Transmigrated into Naruto World
61 Sasuke“s choice
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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61 Sasuke“s choice

well, the construction of the academy is going on and I'm extremely free so, I thought I would start train Sasuke now. I went to found him in training ground 3. I sat on a branch observing them. Kakashi was also sitting on a branch reading his favourite book. greeted when he saw me.

"hello Diran san, it's been a while". I smiled and nodded "you still haven't stopped reading those don't you".

he replied "what are you saying, this is the most popular book of this era" and later shifted his attention to the book.

I said "hmm, seems like Naruto is way ahead in taijutsu" while observing them.

he replied, "if it's just raw power, Sakura is the best of those three but in long fights, Naruto still is the best among those three" while reading the book.

I said in a serious tone "Itachi came to me asked me to take Sasuke as my disciple. and I intend to teach him not just kenjutsu". he just nodded.

I frowned "are you ok with it? your two students already got stolen away from you." while observing them.

he replied "I have no problem with it. after all, I was the one who recommended you to him. as long as he gets strong. that's enough for me."

I smiled "it isn't because you are lazy to train them all day and you just pushed him to me so that you have time to read that right" while pointing the book.

I think I hit the nail on the head when I said that. he instantly closed the book and looked at me mumbled: "I guess may be part of it is true".

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke pretty much sparring as if it's a real fight seriously. but the fight went overboard when Sasuke made some signs activated Chidori and provoked him "C'mon Naruto let's do this. your Rasengan versus my Chidori. let's see which one is superior."

he nodded "yeah, I also want to compare them when I saw it in Chunin Exam Finals. Shadow clone jutsu... Rasengan"

I'm watching them silently. I Know what would happen if those two collide. So, I asked "you won't stop them?" he replied, "I was hoping you would intervene".

I grumbled "this lazy pervert". just when they were about to collide. two trees erupted from the ground beneath them and one branch suddenly captured and hold them upside down.

three of them were surprised "huh?". and both of jutsus. I snapped my fingers and both of fell on the ground. I jumped from a tree and walked towards them meanwhile Kakashi thought "it seems, Hokage sama wasn't exaggerating his strength after all. and looks like he completely mastered wood element".

both sure looking at me unhappily. only Sakura seemed a bit happy. Sasuke spoke unhappily "why did you stop us. one second more and my Chidori would have destroyed his Rasengan."

I looked at him "maybe it will or maybe it won't but Chidori can never be used against teammates. I suppose your Sensei told you that it's an assassination technique."

then I looked at Naruto "and you are using Rasengan against your teammate in a sparring match. did u know Rasengan can completely break his bones which will put him in a hospital for a couple of weeks."

then I looked towards in pity "I don't blame you but please remember that you are the student of Tsunade Senju and you have the strength to stop those two".

both of them apologized only Sasuke was silent and looked away. then I said "well, you guys continue. I'm leaving." after walking a few steps I turned "Sasuke, come to Hokage's office after your daily training over".

Sasuke then became excited 'I guess, Itachi Nii succeeded'. Naruto looked at Sasuke for a while.

then Kakashi clapped "OK, from now on no you two are banned to use Rasengan and Chidori against each other. Naruto for the next three months, Jiraya sama will be out of the village. So, I'll train you. and Sakura, you need to concentrate on medical ninjutsu. you don't need to come here"

then he looked towards Sasuke "you know what to do". a while later, Sasuke reached Hokage's office. there I sat while Miura curiously listening to Tsunade's adventures.

after Sasuke came, he flinched after seeing Miura 'what is this little demon doing here'.

he still remembers how she tricked him into fighting Naruto till he got completely fainted.

Miura upon seeing him "Sasuke Niisan" he waves his hand "hello Miura san". she got puzzled "hmm, you are alone? shouldn't Naruto Nissan isn't with you" then she turned towards Tsunade "baachan, you know it's very exciting when Naruto Niisan and Sasuke Niisan fighting. don't know why though".

just before anyone speaks she excitedly spoke "Baachan, you are Hokage right. why don't you order them to fight? they'll listen to you right". Sasuke got taken back 'why can't this girl focus on others. there are many jonins out there'. before anyone replied "ah, I just sparred with Naruto till now. maybe some other time". she tilted her head "why? you seem fine to me though". Tsunade just was just grinning from the start. Sasuke looked helplessly towards me.

