Transmigrated into Naruto World
70 three tails abduction
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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70 three tails abduction

afterwards, except Sasuke, all finished their battles and reached us. slowly Naruto woke up and see Gaara. he touched him and shouted at us "why does everyone treat us like weapons. why does everyone avoid us like plague." he roared "why? we are also humans, we have emotions. who gave the right to you guys implant those tailed beats in us and treat us like that."

then Chiyo sighed and reached Gaara's body. she sat beside him "you suffer because of the world which was created by old people like us." she smiled "I never saw a person like you who cry for a person this much who's not even from your village moreover belong to a village which used to be your enemy. I'll bring Gaara back to life".

how widened "can you do that?". she nodded and put her hands on Gaara's chest. after a while, Gaara opened his eyes and Chiyo fell down. before she fell on the ground, I caught her and slowly put her down. Naruto then worriedly asked, "what happened to her?" I replied, "she paid the price for reviving Gaara".

Gaara stood up with Naruto's help and later all reached to Sunagakure while I went back to Sasuke. after I reached there. I saw Sasuke who's full of blood slowly recovering by biting Karin's hand".

after he recovered he stood up and bowed "than you Shishou". I waved my hand "So, any progress?". he smiled "yeah, I found a lot of mistakes I have been neglecting before. I really hope I would fight the mirror of myself for training. I smiled "you'll get your chance in the future."

"ok, go and meet your friends. we'll be on our way after a few hours." then, Sasuke met others, they have asked him a ton of questions he didn't reply much. then Sakura asked, "when you will be returned to the village?" Sasuke replied "well, my training has been completed. but I have decided to follow my Shishou. so, I can't say how long it will take. maybe another 6months or a year."

later team Kakashi and team Gai returned to the village while we start to wander the desert.

3 months later, Sasuke is panting "Shishou, I don't know why we are wandering in this desert for 3months." I replied, "my guts told me I'll get what I want here in somewhere in the desert".

during this time, we heard the news about how Naruto created a new S-rank jutsu and defeated Kakuzu. and how Shikamaru avenged his Sensei Asuma's death by killing Hidan, an immortal of Akatsuki.

Sasuke smiled upon hearing that "it seems Naruto is really working hard." then suddenly infernus started to glow. I got excited and started to laugh upon seeing it. Sasuke and others are clueless 'why is Diran sama suddenly turned weird'. then started walking towards a direction.

it started to glow brightly even in the day more for every footstep I make.then suddenly, the ground below started to shake. I shouted "everyone dodge". all jumped to the side. a desert centipede burst out of sand below us and it started to look at us. it's at least 20-30m big.

Guren screamed, "I didn't know centipedes were this big".

I replied, "oh please, ever saw Orochimaru's summon Manda's size?". the I looked towards Sasuke "take care of it".

he made a sign "release". then raised Kusanagi passed lightning chakra through it. jumped high and swung at it horizontally. well, the result is expected, it was cut into two. he snorted "hmpf, just a trash creature". a while later we found a cave. we went inside it and found lots of skeletons lying on the ground. some don't have limbs while some don't have skulls. and there are lots of swords in the midst.

Guren wondered "what happened here". I replied "probably shinobi from some war and died because of no food or water and lost in the desert I guess"

then I went towards a skeleton which is sitting alone and has a rusty sword in its hands. I took it from him and gripped it "I got the fourth one. now only last sword need to be found"

one month later, while we are on the way to Namnen, the capital city of wind country. I suddenly sensed my contact with Isobu suddenly cut off. I suddenly got panicked "Miura?" I turned around "Sasuke and the rest go to Nanmen and rest there. I have to go to Konoha urgently".

Sasuke then was just about to reply. I mumbled "release". I activated the lv3 sage mode and dashed towards Konoha. for a whole day, I ran non stop with my full speed. I didn't even stop. if only I have a map I would reach Konoha within few hours by going through the hanguri gulf but alas I didn't have any map with me so, I had to run all the way through the desert.

