Transmigrated into Naruto World
77 The Forgotten Island
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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77 The Forgotten Island

there's a volcanic island existed between somewhere in the east of the land of fire and south of the land of lightning. it's the land which contains many summoning animals and beasts. some people call it summoning island or battleship island. well, the most famous name is the forgotten island as the name suggests everyone forgot about its location or its existence.

its the first thing that came to my mind when I received the seal from Jiraya. after applying the seal, it appeared on my the back side of my left hand and disappeared later.

next day, I met Itachi and told him about my departure. he was surprised and asked me "why now? there are only two and a half months left. the village needs you now more than ever."

I replied "it's exactly because of the short time I'm leaving. I need to increase my strength as much as I can. we don't know what kind of enemy we will face and should be ready for it. by the way when we will move all our forces to the land of lightning?"

Itachi replied "not sure, it will be discussed in the next kage meeting. First, we need the approval of five Daimyos to form Allied shinobi forces. only after their decision, we will begin to move."

I replied "you will have no problem with our Daimyo and Water country's daimyo. Raikage and Tsuchikage can convince their Daimyo. the only problem is with Wind country. since Daimyo is always on bad terms with the previous both Kazekages. I hope Gaara can convince him. anyway, I'll try to finish my mission as fast as I can. by the way, when is Naruto going to that Island for training?"

he replied "we haven't gotten any message from Kumo yet. after we get the location. we will send him there in the name of S-class rank mission."

then suddenly, a Jonin opened the door. "Hokage sama, Senju sama, Godaime sama has woken up." he sighed with relief and smiled. I asked him "why aren't you feeling even a little bit sad? I mean you would no longer be Hokage from now". he gave me a perplexed look "why would I be? I was actually relieved. now, I can be free to teach Sasuke and spend time with my brother for the next two and a half months. let's go and see her"

I nodded and we went to see her. she was eating like there's no tomorrow. Miura who was sitting beside her looked like she cried for some time. "eat slow Baachan." next day, we said goodbye to Tsunade who was reinstated as Hokage. people celebrated her recovery.

a few days later, I, Miura and Raiga reached the volcanic Island.

then I saw a red-haired girl. if I remember correctly shea Honoka who is probably from Uzumaki clan judging by her hair and her Sealing ability which is a bit similar to kushina's adamantine sealing chains.

She didn't talk anything just went away. I just followed her. later we went into an underground lab where I saw a weird summoning animal which is still in chrysalis state.

Then I went near it and looked at it. Miura was amazed "wow papa, this looks so huge". I said to her "don't come near. go and stay there." then some beasts like spiders or centipede went near it and looked at it. then suddenly it began to glow. and a mouth appeared on its stomach, some sort of tentacles came out of the other mouth which is on the face and capture those two to three and are it.

and it changed its form and came out of the tank it was kept and roared.

Raiga immediately caught Miura with its mouth and ran far quickly to a safe place. I looked at it. them slowly it began to transform.

it opened its eyes which has the same pattern as rinnegan but only it's brown. it tried to do genjutsu but didn't work at all. then a horn grew out of its head and attacked me with lightning jutsu. I just dodged it easily. then I disappeared and appeared behind it and kicked it. well, I forgot to control my strength and it flew and was just about to fall into the lava but just then, two wings grew from its back. I was relieved upon seeing "thank God it's not dead".

then, suddenly a bird came from the top and landed next to me. I understood its gesture and stood on it. then it began to fly towards the beast. it attacked us with some acid jutsu. but the bird dodged it. I made a fist when we u reached near. I jumped up and dashed and punched it. it got crashed onto the wall and slowly start to fall into the lava.

but just then, I made a wooden floor which covered lava. it fell on it. and I jumped down. summoned Inazuma. "Concealed sword: swallow return"

it got hit and got injured pretty much bad. then I activated my summoning seal and made a contract with it. later, Miura came and heal its injuries. then, I really understand the effect of this seal. it's like it placed an eternal genjutsu over it. it landed beside me and gestured both of to climb but then it understood my thoughts and looked towards Raiga. its eyes started to glow and it suddenly became ten times bigger than before.

originally when we fought, it didn't look like a horizontal flight one like a bird. and it stood on its two legs. but now it's on four legs. I smiled and we three climbed on its back. it started to fly high and we landed on the ground.

suddenly the spirit of Honoka appeared and smile upon seeing it very obedient. then she disappeared. later after we landed on the ground. I saw many beasts over there bowing to us. Miura said "Papa, I can feel they are feeling very grateful. and some of those were willing to sign a summoning contract with you."

