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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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64 Seimei

kujaku vs Kakashi

after blocking her attack, she looked towards him and started to attack him "Kaze Kiri-Wind cutting".he blocked it with his hands and there are multiple scratches appeared. he was surprised "This wind is..."

kujaku smirked "these two swords allow me to transform the wind freely. as long as I have these swords I only need a little bit of chakra". and just then a hand pulled her hand into the ground.

she screamed "what's happening?" before she tried to attack her entire body linked to the ground except for her head. kakashi appeared and knelt to her size and looked at her in the eye "you know, you really talk too much and seriously underestimate Konoha shinobi"

she's struggling to move but she can't even move her finger. she cursed "damn you Konoha shinobi, always a bunch of cheaters who can only defeat from the back."

kakashi was just about to go. but after hearing it he turned back and came near her. "you know what, first I just wanted to help them. but now I'm seriously interested what's your plan on acquiring Gaara".

he uncovered his Sharingan and looked at her. the three tomoe circled among themselves and soon she was hypnotized and answered their plan. then he stood up and left.

kankuro & Hinata vs Ryugan

after the remaining left, kankuro looked at him "he's just a kid. I can handle him alone. you shouldn't have stayed Hyuga san". hinata looked at him and said nothing. kankuro looked at that sword "a metal wire passing through the blade controls its movements. I used that often when I played with my puppets as a kid".

Ryugan looked at him "if you underestimate me, you'll die." kankuro smirked "I guess that'll be you" he untied the puppet from his back. it jumped to Ryugan's behind and the two hands caught him and imprisoned him in the puppet.

kankuro looked at Hinata "see, he's nothing much". but just then the puppet destroyed to pieces and he was out. and he intended his sword. the blade instantly changed its form into a dragon and he manipulating it freely just by standing there.

the dragon caught kankuro's head but a while later it turned to be the puppet. before he retracts the dragon. she hit him with Eight trigrams sixty-four palms and his sword fell from his hand first then he too fell down and fainted.

Sakura & Naruto vs Suiko

Naruto made shadow clones and started to attack him but just when he landed his punch, the shadow clone disappeared and the character containing it is absorbed. Naruto's eyes got widened "my chakra just got absorbed." Suiko laughed "haha, you brats won't ever able to defeat me. a pretty girl who does makeup and an idiot who wear orange clothes. I wonder how did they even made you shinobi. I guess the five great villages aren't that much great after all."

then he dashes towards them and attacked him with the mace. Naruto dodge. but Sakura caught it with the left hand. she looked furiously at him "what did you just call me. just a pretty girl with makeup?". she stretched her hand.poured chakra into it and smashed the mace. it got broken into pieces. he backed off a bit.

he looked at her "I guess you are not trash after all but". then she kicked him on his chest but he didn't even move an inch. after she dropped he kicked her and she was crashed into a tree and fell down. then be continued his sentence "no matter what, you won't be able to defeat me".

he went near her caught her neck and lifted her up and started to crush it. then suddenly he sensed something. he threw her and dodged. at the exact place where he put his hand earlier. he saw a sphere ball full of chakra. Naruto looked at Sakura who already lost her consciousness.

then he looked at Suiko. a red chakra started to came out of him and formed a cloak and two tails appeared in his back. his eyes became slit. Naruto dashed towards him and punched him. he got backed off a bit. "you want chakra right. then I'll give you so much that your armour will break." he started to continuously attack him. Suiko was amazed "this boy has too much amount of chakra. he looks just like that Gaara kid. don't tell me he's..." a few minutes later Naruto almost getting exhausting while Suiko is excited and Suiko punched him. Naruto crashed onto the ground and fainted. he picked up "seems like I picked up a gem". but just then something hit him and he started to cough blood. instinctively he clutches his chest and dropped to the ground dead. Kakashi who just ambushed him with Chidori looked cold "you think, you can harm my students and abduct them?. hmpf" then looked at both "but then again, they really got strong" he looked at the sky and said "Sensei, your son already started to control the nine tails power. you will be proud of him if you were here".

