sensei mentioned. it's a waste of time to stay here any longer'. just he's about to turn. a person came forward laughing "you know I was interested when the best student of the twin demon samurai opened an academy and announced a recruit for the teachers. I thought I would spar a little bit. but I guess rumours about you are too much exaggerated. in kenjutsu, you were nothing more than a mediocre. forget about being the best".

I frowned "who are you?". he replied "Wada Eizo". participants were whispering themselves "that Eizo? the one who said to be the strongest kenjutsu user?". I thought and said, "do you want to challenge me?". he sneered "I was actually going to. but seeing you now seems like you aren't worth to spar with me. I wonder what Yoritoki Sensei do see in you to praise you the best student he ever had".

I was surprised "you are Yoritoki sensei's student?. it's been a while since I have seen them. I have to visit them one day". but then I sensed a lot of hostility in him. I frowned "you do seem to have a problem with me considering your hostile emotions. but" then I smiled "how about a wager?. if I defeat you, you will become one of the instructors at my academy. and if you defeat me. hmm.. how about 1million Ryo?". his face became serious "no, I don't need money. you are recorded in Yoritoki sensei's tablet and the successor of both. if you get defeated, then your name will be erased. and if I get defeated provided that you will use neither ninjutsu or genjutsu. I will become your subordinate". I asked, "are you sure?"

he nodded "of course, a samurai never back down from his word". we took the same battle stance. I gestured him to attack. he dashed forward in full speed slashed at me. the audience got taken back by his sheer speed. I stood there and didn't even moved. Sasuke thought 'did he got overwhelmed by him seeing his speed at the very first second?'. he activated Sharingan. can see his movement completely in slow motion.

I just moved my sword and defended it. I didn't even move an inch. with a cold expression I said "be serious and don't hold back." he began to attack with a speed that audience can't even imagine. the only thing they can see he is moving and can't see his sword. and as for me, I'm still. and all they hear are sounds. but Sasuke widened his eyes seeing this high-level combat which looks not much impressive on the surface.

then I suddenly counterattacked him. but it didn't hit him as he guessed it perfect jumped back and took a distance. I smiled "now, it's my turn". then all the audience whispering and some people cheering as for them, I completely disappeared but Eizo is constantly getting attacked and going backwards. Sasuke who was observing with Sharingan. his legs are shaking "this speed. how the hell was he able to move at such speed. even with my Sharingan. all I can see is a blur. but how can that other guy even defending the attack? is Niisan also at this level?".

I decided to finish the match. I used my highest speed and went for his neck before he defends and stopped it just right there. he sighed "I lose, Sensei was right. you truly deserve to be the best kenjutsu user. according to the bet, I'll join your academy". all cheered. soon, Sasuke left Sakura there and went home. but he didn't found his brother. so he decided to wait. he was excited "forget about kenjutsu. that speed, I feel like it's not just acquired by simple training or having talent. if I gain that speed, my Chidori will become invincible."

although the last battle was awesome. too bad that either the final year student parents or genins didn't get to see it's awesomeness like Sasuke. they still felt just like how they felt when Fuinjutsu classes were opened.most of them felt it's too hard and also less useful than ninjutsu. not because of me, but because of all the battles which happened for recruitment as they aren't exciting at all.

therefore, a week later, on the same ground. I announced a public challenge. any jonin can challenge me to a spar. winner gets a million Ryo prize while I only use kenjutsu. of course, I mentioned only ninjutsu users can challenge. that turned out be a success. since I went undefeated naturally but also they saw a wide variety of techniques I used to counter each type of jutsu made many people think of kenjutsu a bit high.

later, Itachi helplessly made a request to me to teach Sasuke personally. I know about Sasuke's hunger for power after all he's Indra's and Madara's reincarnation. I asked him "are you sure about that?. I mean I've only seen him twice or thrice. but I can say he isn't like you. the impression I got is that he's more like your father and that old man Hokage sure put him with Naruto who's destined to become great. Ok, I'll teach him on the condition that he won't use the special skills which I'll teach him on his teammates or his friends."

he helplessly sighed "thanks, I know that ever since he gained Sharingan, his desire to surpass me increasing day by day. I also hope for him to surpass me but as long as I train him, he can never surpass me. even if he does, it would take a long time. I worry that he will one day make a rash decision that he will have to regret all his life in a hurry to surpass me. So, I hope he will at least move away from my shadow as fast as possible."

I nodded and patted his shoulder "don't worry. he's my personal disciple now, leave him to me."


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