I coughed "Miu chan, Sasuke kun has other important matters." she pouted "but I want to see now" then she suddenly stood up and hold my hands "Papa, why don't we hold that tournament again". Sasuke corrected "Chunin Exams". I patted her "they can only be conducted once a year." she became disappointed. then I said "how about I buy you an ice cream today." she replied, " I want three". I said "two not more". she got excited "yay".

"okay Miu chan, you stay with your grandma now. I have some business with Sasuke". she nodded. I looked at him "come to the terrace" and I disappeared.

later he came by steps. I sat down and said "Yesterday, I promised Itachi kun that I'll take you as my personal disciple. but it would come with a cost". he clenched his fists "what kind of cost?". I replied "you will be my sole disciple. so, you cannot learn from others this is the cost you have to pay."

he got taken back and asked "can't learn from anyone. that means...." I nodded "yeah, you cannot learn from Kakashi and Itachi anymore. so, that means regarding Sharingan techniques you will be on your own."

he became silent and thought 'is it really worth to learn kenjutsu from him?'. I smiled "I guess you are still hasn't decided right. follow me to training ground 6.

after a while, we both reached the training grounds. then I said "you may wonder is really kenjutsu worth to learn to abandon training from the other two. watch this". then I made a wooden sword and I swung towards empty space with trees. it made an arc which cut the wind and destroyed a couple of trees but no bad it didn't stop there and it collided with a rock of 2-3m and sliced it into the half.

Sasuke was completely stunned upon seeing that. I grinned "don't tell me you thought all kenjutsu have is speed and no power?. the one I showed you a normal attack. when you mastered it. you also can do it".

'wow, that destructive power just from the wooden sword?, just how strong was this man?'. he erased his thoughts and replied: "can I ask just one thing?" "sure, go on". "I only want to ask can you make me surpass Itachi Nii?".

I shook my head "I'm not sure about that as Itachi and I have never fought against each other at full strength. but I can at least say one thing. you will no longer be in the shadow of Itachi."

he was dejected at first half of the sentence but got surprised after hearing the latter half of the sentence "but still, If I can't activate the forbidden eye of the Uchiha clan. no matter how much in strong, I can never surpass him".

I patted his shoulder "Itachi never depended on anyone to master his Sharingan. your father didn't even know about it till Chunin exams. I can help you little about it in theory but you have to do it on your own".

he was still hesitating to answer. so, I said "OK, I'm giving you three options. one is just continuing what you are doing till now. second is accept me your master but in return you can never learn anything from anyone other than me until you become kenjutsu master and the last one is just joining my academy just like others, in that case, I'll be your teacher from time to time and you can also learn from other two as you wish but I can never teach you special techniques. I will await your decision. take your time to think hard and meet me when you decided what path you chose".

Sasuke while thinking went to the house. later in the evening, Itachi returned and asked "Sasuke kun, I heard that Diran called you for a talk. how it went?". Sasuke looked at him "Itachi Nii, can you defeat Diran san?". Itachi replied "killing him is a bit easier than defeating him. he has a unique ability of instant regeneration. so injuring or defeating him is out of the option. there are a couple of jutsus of our clan which can kill anyone though including him.but why do you want to know that?"

Sasuke then recounted our whole conversation to Itachi. Itachi thought for a while and smiled 'i see, this is your way of dealing it huh. well, it's not bad'. then he said "this decision, you have to take on your own. no matter what I'll respect your decision".

two days later, Sasuke talked something with Kakashi and later we met "I decided". I said "OK, what did you decided finally." he kneels down and bowed "Sasuke Uchiha pay respects to shishou".

I smiled "get up, from onwards officially you will be the sole disciple of Diran Senju."


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