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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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72 Royal Honey

few weeks later I, Miura and Raiga(wolf) reached Aires, the capital city of the land of Honey. just by its name anyone can guess it's the largest producer of honey in the world and we can see some people flying in the sky at low to mid-altitude on bees which are like 2m big . I don't think a summoning contract existed in this backward village. so, I guess they treat it as pets.

it used to be a colony of Mist country but since Mist got weak over time they had to abandon this land and also it's quite an inhabitable place for humans except for some towns and small villages.

there used to be many types of exotic beasts existed here just like inland of wolf but due to forests occupied by some carnivorous bees. eventually, they got killed and existed.

Aries is a small City but a peaceful and wonderful place. the people are very welcoming to foreigners like us unlike in the land of a wolf.

seeing a big silver wolf, some citizens got scared but it's fine as many of them are ok with it. we eventually made it into a high-class restaurant which has a private dining room especially foreigners like us who have big beasts with us.

we sat down and saw the menu. I wanted to try some specialities. so, I called the waitress who was beside me and looking at me and stood there like a statue. Miura giggled.

I waved my hands in front of her face. she woke up "ah, yes. May I know what is your order?". I sighed "can you tell me which dishes are recommended."

she replied "HoneyBaked Ham Chicken salad sandwich is the speciality here. well, it isn't the dish that's best but the honey makes it absolutely delicious".

I nodded "ok, two servings please". she asked "anything else?". then I ordered some other normal ones which we were familiar with. of course, I mentioned them not to put honey into it as she said they will normally add honey to all of their items.

after the food being served. and we ate a full course, it cost me a heavy bill as Raiga is a heavy eater. I was very satisfied with it especially that Honey. it contains some magic. I asked the manager while paying the bill "what kind of honey is it. it's absolutely different than a normal one."

he replied "that's Royal Honey which was produced in the depths of more than 5000 metres in Eri cave. I asked "can you sell it for me. I can buy it". he shook his head "I'm sorry, but we don't have that much honey left to sell. and there are a lot of customers who order the dish. not to mention, it's very hard to extract honey from there. usually, we hire shinobi from Kirigakure for it."

I nodded "it's ok, no problem. but if I can get it for you. can you purify the raw honey for me." he smiled "sure, but raw honey is tastier and gives more benefits". I replied "I don't like raw honey. I like it this way". he replied "ok, but I have to warn you, the honey bees down there are really dangerous. especially Queen Bee. in the past three jonin went there but only one returned from the Mission"

then we moved towards that cave. there are number people at the entrance who are extracting honey. Miura was amazed "wow, so, this whole cave is full of honeycombs". I made a wood clone and ordered him to go down and collect the honey.

Miura asked me"aren't we going down?" I shook my head "why waste our time when a clone can do the job. let's just go and roam this city. this place is packed".she sat on Raiga and we started to roam the city.

Clone P.O.V

meanwhile, as I was ordered to collect honey by the main body. I ventured deep into the cave. at some 500-1000 metres, I faced some different types of mutated Bees here. we have a monkey face and others have a different type of animal face. each one is at least a 1m height. it's weak. but the problem isn't the size of it. it's the number. there are like dozens of it. they came near me. I thought they were going to attack me and I was ready to attack them but they went their own way ignoring me.

after a few hundred metres. I saw a team of four. three are kids and one is a middle-aged man. they looked like they were from Kiri. they three are fighting some Bees which are half a dozen in number.

initially, I want to help them as they are also allies of Leaf but after seeing the jonin who's just observing them I thought 'he's training them probably'.

I ignored them and went further down to complete my mission. on the way, I saw some carnivore Bees which are eating human flesh. I saw dead bodies near it. one of it saw me and started to fly towards me. I put my hand together and interlocked my fingers

"Mokuton: Yanagi"

wood beams erupted from the ground and reach high into the sky. They spread out and turn back down, crashed down on those beams completely crushing them all.

then, I made my way deeper and after fighting some other Bees on the way which are a bit quite weak for me at least. soon, I reached 5000 meters deep. I don't know who set up lights all the way down here. I should thank him or else it would have been very hard considering the path isn't what you call smooth.

then l saw up. a honeycomb was hanging across the ceiling which is like some dozen metres height. the size of it is not we call big but it isn't also small. but the most spectacular thing is it's glowing. I'm not sure whether it's because of lights or its original colour but it sure looked beautiful.

but suddenly I faced a problem. I don't know how to extract the honey from it. so, I jumped up and took it into my hand. them I started to return to the top. suddenly after moving a hundred metres up. there's a roar came from below. "where is it?. who dared to steal it?".

