Transmigrated into Naruto World
76 Diran becomes a Summoner
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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76 Diran becomes a Summoner

Itachi began to ponder my words 'I can understand with Naruto. but why Sasuke? what role he has in this war?'. Then I said, "Speaking of Sasuke, I guess this is the right time to awake his Mangekyou Sharingan".

Itachi then replied, "Leave that to me. Well, I can use Tsukuyomi on him if it doesn't work I can still use Kotoamatsukami on him".

I was surprised "What!! that's shisui's Mangekyou Sharingan ability. oh, you used Shisui's, huh to upgrade your eyes to Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan eh. then what happened to your eyes?"

he replied "I was already near blind when I did that. there was no use of them any longer". then I said "I hope you don't use Kotoamatsukami on Sasuke as you should know there were only 3 months to war. it would be very useful then." he shook his head "Nah, don't need to worry about that. I can use one time for every week at least for now. I hope I can gain mastery over it and reduce the time difference to use it again as much as possible."

After we reached Konoha.we split up. he went resume his Hokage's duties and I went to my clan compound. even though I'm calm outside. but I was really frustrated inside. "Damn, I thought there would at least six months to war. the war is coming three months earlier than it was intended. I should hurry up. there's so much to do."

after I reach clan compound I was shocked to see there isn't just one Sage clone. I saw dozens of them. each one doing their own work. one is busy with cleaning while the other is reading novels. One is planting some trees and while the other is meditating.

But strangely I can't seem to connect telepathically with them as if they aren't part of me. then I concentrated and connected with one, instantly he appeared before me and bowed "welcome back boss. your orders are being followed perfectly".

I asked my clone "say, are those your shadow clones?". he nodded "yes, more specifically they can be called Sage Shadow clones.I've been working with it while you are away." I patted him "good job. so, any special properties from the usual shadow clones?".

he replied "well, first they are just like me who can only use Senjutsu and taijutsu. secondly just like every shadow clone once they are hit hard enough they will also disappear but the enduring capacity of those is way higher than a standard shadow clone and the best thing I've discovered is that I don't need to distribute my chakra with them since we are all Sage clones and can just absorb from the surroundings and lastly there is no restriction on distance. for example, at the instance, there's one shadow clone at the land of wind and one at the land of waves.

the only issue is for some reason they aren't able to go into Sage mode new form. only I'm capable of it. that's all my observations are. so, boss what's my next mission? or should I merge back with you?". I shook my head " I have one more mission for you. By the way, where's Miura?"

he replied "Princess is tired from training. just taking a rest". then I thought for a while and said "good, disperse for now". then he disappeared along with all other shadow clones. "Hmm, seems like he did a nice job."

Later, after Miura woke we went outside and roamed in the village and stopped by Ichiraku who hasn't opened their business just like others as the entire market district has been collapsed and some are still in construction. I felt pity for those. then I talked with Itachi and he accepted my suggestion. Later, all villagers have been assembled and Itachi decided to move the upper half of the market district to somewhere in the land above Hokage rock.

well, previously on Tsunade's suggestion, the village has been expanded and lots of buildings are in construction over there. so, when I suggested moving the market district there, he told me that it would be very troubling and inconvenience if we relocate the whole district. so, we finally decided to move half of it there and its named Upper Market district and the existing one will be Lower Market district thereby expanding the Market district. then as per my suggestion, Hokage gave a mission to new genins and final year academy graduates from D-rank to F-rank.

a week later, everything in the market district has been cleared. it's as if there's nothing existed at all before. and in that week, with several experts, we drew a new plan for both upper and lower Market districts. we decided with the best architecture to make upper one a bit more luxurious and modern. while the lower one will keep quite simple. it's done especially for me since I'm the only builder for it.

after everything over. I went there with a couple of clan elders and Itachi and some of the villagers who came to see my project. for a whole ten minutes, I closed eyes and all the blueprints started to appear in my mind. people wondered what was I doing standing there like a statue for ten minutes. but because of Hokage's presence, no one dared to voice their opinion.

then I opened my eyes and I bend down and put my hands on the ground and started to concentrate and a building started to erupt from the ground one by one and within just five minutes entire market district has been rebuilt. although we initially planned to keep simple. I built a few of my creations along the way especially the four wooden dragon statues in the middle of the market. later we modified it a little bit by adding roads and compounds and created a pond in the middle and around the dragon statues and in the middle a very tiny island with a big Konoha symbol ok it.

then I made wood clones and they started to help in construction here and there. well, although Nagato brings back everyone's life. but they are still homeless. as village funds aren't enough, My bank had to give a loan to the village without interest since I can't charge my own village.

now with Kiri and Konoha taking large amounts of Loan and we aren't getting a single penny of the loan, it became hard for us. it almost emptied our reserves completely and these two villages combined debts already crossed 11 zeroes. anyway, war is on us, money isn't the issue. can settle about it after the war. for now, the main issue which is bugging me all day is that will I have enough time to find the last sword.

later, once again I made Sage clone "Ok, your mission is to find the last sword. take infernus with you. You have my permission to use its original form. but I hope you won't get the chance as it's highly destructive. make Shadow clones and spread out all over the world we only have less than 3 months of time."

then I began to research Uzumaki scrolls which I had and also started to research scroll of seals. well, if its anyone else then they would have rejected my request.

3 days later, Jiraya approached me and said "Diran, I've completed studying that seal. it's called the seal of summoning." I was disappointed a bit "it's only Summoning seal?". he smiled "don't underestimate Mito Uzumaki. it's not just a seal for summoning contract. I've heard of it when I was a kid. it doesn't need your's a seal applied to be applied on your body. but once you applied, you can never destroy it. the seal will connect to your soul.

but will be destroyed after you die. with it, you can have a summoning contract with at least 10 animals. the maximum number is unknown probably would depend on your chakra amount. and the most dangerous about this if you are strong enough, you can forcibly have a contract with the animals which don't have any masters. simply saying you will have a master-slave relationship if you did that way. and this scroll contains hand seals"

I smiled "you really did a good job Jiraya san. thank you for helping me out. this will be very helpful in the upcoming war. in return take this seal Jiraya san".

when he looked at it. it's an unfamiliar seal. I said "it's a gravity seal. is extremely used for training and also in battle as you can even make yourself light up to ten times. I hope it would be useful for Naruto. but I should warn you. the maximum goes all the way to hundred times. and this is the scroll that contains the information you need to know about it".

after Jiraya went back. I opened the scroll and read it. I became excited "yes, now that I got this one. I need to put into use."


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