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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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73 Horie Tanyu

after destroying a small number of houses, he looked at Tsunade "this is just a sample, you will enjoy the next one". he raised his arms, a huge cube started to form between his hands. he laughed "hahaha, die Konoha nin" and he threw that very fast into Tsunade's direction.

just when it's about to reach. a person stood before Tsunade and he raised his hands and a barrier appeared around his body and he absorbed that cube very quick. he looked at the red hair guy. he snickered "Nagato eh?".

the Nagato looked at him "and who are you?". he removed his hand threw it "Horie Tanyu". Tsunade's eyes widened "but you should have been killed by Minato." he replied "exactly, if not my for my father, I would have been killed already. My father sacrificed his life for me and died in the hands of the yellow flash. I didn't seek the revenge until now as I thought it isn't worth. but I heard that Minato got a son and coincidentally a jinchuuriki which is the primary objective of our Akatsuki, so here I am, now hand over Minato's son or else I will destroy everyone in the village regardless whether its a child, woman, old or young."

Nagato then replied "do you really think, we will do nothing while you slaughter our people. you won't even leave alive from here". Tanyu laughed maniacally "hahaha, try to stop me then". Nagato then looked at Tsunade " leave it to me and call Jiraya and Naruto while you are at it."

Tsunade then shouted at him "what!! you want to hand over Naruto or something?, the enemy is here for Naruto. and not to mention the other Akatsuki guy disappeared. God knows where he is hiding."

Nagato replied "No, the enemy wants Naruto. and you should know and everyone has seen what's that particle style jutsu can do. if Naruto is here. he won't be reckless as before to use that jutsu in the battle."

Tsunade thought for a while and nodded "yeah, you are right." Nagato then continued "don't need to worry about another guy, someone else is looking out for him". then Tanyu keep attacking with particle style and Nagato keep absorbing it. after a while, Nagato thought 'how much chakra this one has. how can he use this many times'. and Tanyu thought 'just as the leader mentioned that the eye is very troublesome. hmm then how about'

then Tanyu said to Nagato "it seems you are as strong as our least mentioned but how about this. "Earth and fire release: Strong servant warrior " then suddenly it something started to come out from earth while in the midst of forming he released a fire from his mouth and it went into and got absorbed. he continuously spewing out the fire until it formed.

Shinobi and anbu who were stationed and the villagers who were getting evacuated into a safe place got stunned after seeing that. they were seeing a massive golem of at least more than 100metres which its head and left hand is made up of fire while the rest is rock.

he smiled at Nagato "how is my creation? very good isn't it." then he looked at the golem "now, go and destroy everything". then Nagato moved in its direction but Tanyu interrupted him "now please be loyal to until the end" then he again started to attack him. Nagato then "Shinra Tensei". he flew away and Golem moved few steps back and crashed down on some houses. and it stood up like its nothing.

he laughed "your power is already halved with your other eye gone. maybe I should take your other eye and gift it to the leader. he will be very pleased."

Meanwhile, Tsunade and the anbu and the rest of jonin fighting the golem in order to stop it. it keeps on rampaging by spewing out the fire all around it while smashing all those who are in its way. within a few minutes, there's already high number casualties. Tsunade summoned Katsuyu. it dispersed into a countless number of mini katsuyu and slowly healing all those who are injured.

at Hokage mountain, the other Akatsuki guy stood up and turned around and just then Itachi landed before him. he smiled upon seeing Itachi "I guess you are Itachi right. you look a bit like your father but I heard your personality was different from a typical Uchiha and a bit similar to Uncle Kagami."

Itachi looked at him "who are you?". he removed his hat and shown Itachi his Sharingan. Itachi got taken back and asked again "who are you?". he replied "I'm Sekino Uchiha. you probably might not know much about me." Itachi instantly replied "which Uchiha doesn't know you uncle Sekino, the deserter of Uchiha clan. everyone knows about you in our clan. after all, you are the only one who left the clan because your brother inherited clan head position."

Sekino laughed "hahaha, that true but my fame isn't as great as yours. you even killed your own father and mother and many of your clan members with your own hands. the greatest traitor of Uchiha clan. Itachi Uchiha my nephew your fame is greater than even our Akatsuki leader Madara Uchiha."

Itachi was shocked "what!! that's impossible, Madara shouldn't able to live this much long even if he failed his death with Izanagi during his battle with shodaime sama".

Sekino shook his head "whether you believe or not. it isn't my problem but I'm telling the truth that he is indeed Madara. for more proof, you should know about the Kyuubi incident how it been controlled by Sharingan. but we all know only one Uchiha has ever controlled a bijuu. that's him."