I smiled and then later had a contract with some of the life forms over there. then I relayed my message to my summons via telepathy that they can stay here just as before and don't need to come with me. I'll summon them in times of need.

I named the beast as Shozo. I should say it's really called the ultimate summoning beast which is created originally to counter shinobi, not for nothing. before since it had eaten a lot of life forms. it developed a lot of abilities they have.

After a couple of days, we reached the land of honey once again. it became as small as a cat and sat on Raiga's head. they became quite good friends. we went directly to Eri cave.

and started to descend down. we ignore everything and killed anything and feed it to Shozo that attacked us. then later when we reached the 5000m mark, we saw Queen Bee again. it true to attack us but then it saw me and it went aside like its saying "just take whatever you want".

we ignored it and went further down. Miura was excited till now as she's seeing different types of bees. but after 7000m, there are no lights and it filled with complete darkness. then a small fire started to come out of Shozo's upper mouth.

now with the help of it, we slowly started to descend further, after 9000metres, I was stunned upon seeing a massive Bee which is as big as a mountain sleeping a something that looked like a beehive bed.

to see it completely Shozo had to become a massive form and breathe fire for light. we didn't disturb it as I saw a portal behind it. then we entered the portal knowing it would definitely somewhere like Mt.myoboku since it looked exactly the same as the portal which is in Konoha which connects to their toad land.

but I don't want to take risks with Miura here. so, we went back upwards. later we went to the Land of Wolves. there I defeated the boss and he made a contract with me with a condition that I'll allow him to stay with his pack or family. the wolf boss name is Seiji. unlike Raiga, he can talk though.

a few days later, we reached Wind country. we went into the desert and roamed all over and found a couple of beasts which can be used for summoning. and while searching for other beasts, I encountered my Sage clone's shadow clone which is roaming here for the last sword. I instructed it not to look in some nations which I've already done. then it disappeared and to pass the message to my sage clone.

Just like that two months completed. before going to Konoha.we went to Ichiko's grave. then later when we reached Konoha. we heard that the Konoha shinobi force already left to Land of lightning a month ago. At first, I thought of leaving Miura there since I don't want her to be a part of the war but she insisted that she can help the medical team.

then I thought 'Konoha is quite far from the battlefield but it's also far from, it's better to just take her with me'

then we traveled to Kumo. upon seeing the weird looking massive beast, the shinobi there who were stationed wanted to attack. upon seeing me, Konoha nin reminded them of my identity and I went inside without any difficulty.

Then, I met with Itachi, Hana and some of my friends and later met the Kages. I asked Tsunade "any intel on our enemy?". Raikage replied "a hundred thousand army of white creatures who just looked like the half of plant creature and your Konoha team didn't return after sending us Intel. the most notable one went missing is Yamato. it seems they made them even stronger with him being their captive."

then Shikaku explained about the five regiments and the battlefield areas which are at the land of the rice, land of hot spring and the land of frost and will extend up to some coasts of land of lightning.

then I asked "and what about Naruto and Bee?" Gaara replied "they are safe at turtle island. since its a moving island itself. it's no problem even though they found their location once."

then I looked at Tsuchikage and Gaara. "for the fourth division, Onoki san has to join Gaara." he frowned "not only you are not respecting me as an elder as well as a tsuchikage and now you even ordering me?".

I dint even answered him and continued "I gathered some intel which may be very crucial to both of you". Gaara asked, "what is it?" I replied "fourth division will face lord Mu and Rasa" While tsuchikage took it calmly, Gaara wasn't calm at all "Father?". I asked, "are you alright?". he calmed down himself "yeah, I will have to get some answers from him anyway".


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