Transmigrated into Naruto World
66 Diran on a quest part 2
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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66 Diran on a quest part 2

there's a piece of information recorded about the land of ancestors. and the great war between humans, beasts and demons which happened tens of thousands of years ago. well, it's not useful for me much. then I slowly turned the pages and looked at the information I need about the tools

After a month, I finally found it. It is stated that he doesn't actually belong to rikodou sennin's era. he's even before is said he used to guard the tree from demons or beasts or ancient clans who were attracted to it.

I murmured "is he sick or something. or maybe Kaguya killed him and consumed the fruit?. let's see". he used to carry five swords with him all the time. and whenever he fights, he clones himself into 5 people and each one carries a sword.

"Hmm? that looked like shadow clone jutsu but how does that even possible. there's no chakra concept at that time. or did he figured it how to use chakra by himself even before hagaromo born?. now, this is interesting."

originally the five swords history goes back to the great war. it is said a god helped humans by sending his sword in the great war against beasts and demons. but some human when he found a big sword of 10m. he broke it into five pieces. and made five great elemental swords which helped humans in winning the war.

"Hmm, wow this had some nice history. but how did this author know what happened thousands of years ago? anyway. if it's true then they should be linked to each other. I need to experiment with the three of them first. ok, let's continue"

no one knows why or when he disappeared. the people or clans who know about him slowly died out with time. and hundreds of years later, a saviour appeared. he saved the world from the ten tailed beast as well as released everyone from the red dotted moon. he later became the father of shinobi world most popularly knows as Sage of six paths.

I closed the book.

"OK, I found what I need". then later I went to training grounds 6 and I activated sage mode lv3 and tried to feel the rusty sword. it's suddenly vibrated glowed brightly and transformed into a bow. except that it's not a normal bow. it was covered with fire entirely. but I don't feel any heat from it.

"Oh, it looks more than the last two.but what about the arrow." I pulled the string and thought about the arrow. there's a fire arrow appeared between my fingers. I pulled the bowstring and released the arrow. it shot to the forest inside the grounds and fire started to spread and within few seconds entire forest engulfed in fire. .I was dumbfounded. then I hurriedly used water Justus to clear out the fire.

and I went to my home. next day Tsunade ordered all for a meeting and said "you might have already heard about it right. yesterday, in training ground 6, the forest in it has completely burned down. we don't know who did it. but I think someone deliberately wants to make trouble."

I interrupted "uh, can I say something?" she looked at me. I replied "it's actually me, there's this new jutsu I practised last night. it was a bit out of control. I destroyed the flames with water Justus but can't save the forest."

all looked at me. some are surprised & shocked and some looking at me like I'm some irresponsible kid.

" I apologize. I will make a new forest there if that's okay with everyone." Tsunade sighed "fine. the meeting is over. but Diran, be careful next time.

later I brought out all three of them and placed it at one place. "hmm, nothing is happening" then I made 2 shadow clones. I ordered them to take each one in their hand and we three activated the lv3 sage mode. then they all started to glow brightly.

for a few days after experimenting, I found out that each sword is linked to others when I'm in sage mode. it glows brightly even in a day whenever the other sword is around 10-mile radius provided that the other sword must not be with me. then I thought 'hmm, there's like 6 months till naruto returns and Shippuden starts if the timeline messed up and 1 year 6 months more for war'

'I need to make a decision right now. but what about Miura.' after a day full of thinking. I went first to search for Hana. after hearing my decision. she hugged me and we kissed for a while. she said, "don't worry about Hana, leave her to me."

then we both went to find Miura and picked her from the academy and after we reached home she asked seeing my tensed face. "what is it papa". "well, Miu chan the thing is that you know.." Hana slapped my back "c'mon just say it". Miura then said, "are you two getting married?" I replied "what!! no. it's not about that." then I said slowly "you see, Papa, has some urgent business to do"

she replied, "Papa, are you going somewhere?" I nodded. she replied "OK, I have no problem." my face suddenly became bright "really?". she nodded "It's OK, this time I won't force you to take me with you. I understand it. so, how many days will you leave for".

I replied, "it's not much, just around 6 months to a year". she screamed "What!!! I'm going to come with you" Hana was stunned thinking 'where is that maturity you just showed little girl'.

I folded my hands and shook my head "No". she asked, "why?". I replied, "you have to complete your graduation first and also you will stay with Hana till I return." "But papa". I replied seriously "No buts this time." her tears again dwelled up in her eyes. she said nothing. and went to her door and closed it.

I looked at Hana "you go, I'll talk with her alone"

later I tried to convince her. after convincing for a lot of time. she finally got convinced. I left her at the inuzuka compound. later I informed Sasuke about it "Sasuke kun, this one year you'll fight all kinds of opponents. it's time to experience outside world."

after saying goodbye to Hana, Miura and the three tails and everyone I know, I and Sasuke started our journey to find the last two elemental swords


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