Transmigrated into Naruto World
75 Seventh Kage summi
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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75 Seventh Kage summi

Both Jiraya and Fukasaku upon getting my permission entered the clan compound and after walking quite a distance. I guided them to me. they found me sitting below a big bonsai tree which is in the middle of mini bonsai forest which was created years ago by the first Hokage when he was a puppet.

I sat cross-legged just finished my meditation. upon seeing them I smiled "come, Jiraya san and Fukasaku san". the green toad was surprised "you know my name?". I nodded "of course, after all, you are an elder toad at Mt.Myoboku. so, tell me what is the reason you come here for?".

Jiraya replied, "we just followed to direction natural energy was being absorbed rapidly and got worried you might have turned into stone." I said "oh, is that so. you don't need to worry about that. anyway, I was just breaking through a new level in my sage mode. probably that's why it happened. by the way, I heard Naruto became a Sage?". Jiraya replied, "yeah, actually I want to thank you for suggesting Tsunade about that".

I grinned "Jiraya san don't be so formal with me. I'm your student's student after all." he laughed out loud "hahaha, that's correct. say, where is the little princess? Tsunade keeps brag about her to me all the time."

I stood up "let's go to my home. we'll talk. there's also something that I want to ask you two since you are here". while we are walking Fukasaku asked me "Diran san, can I ask you a question? what do you mean you had a breakthrough in sage mode?" I replied "Fukasaku san, you are more than 800 years old and that great sage toad is more than a thousand old who have seen rikodou sennin. by now you should understand sage mode isn't just absorbing natural energy and turn it into Senjutsu chakra. do you know before ninjutsu there used to be something called Ninshu?"

"The teachings of ninshu were meant to give people a better understanding of themselves, as well as others, and lead the world into an era of peace. so, Ninshu is nothing more than understanding themselves or others by the means of chakra. isn't it"

"then, rikodou sennin's son saw chakra can be used in combat and he created ninjutsu with it. so, if Ninjutsu is understanding chakra and make use of it in combat then Senjutsu is understanding the energy of Nature and make use of it in combat. it's as simple as that"

"but, humans truly never tried to understand nature. even Rikodou sennin is the same. all he cared about peace between humans. that's why there are no sage teachings passed down. the only way to learn it is through beast or animal species like you toads in Mt.Myoboku or snakes in ryuchi cave or slug in Shikoku forest. but even you should accept that your teachings will never able to surpass ancient Sages who probably had a better understanding. so, knowledge about it probably never existed and so far the only thing that passed down is absorbing natural energy into your body and blending it with your chakra and attaining a state."

"but what if we can control the natural energy in our surroundings without using the senjutsu chakra or without even absorbing the natural energy. there's an unlimited number of possibilities"

Jiraya shook his head "it's impossible. you know just absorbing more than enough natural energy will turn into stone what happens if you try to control directly. you will explode before even you know it." I snorted "haven't I just done that already?. I didn't use any chakra and yet I talked with you two for far away. I used natural energy and controlled wind particles to transmit my voice over to your ears."

"in truth, we do it every day, the so-called five senses. every commoner uses it unconsciously every time but he just thinks it's common. however, in truth, all are just controlling natural energy around them and transmitting them through various elements. most common is wind although the amount is very much negligible."

Jiraya and Fukasaku got stunned and stood there. we reached my home and I turned back only to see them watching me like an alien. i asked, "what happened?". Jiraya shook his head "nothing, you know while I'm hearing your explanation, I feel like I need so much to learn." and Fukasaku thinking 'maybe he is the one in Grand sage's vision?'

I smiled "come inside" Miura who's cooking some loudly from the kitchen "Papa, you came?" I replied, "yeah, is lunch ready?" them suddenly a silver wolf appeared and jumped on me. I hugged it. I stood up and introduced him "this is Raiga, Miura's's considered one of our family" Jiraya was surprised "wow, a silver wolf eh?. rare species. is it a child? the last one I saw it's like dozens of metres big"

Raiga came near them and sniffed them. Miura spoke loudly from the kitchen "Raiga, don't scare our guests. go and play in the forest". she came out and saw them "this is?". I introduced them "this is Jiraya, one of the legendary Sannin like your granny and this is an elder toad Fukasaku". then I looked towards them "this is Miura Senju". she cried upon hearing the name Jiraya and hide behind my back "granny says he is a pervert". the elder toad looked at him while Jiraya is embarrassed.