"and our Akatsuki only want nothing more than peace." Itachi replied, "yet, you sought for destruction and kill innocents". sekino then "well, peace only occurs after destruction and sacrifices are necessary for the greater good. if you would have given what we want. we would have gone peacefully."

Itachi asked "what then? what will you do after you collect all bijuu".he replied, " we will wage war against five great villages and rule the world". Itachi scowled "for you, casualties in a war is a small sacrifice?". Sekino replied "well, the one we offer is hundreds of years of peace or maybe eternal. in front of it, what do thousand sacrifices amount for?. join me and you can be a part of it".

Itachi then said "you know the one who takes a short cut for peace and sought destruction and say its for the greater good, they can never achieve what they want. history has proved it more than once".

sekino snickered "them what are you waiting for" and suddenly they started their battle. Itachi kicked him and Sekino fell down from Hokage mountain to the ground. but he was fine. he cleared the dust on his robes and stood up. Itachi landed before him.

at Mt.Myoboku

Naruto asked, "ero sennin, what happened?". Jiraya replied with a serious face "Akatsuki is attacking Konoha, we have to go now". then after a while, they transported to Konoha. Naruto who's already in sage mode saw the chaos "What the hell". they saw upwards, two individuals fighting in the air equally. then they saw near Hokage mountain, two Susanoos fighting each other destroying everything near them. then he saw a huge golem with fire and earth combination on a massacre. there are burning houses everywhere. two toads gamaken and Gamahiro jumped and reached the golem. Naruto then shouted "everyone move back, I'm going to take it out in one shot. shadow clone jutsu". two clones appeared. and very quickly " Wind release: Rasenshuriken"

and threw it towards golem and it struck and a big explosion occurred and it got destroyed in one hit. but the debris which flew away, they had done a quite a bit of damage though there were no casualties.

he looked at Tsunade "are you alright?" she was quite a bit exhausted and weary. looked like an old woman. she smiled weakly "it's ok, don't worry about me. it just took quite a toll on me with healing everyone."

then he looked at Itachi who was in a giant battling another giant. Sekino laughed "we are fighting for quite a time now, yet you still didn't get that it's hopeless? no matter what kind or how big of attack it is as long as it is ninjutsu, every attack that hits me will be teleported to somewhere else. that's my magekyou Sharingan's skill. quite powerful isn't it.

then Itachi smiled "you are right, Amaterasu and even my Tsukuyomi aren't working on you. but thanks for the tip". Senki frowned "what do you mean?". Itachi made a sign and suddenly a red blazing sword appeared in his Susanoo's hands. then he made another sign and he sped up and dashed toward him and pierced his Susanoo with the totsuka blade before Sekino knows what's happening.

his eyes widened "totsuka blade?" Itachi replied "yes, you know it's properties, don't you? you will be in genjutsu for the rest of eternity after you get sealed. any last words uncle?".

Sekino smiled "nothing kid, I'm happy that I get defeated by an Uchiha, not by any other clan."

after that, he sighed and looked at the toads and Naruto on it and he saw there is no golem. "I guess they did it". and then looked at two flying figures.

Tanyu made four shadow clones, surrounded him and attacked with particle style. but too bad it didnt work. Nagato just absorbed it and then spread his arms wide "Shinra Tensei". this time with more force, and all for crashed down to the ground. Nagato came down to the original body as the shadow clones disappeared.

Tanyu stood up then saw his golem got destroyed. and then saw his partner also got done for. he muttered " that ba****d got himself killed" then he growled looking at Nagato, "you think you have won?" then Gamabunta jumped in front of him. Naruto got down and asked, "Nagato Ojisan, is it him the f*****g ba****d who created that golem and killed all those people?"

Tanyu started to laugh crazily "hahaha, Naruto Uzumaki, I have been waiting for you. now that you are here. surrender yourself." Naruto looking at him and asked "why? why did you kill so many innocents?"

he looked at Naruto "you see when I was a child, My sensei Onoki experimented on me his own student with four tails and five tails chakra. back then iwa people used to fear me and despise me because of my power even though I was their Tsuchikage's student and 2nd tsuchikage's grandson."

"even my sensei looked at me like a weapon. but only one person who acknowledged my existence. he loved me like a son and protected me from everyone. but your father took that away from me. your dad killed my father. no matter how many times you save, you will be nothing more than a weapon to those village higher-ups.well, it doesn't matter to me who you are. for now all I care about my revenge. do you know why I bothered to tell you all of this?" he grinned "just to recover my chakra. you should never listen to your enemy's blabber when you are in a battle."

then Tanyu made complicated signs very fast "now I wonder how you fare against this. Earth and Fire release: Multi Golem". then a dozen number of golems like the previous were summoned. he laughed crazily "hahaha go my golems and destroy everything on your path".


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