Transmigrated into Naruto World
65 Diran on a quest part 1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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65 Diran on a quest part 1

I nodded "don't worry about that. your training has just been started" Sasuke smiled and then asked, "but shishou, you still haven't told me why can't I still slice the rock into two with a swing."

I replied "I thought you might have already figured it out. well. if the mission really took two weeks to a month you probably might have realised it by now. well, I'll just reveal it to you".

he looked at me. I said "remove all of your weights and take Kusanagi sword out." he nodded and did as I told him. he asked "then, what's next" I replied, "there's no next, just swing it with full power".

then he looked at a rock which is a bit far from him. he raised his sword and swung it. it made an arc and completely sliced it vertically into two parts. his eyes widened. I smiled "surprised, aren't you? it's those weights and an ordinary sword was holding you back".

I pointed out one small mountain in the far. "only when you can slice that mountain into two. that is when you completely mastered the way of the sword." he was dumbfounded "master, you are expecting too much from me". I smiled "of course, I want my student to be the best. but you are still young anyway there's a whole lot of life ahead of you to master it".

he looked at me "Shishou, can you really slice that mountain?". I replied "of course, even your brother can also do it through Susanoo" he was shocked "what!! my brother can also do it?" he instantly became depressed "in the last mission, I realised Lee was stronger than me. and there's Naruto, Gaara. Shishou, tell me honestly, will I ever surpass my brother?".

I shook my head "do you know why your brother is strong?. it's not because he has more talent than you. it's because he trains or fights to protect his little brother. a person truly becomes strong only when he has someone or something that he wants to protect with his life."

"well, of course, you also need luck and other factors.anyway, what I want to say is you won't be able to surpass Itachi if all you think about surpassing him or others all the time. there's nothing good come out of those who always try to seek power. in simple terms, if you want to truly become strong, there's nothing greater than finding someone that you love" he thought for a while and asked, "I don't understand it completely". I replied "you'll understand eventually. anyway, the construction of the academy almost finished. so, I may not have time to instruct all the time. so we'll change the timings. and you'll self-practice when I'm busy".

2 years later

Wada Eizo is sparring with a boy of 15 years old. the boy is thoroughly getting beaten up, but his fighting spirit hasn't down the least, he has three tomoe Sharingan. Eizo smiled "you are starting to catch up kid." Sasuke looked at him seriously "hmpf, if my master allowed me to remove the weights and fight you, I wouldn't be at a disadvantage. but one day, I'll kick your ass" Eizo laughed "Hahaha, then I look forward to that day. I'm hungry let's go for lunch. my treat". sasuke smiled "sure".

while eating he sweatdropped "I still can't see what so good about tomatoes". then suddenly a messenger bird came and landed on his shoulder. he took the slip which got attached to its leg and read it. his face immediately got grim and sad. he sighed. Sasuke asked, "what happened?". he shook his head "nothing, I need to see Diran right now."

later while I was doing paperwork of academy. these two years not much have changed except that I and Hana are officially a couple for a year. Eizo came in. his face is that of sadness. I asked "what happened?" he gave me the message. I read it. I sighed "I guess we have to go now". he nodded.

then I called Sasuke "I'm going to land of iron for a couple of days". he asked, "shishou, anything happened?". I nodded "one of my sensei died". then in the evening while having dinner I said the same. she replied "Papa, I haven't seen the land of iron. I'm coming with you please". I smiled "of course, but on one condition," she asked "what is it". I said, "you will be a good girl and won't prank or disturb others there".

she puffed her cheeks "when I have ever been a bad girl. Miura is always a good girl".I pinched her cheeks "you have turned quite mischievous in the past 2 years. I shouldn't have let that those two brats near you. I should punish them for spoiling my you know how many complaints I hear daily because of you. poor Sasuke kun always solves it for you".

she replied in a high pitch "no way, Hanabi chan and Konohamaru didn't do anything. it's my idea to scare her". she covered her mouth "I mean, well you see". I patted her head "it's fine. we will leave early in the morning."

next day, I, Eizo and Miura started our journey to the land of iron. a few days later we reached the place. I met Yoritoki sensei who was mourning for his brother's loss.

he looked at me "it's been 11 years since I last you Diran. back then you were just a kid. now I look you becoming a fine man. I nodded then I asked "sensei, how did Kansuke sensei die?" he replied "it was a heart attack. he died in peace". next day, he asked me to come to his home alone. he gave me a book which has thousands of pages and said "before he died, he wanted to pass you this as you are our successor. take it. and wait a second." a minute later he returned and gave a rusty sword.

I looked at it and asked, "what are these?". he replied, "did you remember back then, you once asked about the history of your sword". I nodded. he said "this sword passed on to our family for generations. it is said that man gave one our ancestors this sword as a gift. neither my brother nor I have any children to pass it. so, I'm giving it to you".

I replied "but Eizo is also your disciple." he sighed "yeah, certainly he is. but this will be useful for you more than him. as you are the only one who can activate it. and I'll leave my fortune or whatever left to him.originally it wasn't supposed to be passed on until the owner died. but as you can see I'm already retiring and want to live rest of my days somewhere in peace"

then I asked "and this book?" he replied "oh this one isn't much useful. but it sure contains the history of all major clans, him and his swords. maybe you can collect the other three with its help"

I smiled "it's two sensei, I don't how but one was at our clan" he smiled "I knew it. you are destined to unite all 5 swords of him". I replied "they aren't all swords actually. if I'm right, this rusty sword original form must be something else. well, that's just a speculation. anyway. thank you sensei".

later we roamed the streets. Miura was excited looking here and there "Papa, this village looks way different from our village. you know I feel like the people here as well as those samurai seemed pretty much sincere and honest"

somehow I felt something wrong and asked her "Miu chan, did you just say you felt the villagers here are honest and sincere". she was puzzled "hmm? yeah. sometimes in our villages many people who talk with me. somehow I sensed their emotions like when someone felt crying or angry or telling lie being dishonest something like that".

I was stunned. I screamed at her "then why didn't you mentioned to me about it before". she was a bit surprised at my sudden outburst. when I saw some light tears welling up in her eyes". I hurriedly "ah, don't cry. papa is sorry OK. you can eat lots of ice cream today".

suddenly she got excited "really?" she hugged me "I knew papa is best".

I sighed "I'm really worried about her future".then I smiled and patted her head "Miu chan, don't ever tell anyone that you can sense other people emotions. not even your granny OK?" she nodded and then asked, "but I can only sense occasionally and also Hanabi chan know about it."

I replied "OK, I'll talk to Hyuga but promise me you won't mention it to anyone" she nodded while eating ice cream. I pinched her cheek "I knew my little Miu chan will agree whatever her papa says."

she blushed while rubbing her cheek "I'm not little anymore papa". I finished her sentence "yeah, I know you are 9 years old hahaha".

a day later, we told goodbye to Yoritoki sensei and departed towards Konoha. a few days later we reached Konoha. and our daily life went just like every day. then I developed a new hobby. whenever I had time. I used to read the old book. no one knows who wrote this book. but it looked very ancient and I saw several clan names which are older than Senju or Uchiha or even otsutsuki but got extinct in time.


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