I patted her "ok, papa is here, isn't he? let's go and have some lunch." then I looked at the toad "are you able to eat human food?". he nodded. later after our lunch, Miura went to her room for her training. and I bring a scroll from my room and show it to Jiraya. "I need your help in understanding this". Jiraya took it and opened the scroll and saw a complex seal and was amazed "Diran, where did you acquire it. I have never seen the seal this much complex." I replied "It belongs to Mito Uzumaki, whether she created or brought it from her clan. Not known. I'm not sure what it even does. I can't give you the original one but you can copy this and study in your free time."

a few days later, Itachi called me to the Hokage office. I went inside and saw he was talking with Homura and koharu. I greeted them and asked him the reason he called for me.

he replied "Diran, we already gotten information that Akatsuki got seven tailed beasts. earlier we got an invitation to Kage summit at the land of Iron to discuss this issue. the agenda is quite simple. all five villages must be in the alliance. so, that would mean we should accept Iwa as our ally."

I replied "it's fine. it's in the past anyway. but the problem is whether they want to accept us as an ally as you know they hate the fourth Hokage to the core".

Then Itachi thought for a while "there's also another problem. that's me who is an Uchiha. the enemy is also an Uchiha. Even though our village accepts me we can't say it for other villages. That's why I want you to come with me. if you are worried about Miura, we can bring her with us."

I shook my head "no need for that, I'm working on something these past few days to solve that issue." he nodded "Summit is scheduled next month anyway. I hope one month time is sufficient" I smiled "its more than enough"

One month later

I made several signs for 2 whole minutes "Sage Clone jutsu" then an identical person appeared in front of me. he saluted "Hello Boss, what's my mission". I smiled "you will be the guardian of my Daughter. Make sure no one harms her".

then I met Itachi and Miura came with my Sage clone to send me off. Itachi observed it for a while and asked me "what is it? he looks completely different from a shadow clone jutsu or your wood clone jutsu."

I replied "it's my Sage clone. It can't die unless it's out of senjutsu chakra. as natural energy is abundant in the surroundings. i would say its almost immortal." Itachi then replied, "why am I feeling that you will say but". I smiled "but, I can't go into Sage mode anymore until I merge with it again or it disappears by itself"

Then he thought for a while and said "I see, I get it now. but you really take your senjutsu into a whole another level." Then I said, "let's get going?"

after a week

I, Itachi and two other Hokage's personal bodyguards reached the Land of iron. we rest for a few days and all Kages reached the place. Mizukage greeted me "Hello Diran, it's been a while. missed me?. I coughed and turned my eyes toward Itachi. she instantly looked at him "greetings Hokage sama, I believe this is our first time meeting." he nodded.

then she excused herself and went her way. Itachi began to smile "wow Diran, you turned out to be a player. I wonder how Hana will react to it." "Hey, we are just friends". "yeah yeah, as if I believe you".

Later, all five kages sat down. we stood in the shadows behind the respective curtain of each village. Mifune stood up "Greetings. in response to Raikage sama's request, the five Kage have assembled here. I'm Mifune your moderator. The five kage summit conference is called into order. Tsuchikage saw Gaara "at a young becoming kage is quite an accomplishment or is it that Sand had fallen to that degree?."

Gaara looked at him "I wonder about Iwa. it seems you still are a kage even after all these years. wouldn't that mean Iwa doesn't have any Kage candidate at all? oh, I remember there used to be one. but didn't he joined Akatsuki?"

"you". Raikage smashed the table before him "if you two want to bicker among it elsewhere. without further ado, I'm going to point directly. I'm sure everyone heard about Akatsuki and seven of tailed beasts have already been captured. however, they failed in capturing hachibi and Kyuubi. I'm not sure what will happen once they collect all nine of them. I want to stop it at all costs."

Itachi then said, "We have the information about it but it would better if you hear it from him yourselves. Diran"

I walked out and stood beside him and said "greeting all Kages. I'm Diran Senju." only one person was surprised "you are him?. I hear exaggerated rumours about you being the strongest shinobi in the world."

I smiled "no, unfortunately, I'm not a shinobi. I've been retired a long time ago. anyway, Akatsuki's goal is it revive the Jubi, the ten tails. the original form of nine failed beasts. believe me, it's many times stronger than the nine bijuu combined."

then Itachi said, "and the leader of Akatsuki might be Madara Uchiha". Tsuchikage was shocked "what!! that's not possible". Raikage also said, "yeah, he died a long time ago". Itachi replied "I've fought with my uncle who was a member of Akatsuki. while we were in battle, he said that. I'm not sure whether he just bluffed or not. but controlling kyubi. only Madara has ever done that and there is something else but mizukage will say it."