Hoki vs Gaara

he started to attack Gaara with his fire sword but Gaara's sand blocks the attack every time. then he raised his sword "summon Infinite armour" then the armour disappeared from Suiko's body flew away and appeared on Hoki. then "summon Garion sword, summon weakness-less soaring shortswords" then flew away and got attached to him. fused all of the tools together to create one weapon and floating orbs to allow flight and levitation.

"it's time for you to learn that you shinobi from the five villages can't compare to the weapons of our Takumi village."

he created a wind storm to attack Gaara. but just in time. gaara dodged it by drowning himself in the sand below him and emerged out after it passed him. "Garian tou" the blades extended and injured Gaara before the sand appeared as a shield.

he said "you have a monster inside you right. hurry up and use Shukaku's chakra". "kujaku Senpuu - peacock whirlwind". it hit Gaara and he fell down. he attacked him with various attacks. and Gaara shielded with Sand dome.

"damn, that one is impenetrable" then he saw Temari lying down there. he smirked "you can certainly shield my attacks. I wonder how that sister and yours will defend herself when she's not even conscious. "Garian tou" the three dragons flew out just when it's about to attack. a sand dome appeared and shielded her. he looked towards Gaara "now, that's admirable." he attacked him continuously. Gaara kept on evading the attacks and when he reached a certain spot suddenly a metal dome appeared and trapped him." now all preparations are complete".

Gaara asked "what is it that you actually want?" he replied "what we want is Shikoku's chakra. I've waited for a long time for this moment you know. before it gets completely closed Gaara closed one eye and one eye appeared on the ground outside of the dome. and. games started to absorbed from Gaara forcefully

Hoki made some signs and a coffin appeared. he got excited "Oh Seimei sama, I offer this body as a container for your great revival." his body disappeared. and the dead body I'm coffin started to glow and a person came out "after a hundred years, I have returned to become the village's ultimate weapon. then the weapon got attached to him just like it did for hoki".

he looked towards the metal dome. "so, that's how they did it. they used the power of Shukaku as a source for my revival". then he flew over it "Now, shukaku give me your power" he then started to absorbed the chakra " I can feel it. what amazing power". then suddenly it started to shake and the dome was completely destroyed.

now Gaara was turned into a partial shukaku looking at him very angry. they started fighting. a while later. Kankuro and Hinta reached. kankuro shouted "what the heck is happening here." he dashed towards Gaara shouting his name "Gaara, don't lose to it. come back to your senses".

Seimei looked over to kankuro "it's not your right kid. stay out of it" and a wind came and hit him. kankuro flew over and crashed to some rock. meanwhile, Hinata picked up Temari and took her a bit far from the battle.

and after a while Kakashi reached with Naruto and Sakura on each hand and dropped them near Hinata "watch over them" and he dashed towards Gaara.

Kankuro stood up and said "Gaara if you lose to that monster again. the villagers and the council who were just about to accept you will never accept you again. please wake up".

then Gaara began to be normal again. Seimei then looked at him "oh boy, previously you may have a chance to at least retreat. but too bad now..there's zero chance of you escaping. and I can see you are almost out of your chakra with your transformation gone".

Gaara then replied, "it's true I'm almost out of chakra and there's no sand here to control bit do you think I just inside when I was trapped inside that metal dome". then two to three big rocks flew down and got crashed to the ground and they all became sand.

he looked at Gaara "OK, then your final try.after I'll absorb you will have no achieve but to give up".

then Gaara raised his hand. amount of sand gathered in his palm "Saikou Zettai Hougeki, Shukaku no Houkou - Ultimate absolute attack: Shikoku's spear". and Gaara threw it.

it hit him right in the middle of his infinite armour, it broke the armour and pierced him. he furiously asked "Why? I don't understand". gaara replied, "someone who sees people nothing but weapons won't understand ever".

"what? I don't understand. How?". Gaara then put his hand on the ground which is full of sand "Sabaku Taisou- Desert Imperial Funeral". and his body got completely destroyed like he never existed.

a few days later at Konoha hospital.

naruto woke up by Jiraiya. they talked and decided he will be going for travelling with Jiraiya for the next two and a half years.

Meanwhile, at Senju clan compound Sasuke was training. I looked at the time. and said "it's almost time. Naruto will be going. don't want to send off?". he shook his head "it's not my style. I want to finish the training." then he looked at the sky " but then again, by the time he gets back, he'll be lot stronger right".


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