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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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69 Infernus

a few minutes ago

inside the barrier, there's a huge statue absorbing Shukaku from Gaara and on its ten fingers, there are ten people, of them only two seems to be real and rest of all look like projections.

after it is completely absorbed, one person who has a Sharingan in one eye and rinnegan in another eye spoke "now, it's finished." just then a plant-like creature, it's a voice is trembling "we have company". Deidara spoke, "who is it". it replied "there are around 14 people." he smirked, "wow, it seems sand really placed his search as highest priority".

it replied, "No, there's only Chiyo from sand and rest of all from Konoha". the leader asked, "oh, anyone that is notable?". it replied "there's Kakashi of Sharingan, Kyuubi's jinchuuriki, Itachi Uchiha's brother, Guren who is an Orochimaru's subordinate, the rest I don't recognize. but"

the leader replied "the five sealing barriers will make at least four of them busy. even though they aren't strong we shouldn't underestimate Kakashi. but it's no big deal if you two want to escape, no matter how many people, it's useless. but still, they are too late anyway"

Deidara smirked "you really worry about a lot. let them come, I'll show them my art". then Zetsu replied "you can't win this battle Deidara, Sasori" then his voice started to tremble "because in the group there is him". the leader frowned "him?". Zetsu replied "the one from 11 years ago. I advise you to don't go near him. attack him from far. there's this strange jutsu of his which will suck your life force out of you".

Deidara then asked "I'll take care of him. by the way, how can I spot Kyuubi's jinchuuriki?". before disappearing Zetsu replied "the one with the orange outfit".*boom* the barrier exploded and all of them including the statue disappeared.

while Sasori looking at the entrance, Deidara is comfortably sitting on Gaara's corpse. Sakura, Naruto Chiyo, Tenten, and Kakashi went inside. while I was standing outside and giving instructions "ok, those two inside are very dangerous. so, I'm not letting you guys fight them but you can help out the other four Konoha shinobi who are fighting their own mirror."

Chiyo looked at Sasori. and Naruto looked at Deidara a bit furious "you f*****g b*****d"

Deidara looked at him "Kyuubi's jinchuuriki eh?". Naruto shouted "Gaara!! why are sleeping over there? get up goddamnit." I sighed "Naruto, jinchuuriki who's bijuu were extracted from them will die".

Deidara smirked "don't worry. you will join him soon". Naruto unable to control himself dashed forward to punch him but Deidara made a bird who picked Gaara's body by its mouth. he jumped on it and dodged it.

after instructing them, just I was about to go in, I saw him coming out flying. he passed me mad flew higher and Naruto, Kakashi also came out. Kakashi said "we'll take care of that fleeing one. can you help them to take care of another one who's inside"?

I nodded and went in. I saw that battle has already been started. I folded my hands and starting to watch from the side. while they were battling Chiyo saw me and asked: "aren't you Konoha Shinobi, why aren't you helping them out". I smiled "I just want to see what her limits are. don't worry I will protect those two when it's time."

she snorted and concentrated on her own battle. a while later, he revealed is original form under the puppet. Chiyo was shocked "how come you haven't aged one bit". I replied for him "still didn't understand?. he made himself into a living puppet."

only then, he realized I was here the whole time. he frowned upon seeing me and thought 'there's something wrong with that guy'. then he brings out third Kazekage puppet. Chiyo was shocked. "that explains why third Kazekage's body was never found". Sakura was shocked "that was Kazekage?, the one who said to be the strongest Kazekage?".

Chiyo nodded. after a while, he made an iron sand pyramid and attacked Chiyo. Sakura for a while with her strength did stop it but eventually, she got a bit tired. and Tenten who got an opening attacked him but just in time Sasori dodged and made iron sand pyramid her way.

then I made a move and appeared before her. from the ground, two mokuton hands came up just when it was about to hit me and caught it. I raised my hand and made a fist and the wooden hands crushed it into powder and it fell down. I said "well, playtime over. it's time to settle my debt with you". he frowned "who are you?".

I replied "who am I isn't important and it's no use to you since you are about to die anyway." while I was talking, Sakura didn't stand like a statue. she took advantage of that fraction of second when he looked towards me. she dashed forward and punched third Kazekage puppet. it got broken into pieces.

he became furious "you".

then Chiyo summoned 10 puppets. Sasori laughed "finally you brought out those puppets. I've heard rumours about it when I was a child. it seems true that you can control 10 puppets at the same time."

"but anyway, I'll show you even more amazing," he then threw a scroll on the ground and any puppets are summoned then he removed his upper part clothing and at right chest, he removed a part and chakra threads started to go out and attached to each puppet.

he smirked, "I used these 100 puppets to occupy a nation".

I dashed and stood in front of them. "both of you stand down. I need to settle my score with him." he laughed "score? you are probably one of victims family who died in my hands. but anyway still you are that much eager, I'll first kill you. go".

all hundred puppets started to move towards me then I activated the lv3 sage mode and raised my sword "infernus". the sword which was in my hand turned into a fire bow.

he frowned "what kind of bow was it". I pulled the bowstring, a fire chakra arrow appeared and I shoot it towards the puppets. while in the air, suddenly a hundred arrows appeared and struck each of them and they got burned completely and turned into powder.

he was dumbstruck for a second but soon, he turned angry just then, two puppets appeared either on his side and both stabbed right through his chest where there's some sort of white material with a seal on it. and he was collapsed and died. I was surprised and looked at Chiyo.

she replied "I don't know what kind of grudge you have on him but considering you didn't step up from the start I guess it's not personal revenge. and also no matter how much evil is he, he is my grandson who I love after all. so, I don't want someone else killing my grandson in front of me. it's my fault he turned out like this after all"

I sighed and waved my hand "well, he got killed by his own grandmother, I got my just justice so no worries over there." I deactivated my sage mode and it changed back to the sword. I disappeared from there and followed Naruto and Kakashi who were pursuing Deidara.

I reached the place where I send them and saw Naruto crying for Gaara. and slowly cloak started to form eventually his skin started to shred and he slowly transformed into a four-tailed beast. he roared. kakashi then hurriedly went behind and just as he was about to apply the seal on Naruto. he punched Kakashi.

kakashi got crashed to a tree and he stood up groaning. then upon seeing me arriving, his eyes lit up. "Diran san, subdued him, please. I need to apply this seal on this neck to turn him back."

then I waved my hand two trees erupted and it branches captured the four tailed Naruto. he struggled and a new tail appeared and he broke the branches and dashed towards me to attack.

I narrowed my eyes "Kakashi step back, I'll take care of it". I activated the sage mode and just he was about to hit me, I dodged it with ease and I punch him in the stomach. he flew away and got crashed into some rock and fell down.

just when he was about to get up, I appeared beside him and punched him down a bit very hard. and then just when a sixth tail was about to form. I transformed my hands into the wood. stretched them like branches and tightly captured him and shouted: "Kakashi, now". he hurriedly came and put the seal on him. slowly tails disappeared one by one and a Kakashi picked up unconscious Naruto while I picked up dead Gaara.


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