Transmigrated into Naruto World
71 Youngest Sage
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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71 Youngest Sage

Later, I send a message to Sasuke and others who were waiting for me at Nanmen. I and Miura started our journey to the land of the wolf. actually, there's no particular reason to choose that country. it's just I never set my foot on the land beyond Kaizoku sea before. well, Miura said she wanted to see Mei on the way so, we decided to stop by Kiri and stay there for a couple to days.

after a week, we reached Kiri. Mei was very happy upon seeing us but was quickly disappointed after I told her we would only stay for a couple of days.

later, I told her about Isobu and Shukaku's disappearance "you may or may not believe my words but I think within a year fourth Shinobi war will erupt. Akatsuki will wage war on the great five villages. so, I hope you will focus on improving your military within this time and don't send your shinobi too far away from the village for missions."

she frowned and thought for a while "I believe you but as you can see, after our alliance with Konoha, our economic conditions slowly improved but if I suddenly started to focus our budget on this..."

I interrupted her "my bank will fund you". then she replied, "but we are already in 100 million debt". I smiled "it's fine. what are friends for when they won't help in need". she whispered "thank-you".

we stayed for 3 days, and we left for the land of the wolf in our ship. well, if it's only me I would have just run on the sea. it's faster that way would only take a few hours. but as Miura with me, I have to travel in this slow ship and also because the wind is in an unfavourable direction, it took a long time to reach the land.

Meanwhile in the city of Nanmen

Sasuke is sparring with Guren, Kimimaro and Jugo. even though it's 3vs1, Sasuke isn't in disadvantage at all.then suddenly an eagle landed on Karin's shoulder. she took the letter which was tied to its leg and read. her expression wasn't good at all while reading.

she stopped them and said "Sasuke kun, a letter from Diran sama". he asked "it's been 10 days since he left us here. now we got a message. it seems it wasn't good news."

she replied "Diran sama wrote that he will be going on a journey with his daughter alone to train her. he also ordered us to return Konoha for kimimaro's treatment. and in his absence, you will be responsible for four of us."

he cursed inside 'Damn you shishou, you dumped them on me, didn't you. hmpf, what training?. Miura is only 10 years old and she's only a medical-nin. you probably just ran off and took her with you for a vacation. did you think I forgot that you once mentioned you want to go for vacation'?

a week later, Sasuke and four of them reached Konoha and reported to Hokage. she smiled "Welcome to Konoha, Diran has mentioned about everything about you guys. so, no need to worry. but for the sake of the village, you will be monitored by anbu till I deemed you aren't dangerous to the village anyway especially you."

she looked at jugo. while jugo was pretty much a berserker during a battle but during normal times he was a bit timid. Kimimaro stood in front of him "he's my responsibility". then Sasuke said, "and they are all my responsibility".

She nodded and looked at kimimaro "you are the Kaguya clan kid right. I saw your reports a while ago and we have prepared a temporary solution which will only cure it for a short time. Shizune brings it".

then Shizune went outside and came with a box full of some kind of pills. Tsunade gave to him "Originally we're supposed to send it to you but since you are here. just use for now and also it would better if you don't spar for quite a while and go to the hospital for a checkup every week."

he shook his head "Diran sama and Sasuke sama gave me a new life. right now my existence is only for sparring Sasuke sama and helping him get stronger." Sasuke frowned "then, think it as my order that you will do as Hokage sama says."

he bowed "as you wish Sasuke sama". then she looked at Sasuke "OK, then what will do you do now, will you get back to your previous team and do missions?". he looked at her "is this an order?" she shook her head "No".

he replied "then, no thanks. after kimimaro's treatment is completed, I wish to venture to different nations and understand the shinobi world."

She nodded "OK, permission granted. but I hope you will be in connect with us and report me from time to time." he nodded. later he took all of them to his apartment and introduce them to Itachi.

Itachi upon seeing his brother's attitude was surprised and asked him "Say Sasuke kun, I want to see how much stronger you have gotten in this past 3 years. I actually wanted to test you when you are in the village but we never had time for that. maybe you have surpassed me"

Sasuke smiled "Itachi Nii, I no longer cared about anymore. all I want to get stronger than yesterday me. but still, I also want to know whether I can make you fight with your full strength"

A month later, Sasuke and his team departed from Konoha to God knows where. and Itachi sends them off with smiling "Diran kun, thank-you for making me see my otouto in a different light. thank you for igniting my hope again for my Uchiha clan." he looked towards a direction. far away from Konoha in that direction, there is now nothing at some place where there used to be a big mountain and a small forest there a while ago.

