Transmigrated into Naruto World
67 Naruto returns
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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67 Naruto returns

6months later

A boy who's around 16 -17 years old wearing a grey zippered, high-collared, short-sleeved shirt and blue wrist warmers and dark blue pants having Kusanagi sword in his hands and three tomoe Sharingan in his eyes sparring a boy of around 17-18 years skin, vivid green eyes, angular facial features, two scarlet dots on his forehead which all the members of his clan possessed wore a traditional Oto-nin ensemble and in his hand there's a bone in the shape of a sword.

suddenly a crystal wall appeared between them, they were forced to move back. then a kunoichi around 25 years who has fair skin, dark eyes and light blue hair which she keeps in a spiky ponytail with long strands of hair framing her face"Sasuke kun, Kimimaro kun. Diran sama is calling for you two".

Sasuke looked at her "can't you just say it normally?" she looked at him put a finger on the chin "hmm, actually didn't think that far. Diran sama only told me to stop you guys and forward his message". then she started to go back

Sasuke cursed in his mind "it's my fault. I shouldn't have given the idea to shishou to bring these guys with us". she turned and looked at him and shouted from a bit far "what are you thinking about.c'mon".

after a while near a lake in a wooden house, researching Uzumaki scrolls which I have. three of them came in, "Diran sama, I brought them" I nodded "thanks Guren, uh can you go and help out Karin with cooking please." she smiled "of course Diran sama". then I looked at kimimaro and said

"Kimimaro kun, can you go and stay with Jugo for a while" he got worried instantly "did something happened Diran sama?". I shook my head "uh, just like every day I tried to train him in controlling his power, but too bad it failed and he lost his control.i had to knock him out. stay with him for now. you are the only friend he has after all."

he sighed "I know Diran sama". then I asked "how is your health these days?" he smiled "well, at least it's not getting worse" I replied "that's why I said just go to Konoha. you can be treated there". he shook his head "I apologize Diran sama, I owe my life to Sasuke sama. I can't leave him."

Sasuke tapped his forehead "how many times I told you. you don't owe me anything." I waved his hand "it's OK, I already sent your reports to Konoha last week. they'll send something temporarily." he bowed and thanked me and he left.

then, I looked at Sasuke "say Sasuke kun, you wish to spar with me?". he was taken back "Shishou?" I asked "you don't want to?" then he hurriedly waved his hand "what!! no way I will pass up this chance".

later, we six people sat together. I looked at jugo "are you okay now?" he nodded. then I asked, "you cooked Tomato curry again?". Sasuke got excited "Karin chan, you are the best". she looked down and blushed.

while eating, Guren was non stop talking about this and that. I sighed and shook my head ate my lunch in silence.

an hour later, he stretched his legs. I said "ok, first, all of you fall back a bit. Sasuke kun, remove the seal and come at me with full force".

he nodded and made a sign "release". and jumped lightly but he was already in air few metres high and jumped down "wow, I feel..." then he clenched the sword. he looked at me "shishou I'm ready. summon your sword". I made a wood sword "I think I will use this".

his face became serious "are you mocking me shishou?. that wooden sword won't stand a chance" I smiled "then make me summon my sword".

he dashed forward with full speed. the remaining four were shocked. I blocked it quite easily. then after a few clashes. I made a disappointed face "and I made a swing he flew away and got crashed into a tree and fell down. "Sasuke kun, if this is all you have. then you won't surpass Itachi in any time soon".

he stood up "Shishou, I think I've already mentioned once. I no longer want to surpass my brother. I have confidence that I'll surpass him sooner or later".

he raised his sword and poured lightning chakra into it and swung it towards me "arc of lightning" a huge size arc-shaped cutting through the wind with lightning passing all over its edge came towards me. I blocked it with the wooden sword but it couldn't stop it and it got broke into half and I dodged the attack.

I was surprised for a few seconds and so were those four who became completely statue. I threw the broken sword aside and laughed out loudly. Sasuke looked at me confused.

I raised my hand "you have achieved the way of the sword. you have completed the training." he looked at me "shishou, what do you mean by that. it simply wooden sword that I sliced." I shook my head "just look at the hill behind me." only then, he looked at it widened his eyes. there's a hill at least 80-100m height which is sliced into two parts vertically and all the trees which were in the path were completely destroyed and rocks were broken into pieces.

he looked at his sword and his hands "I've become this much stronger?". then he looked at me "but still shishou, you promised me you'll fight with your sword if I cut the wooden sword."

I laughed "hahaha, yeah I said that. but you didn't have much chakra left. we can continue after you recovered."

I snapped my fingers then suddenly the whole area which was affected or destroyed earlier became full with trees. all became awed by my performance. Guren exclaimed, "Diran sama is awesome."

then I clapped to wake up Sasuke from the daze. I said "ok, now you are officially a kenjutsu master. you are free to leave now. so I'm giving you two choices. you can go back to Konoha to your team. and can train under Kakashi or your brother whoever you want or you can tag along with me in my journey."

Sasuke stayed silent thought for a while and replied: "I'll follow you Shishou wherever you go".

I smiled "that's a good choice. let us depart to Sunagakure. something is going to happen very soon and this time you'll get a worthy opponent for you to fight".

Meanwhile in Konoha

an old Man and young boy of around 16 years with yellow blond spiky with blue eyes and orange outfit went inside the gate. the laid back gatekeepers woke up and looked at each other "isn't that..."

Sakura who just came out of hospital met konohamaru on the way and they walked together. Konohamaru said "isn't it time for Naruto Niisan to return" she replied "yeah". then some people started to murmur and going in a direction. she stopped one villager and asked "where are all of you going?" he replied "didn't you heard the news. Naruto-san returned to the village"

Sakura and konohamaru looked at each other and followed the group. then someone talked to someone "we didn't know it back then that Naruto saved us from that sand monster." and other one replied "yeah, I wonder why Hokage sama didn't reveal it until he left the village with Jiraiya sama". "anyway, we at least need to welcome him and thank him as well as apologize to him. if he's really a demon he wouldn't risk his life to save the village right".

"yeah. you are right".

one villager pointed his finger "he's over there". Naruto climbed a pole stretched his arms wide. breath the air shouted "Konohagakure, Uzumaki Naruto returned". few people who are standing down cheered. he suddenly looked down and jumped. many people expressed their thanks and some gave him some gifts. and after everyone dispersed he said to himself "did the village missed me that much?"

then a voice came from the back "they are thanking you for your service during Orochimaru's attack." he turned back and smiled "it's been a while Sakura-chan, konohamaru kun". she smiled then looked at him carefully "you became taller". he grinned "hmm, now that mention it. yeah, I guess".

later, they went to Hokage's office met Tsunade and Kakashi and later met Shikamaru and Temari. he looked at them and asked "are you two dating?" they blushed and said "No" he pinched his chin "hmm, suspicious". Shikamaru then said, "she was sent here on an important business on behalf of Sunagakure".

Naruto interrupted him "Wait, why does Sand send her as an envoy?". Shikamaru replied, "she's a jonin". "What!!!". "except you, every one of our 12 became chunin you know". Naruto got shocked and looked at Sakura "does that mean". she showed a victory sign "I'm also a Chunin". Shikamaru then continued "Temari here, her brother kankuro and Neji are jonin". Naruto then asked, "what about Gaara and Sasuke". Shikamaru replied, "Sasuke is still a Chunin while Gaara is..."


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