Mei then said, "well, there's a rumour that our fourth Mizukage has been controlled by a person who has Sharingan".

I wanted to say its Obito but i swallowed the words as it would do nothing good because no matter what, the war won't stop. So, I stayed silent.

Mifune then stood up again and said: "so, until the Akatsuki is eliminated why not establish the world's first Allied Shinobi Forces of the Five Hidden Villages?" Raikage replied "that's a fine plan. we are in an emergency state. Cooperation is crucial."

Mifune then asked "going forward we must determine a chain of command. we must avoid any further confusion."

Tsuchikage then "So? who will we choose to lead the allied forces?". Mifune replied "I'll leave it you five. I'll be neutral."

Tsuchikage then said, "hmpf, as I have the most experienced kage here, I guess it should be me." and Raikage replied "you four villages have Akatsuki members. only from my village, no one turned to Akatsuki and also its a fact that our kumogakure has the most army. So, Without no question, I should be in that position."

Mizukage then "I vote for Diran." I laughed "Mei, please be serious". she frowned "I wasn't kidding around." then she looked at others "I'm not talking as a friend of him but as a Mizukage. after all those years ago he's the one who...." I interrupted her in a serious tone "Mei, please stop talking about the past. I already mentioned I'm no longer a Shinobi. So, I may participate in war but I can't accept being a member of Shinobi forces." I looked at Itachi "Sorry, but my promise can't be broken".

then he said "we will talk about that later. but first, we have to decide on the commander.

I accept Raikage to lead the allied forces bit on a condition that his brother hachibi's jinchuuriki will teach Naruto how to control Kyuubi."

suddenly, two figures erupted from the floor. a masked one and a black & white plant creature. all became alert and kage's bodyguards surrounded those two. the leader laughed "relax, don't need to tense up very much. I've been hearing your discussion from the start. it's amusing that people are fighting for commander position when there is so much to lose in the war.

Since you already decided to eliminate us and even forming an alliance army, I, Uchiha Madara leader of Akatsuki hereby declaring war against Alliance shinobi forces. the only way to stop is if you hand over hachibi and kyubi jinchuuriki."

Raikage snorted "do you think you can come and leave as you wish?" them he activated the lightning armour and punched him but the punch didn't hit and it went pass through him.

then he looked at all "you really are too much rushed. relax you still have three months time". then after both of them disappeared into the floor. Raikage ordered, "Mifune, mobilize your samurai, don't let them escape this building."

I sighed "there's no use of it. that plant creature called Zetsu can travel underground very fast that it can even be considered teleportation. but I wonder whether it's really Madara"

tsuchikage frowned "what do you mean by that" I shook my head "you have grown so old you already forget your past memories. you have met and heard of him more than any of us here right". he nodded.

"then, is there any incident when the great Uchiha Madara ran or dodge from a fight? and also he looked quite different from the picture. we can assume that it's been a long time. So, it's natural. but everyone should remember even if he's Madara, he is only a 100-year-old man. there's no need to worry about that but for someone else"

Raikage then said, "I hope you would share everything you know about them". I replied, "well, there is a chance that Orochimaru might have an apprentice who learned Edo Tensei". Raikage frowned "you mean the one which resurrects dead people and controls them like puppets?" I nodded "I can't say for sure. but it's better to guard your village graveyard more than a village. since he mentioned 3months I bet, they might have already acquired DNA of some strong dead shinobi who were dead."

Gaara then said, "whether he is Madara or not if he has the confidence to declare war against all five great villages, then he must have some army backing him."

Raikage then looked at Itachi "we will send you a message later regarding details where we should hide both of them while of course, Naruto getting trained by my brother"

Itachi nodded and we went our ways. while going back Mei said to Ao, Diran already anticipated about the war months ago. and all that information. I feel that he's still hiding something. anyway, we already one step ahead thanks to him. now since there are only 3 months to go. we will speed up our preparations"

and she wasn't the only one who got into this conclusion. while we are on our way to Konoha, Itachi asked "Diran, you are hiding still something. aren't you." I replied "some secrets can't be said even if you are my best friend. but I can only say the conclusion of this war depends on Naruto and Sasuke. I can't say anything more than that."

Meanwhile at some place. a human who's looks like a white snake if not for the head and spectacles. he moved his spectacles up "Well, well it seems he finally made his move and the time has come to reveal myself to the world" he brought his hands together. then more than a hundred number of coffins appeared. he smiled evilly "Orochimaru sama, you would be very proud of me if you were alive to see this"


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