I looked down and saw that it's coming up. I put it aside and stood there. then I saw a bee who's eyes were red because of anger. I was really surprised that it can talk like manda. so it must be special.

it's at least a dozen metres high. it looked at me "how dare you human". then it's antennas touched and lightning came out of it and came towards me. "Die". I activated the sage mode and dodged it.

"Wood release: smothering binding"

I transformed my arms into several tree branches and completely bonded it. it screeched "what is this? I can't move. leave me now."

my face became cold and said "I have orders that I need to bring the honey back. no matter what I'll take it. so, I'll leave you here. and also warning you do not follow me. next time, I won't show mercy."

I spun around and released it. I took the honeycomb and went back. after going top, with telepathy, I informed about it and I handed over it to him and disappeared.

Original body P.O.V

after I received it from my clone, I took it to the restaurant and handed over it to the manager. he was turned to see that much big. he then ordered his servants to purify it. after a few hours, I took a big jar of honey with me. the rest I left with him as thanks.

Meanwhile at Mt. Myoboku,

Naruto is sparring with Fukasaku in frog kumite style. then suddenly Gamabunta appeared with Jiraya hurriedly "fukasaku sama, Gamamaru sama is calling the boy." fukasaku looked at Naruto "Naruto, come with me". after they went in. they greeted him. he said in a weak voice "jiraya chan, I already said about the prophecy how your student will bring peace to the world." then he looked at Naruto "I saw you and other kid who has a Sharingan will bring peace to the world together. you two have to defeat a terrifying opponent in order to achieve that. but I also saw a third person who stood behind your backs helping you two to defeat that existence." then he coughed.

Gamabunta immediately took out both of them. while fukasaku is in worry that Gamamaru coughed blood. "are you ok". "fuka chan, I'm fine. I became too old. I can no longer able to see the prophecy as accurate as before and also something is blocking me to see that person's face."

Later, fukasaku called Naruto and summoned a frog called Geratora. then suddenly it's abdomen extended and a scroll was opened by itself. Naruto when saw the seal. "that seal, it looks like the same seal as it's on my stomach. is it perhaps...."

Jiraya replied "yes Naruto, it's the key to open your seal." fukasaku then said "Naruto, there's a surprise for you. first, close your eyes and open your mouth Ahh"

he closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Fukasaku then said "no, it's not enough, make a big mouth. Naruto then opened his mouth maximum "Ahh". then suddenly the scroll retracted and the frog jumped into his mouth and it's struggling with its Lower half on the outside.

Fukasaku kicked it into his throat. thereby Naruto swallowed it. he coughed for a while. Jiraya then said "OK, now that you possess the key and also you attained sage mode. we need to proceed with your training of control over nine tail chakra. then suddenly some toad messenger came with a message. jiraya took it and read it. his face instantly turned grim.

Meanwhile at Konoha.

two people arrived at Konoha with Akatsuki robes. Naturally, they were surrounded by several anbu and Tsunade is in front of them. one man was silent while other suddenly flew a bit higher and looked down at Tsunade "Surrender Naruto Uzumaki and we'll go in peace or else Konoha will face consequences." just when she was about to open his mouth, the other guy already disappeared and appeared at Hokage mountain and sat on it. he scratched "hmm, it seems like my seal is still there. I wonder whether other seals still existed in Konoha which I placed them more than 30 years ago." he saw Konoha from the top of the second Hokage's head. "it seems Konoha didn't change much in the past 30 years except for some new buildings. I wonder how my two little nephews are doing. they might already become adults by now. right?" then he closed his eyes and opened his eyes and a pair of three tomoe Sharingan has been revealed.

Meanwhile back to the guy who flew in the sky. he looked at Tsunade and said "time up". then he put his hands together and slowly a large cube appeared. he threw it at some random place and that place and the villagers, shinobi who are there accidentally all disintegrated in a flash.

Tsunade's eyes widened and her voice shook "how's that possible?. another kekkai tota like tsuchikage?".


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