Konoha, while Tsunade is on paperwork, suddenly the door opened a shinobi came and kneeled "I apologize for Hokage sama, but it's emergency." she frowned "what is it?". he replied "something is coming towards Konoha at an extreme speed. we don't think its will hit Konoha in less than 5minutes.

we don't have any information other than that all the trees rocks or whatever it is getting destroyed in its path.

she issued emergency and within 3-4 minutes all Anbu became alert and stood at outside of the gate. Tsunade arrived and stood there and asked "how much time more" some Anbu replied, "in just a minute". she shouted "we don't know who the enemy or what is it. Earth users all of you make a wall first."

a few seconds later a big wall of few dozens of metres erupted. I sensed it and got confused "what are they doing?. are they blocking me to enter the village?. argh, I don't care." then I climbed the wall to the top and made my way to Senju clan compound.

"Hokage sama, it's already in the village". she got panicked. after I entered the village I sensed Miura's chakra and went into that direction. I suddenly stopped and appeared before her. she screamed "kyaa" then her eyes widened "Papa, is that you?". I dashed forward and hugged her tightly stroked her hair "Miu chan, you are alright". then I looked at her "are you hurt anywhere?". "Papa, what happened to you, I'm fine. but why did you look like that?".

I sat down and started to take long breaths. she asked me worriedly "Papa, you don't look alright. there are some weird markings all over your body. did you got sick?"

I deactivated my sage mode "its nothing Miu chan, where is Isobu?" then she replied "I don't know, when I was training, suddenly a man appeared his left eyes are same weird eye as Sasuke Niisan and right eye is even weirder then I fainted after that Isobu disappeared. I told Baachan but she said there's no man like that and I was probably dreaming and told that papa probably summoned him".

then I clenched my fists and thought 'i won't pursue you now since you didn't harm my daughter or else I will flip the entire shinobi world if I have to find you and destroy you and your Akatsuki. but you will pay the price for your actions Obito'

meanwhile, Tsunade is still standing there dumbfounded after hearing that it disappeared and probably passed through the village but was shocked after I met her later and told that it was me.

then I said to Miura "Miu chan, If you want, you can come with me." she got excited bit instantly got depressed "but papa, next month is graduation can't we wait one more month".

I shook my head "no, we don't have that much time. Tsunade or Eizo or Hana they have their own duties and I can't ask them to protect you all the time. and I can't place my trust in anbu. you can take early graduation. I'll talk to Tsunade about it".

then the next day, I met Tsunade and said my decision regarding Miura's early graduation. just when she was about to oppose. I said coldly "you can't protect my daughter. just a away go, Three tails have been taken by the enemy and you even denied about the existence of him to my daughter."

she shook her head "no one has one Sharingan and one rinnegan". I replied, "that rinnegan belongs to Nagato sensei". she stood up "what!!! when did that happen".I replied "you should ask my sensei about that. anyway, if my guess is right, they would have already captured two tails before. and maybe four tails also. Naruto is quite weak as of now. he can't even control above three tail cloak. they'll come after Naruto sooner or later. since he has frog summons, I recommend Jiraya to take him to Mt. Myoboku and teach him Senjutsu."

she thought for a while and asked: "what do you think Akatsuki's goal is". I replied "according to historical records. there was once a single life form jubi. rikodou sennin divided it into nine bijuu. I think they were trying to resurrect jubi in someway by collecting all of them. if that's true then soon, a shinobi war will erupt. all you can do is to be prepared for it."

elsewhere white Zetsu and masked man were talking "you did a good thing to leave her unharmed and took only Three tails under your control."

he snorted "hmpf, I know when to back out. I know he is dangerous to our plan but I also know we can't deal with him now. there's only one person who can deal with that Senju. after I resurrect him, the world will be in our control and he will be the first sacrifice for our mission".

then black Zetsu appeared and reattached to white Zetsu and spoke grimly "his body is gone". masked man got enraged "What!!! how is that possible?. who dared to steal the body. Zetsu, search everywhere you can. you need to find his body now. Meanwhile, send those two to capture Kyuubi jinchuuriki. zetsu replied "uh, they went to capture six tails." he looked at Zetsu for a while "ok, send them after we extract six tails them. meanwhile, send Kisame and shun to capture eight tails. I'll take care of seven tails.


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