Meanwhile, in the land of wolf

in some countryside, near a small lake. I was fishing peacefully while keeping my sage mode on and observing Miura's progress. a few hours later, in the middle of the lake, there's a wooden pole of hundreds of metres if include depth. and she was meditating peacefully on it and absorbing natural energy around her. while it's not concentrated her but still for her size it's more than enough then a black round marking appeared her eyes and she opened her eyes.

at the same time in Mt.Myoboku, Naruto after training so much hard for the past month finally attained Sage mode. Fukasaku, an elder toad laughed "Naruto-chan, you finally did it. I guess for the 16-17-year-old kid, you might be the youngest sage in history.

at the same time, I laughed and hugged Miura lifted her up and spun "hahaha, my daughter became the Sage in the age of 10, maybe the youngest Sage ever." she blushed "Papa, put me down, it's embarrassing".

I put her down when I said "OK since you are Sage now. try to maintain it and control it at your will. don't worry. it might be a little hard for you now. slowly it will get easier and also we should also see how Sage mode will affect your Iryo ninjutsu."

for some days, we camped out in wild so, naturally, we encountered a pack of wolves. it's good that they sensed my strength and went on their way. the leader was a big silver wolf of 2-metre height and 3-metre length. later, we met them again a couple of times during the evening. we gave them some meat. and later it brought some rabbits and other animals it hunted and gave it to us as thanks.

well, just like its name, the land is full of wolves in the forests. it used to be I'm control of lightning country Daimyo for whatever reasons, he abandoned this land.

later after the third shinobi war, a hidden village has been built by natives or immigrants probably. we went inside the village, we didn't stay much longer as the villagers there seems to a bit not welcoming towards outsiders. while we're travelling, we found a pack of wolves dead. there's all blood flowing over and there are three weird beats that I don't recognise the species surrounded a wounded Wolf struggling while those three creatures are biting it.

Miura screamed "papa, save it pls". in an instant I killed those three. then brought Miura near the wolf. she started healing it. I sighed and shook my head as I can clearly see it's life force slowly slipping out. "Miu chan, there's no use. it's already dying. we can't do anything. it's too late".

she screamed "No, I refuse to give up" then she activated save mode without knowing and when she tried again, I widened my eyes in surprise, the wolf's drastic injuries began to heal up pretty much fast and soon all of them disappeared and Miura fell down and fainted.

I picked her up "Miu chan" and checked her conditions. "phew, she just got fainted due to chakra depletion". then a few seconds later, the wolf stood up and looked at me. I said to it "I don't know whether you understand my words or not but she was the one who saved you".

it seemed to be a bit intelligent one. as it instantly looked at her and looked at me with concern in its eyes. I patted it "don't worry. She's fine"

next day, she woke up weakly "papa". I smiled at her "good morning Miu chan". she asked me "what happened to it". I pointed my finger to her right. the wolf just slept outside her tent. she said weakly "I'm hungry".

after we ate breakfast and started to move, the wolf started to follow us. after a while, I turned around "how long will you follow us. go back to your family" then I instantly closed my mouth remembering last night all of its pack got killed.

I signed "Miu chan, what do you think about it?". "what do you mean by that papa?"."I mean, it seems to want to follow us all along the way. do you want to sign a contract as it's summoner?". She got excited "really?".

I nodded and looked at the silver wolf "do you want to be a summon for her?. you can protect her whenever she's in danger".

it howled. I took it as a yes and I took out a plain to summon contract and made both of them sign with blood. then I said to Miura "name it Miu chan". she hugged it and said, "Raiga, your name will be Raiga from now onwards". it howled in response. Miura giggled "you liked it?. good". I clapped "now, let's go".

Meanwhile, two unknown figures dragging a guy of around 26 years like a corpse although he seemed to be alive. they both wore Akatsuki robes and hat. later, after Six tails were absorbed from him. Zetsu told them their next mission. one of them laughed sinisterly "oh Konoha!!! and he's Minato's son? hahaha, I didn't think I would get a chance to take my revenge in this lifetime. I really have to thank the leader for giving me this mission."

then his eyes turned cold "Minato Namikaze, you killed my father. in return, I'll kill your son and slaughter everyone who intervenes. too bad you aren't alive to see it.


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