Transmigrated into Naruto World
78 Gauntlets of Gaia
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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78 Gauntlets of Gaia

it's almost time of war, but my Sage clones and his shadow clones yet to find the last sword. So, I told him telepathically to abandon his mission and return. then we met up in the land of lightning after he dispersed, I took back Infernus. then proceeded to the Land of Honey while leaving Miura with Sakura.

I reached Eri caves and descended down to 9000 metres to face that gigantic Bee and capture it. I reached down very quickly and saw that Bee is still sleeping. I activated the lv4 Sage mode and released chakra.

but it wants sufficient to wake it up. then I saw the portal "let's go into that first and will take care of this one later". I went and stood before the portal. it's not big just my size. I touched it but nothing happened. Then I tried to enter it again but still, nothing happens it's as if some barrier is preventing me.

So, I activate any ability and saw the energy lines around it. there's an invisible seal applied on the barrier but the strange thing is there's no chakra. I was amazed "strange, it definitely ain't Uzumaki seal. it looks like someone made a seal using natural energy. is that really possible. probably some Sage of Ancient human had done it. if it's true..., " I looked at the Bee which is sleeping "then, it might be the guardian of it which contains probably some treasure".

"well, let's try to unseal it.", I used natural energy around me I controlled the energy lines around me and just when I was about to touch the seal, I suddenly sensed a big pair of eyes which were a lot bigger than me looking at me.

I stopped and asked, "are you the guardian of this portal?". it looked at me and replied "you humans always try to acquire the thing that doesn't belong to you. but then again, who can we blame. it's your nature after all. anyway, you cannot enter it without my permission and if you want my permission, you have to be worthy of it. but you are weak. it's been how many years I don't know since I last was woken up, I'm not in the mood to kill anyone so, go back before I Lose my patience"

I still didn't turn around smirked: "oh, it seems like I met an arrogant one. well, I will give you two options, give me the key to open this and surrender yourself and become my summon or defy me, I will beat you up until you submit."

it roared "how dare puny human orders me to submit myself, Eri the goddess of bees."

I chuckled "oh, your name is Eri eh? nice to meet you then, I'm Diran Senju". it brought antennas together and started to generate a huge amount of electricity. a giant ball of electricity began to form. it's as big as a Bijuu-Dama. then suddenly a huge amount of tree branches began to erupt from the ground and started to slowly bind her. she screamed" what's happening, where are these tree branches coming from. Human, I'll kill you".

Then I raised my hand "Wood release: Heavenly Deity Gates" then one after another huge amount of gates started to fall on it. it shrieked. I shouted with a cold voice "Shut up. this is what happens when you became arrogant and underestimate the humans." but just then, The electricity ball which I thought will disappear already got launched at me. I summoned Inazuma and raised it and the jutsu got completely absorbed in it.

it got stunned and roared angrily "who are you? Humans aren't this strong. you are not human, are you? and why is that sword with you?". then I finally turned around and replied "I'm a genuine hundred percent human. now, will you submit to me or not?".

but it stopped listening to what I'm saying after turning back and staring at me. it got completely shocked. it whispered "Seiji sama?" I got taken back "Seiji? who is that? I told you my name is Diran Senju". its voice started to shake "you aren't Seiji sama?". I shook my head "I'm not, who is he anyway?"

it instantly became depressed "I'm sorry, you aren't him. he already disappeared way long ago. Kid, I will surrender to you not because you defeated me, but you remind me of someone. I will give you the key and open the paradise land. but I have one condition."

"Speak" "I want to stay by your side and don't want to be just a normal summon" I was surprised "but you are gigantic." then it suddenly became a cute little Bee and sat on my shoulder. I used my summoning seal and made a contract.

later, it moved its antennas and a strange pattern is drawn in the disappeared and I observed the barrier got disappeared. I asked it "Eri, did you just used natural energy and unsealed it?" she nodded "obviously, other than Natural energy what else is even there here to use"?

I replied, "Can we use chakra to open it?". she frowned "Chakra? what is it?". I got stunned and asked, "don't tell me you didnt heard of the term Chakra ever?". she shook her head "no, what is chakra anyway? does that weird gates to suppress me and those tree branches are chakra?"

I sighed "it's complicated, I'll explain about it later". she nodded. we entered the portal. when I stepped inside, I was dumbfounded upon seeing the world. "Eri, did we entered a different world?" "who knows, Seiji sama is the one who told me to guard this place. then after he disappeared suddenly, I fell into a slumber. I'm not sure how many years passed probably more than a hundred years. do you know anything about it."

I replied, "I never heard of this person called Seiji and you never heard of Chakra so that would only mean one thing, it was at least more than a thousand years". she got shocked "what!!, I slept for a thousand years?". I replied "I guess it's not just a simple one thousand it might be a few thousands of years. I even wonder how are you still alive". she replied " Ah, we have long longevity. my father said our race can live dozens of thousands of years."

"I was very small when Seiji sama took me in after he rescued me from evil humans who were after the Honey. then I traveled with him for many years. other than me, he has four other companions. but I guess they might have already perished by now"

then I asked, "who is this Seiji, how strong is he?". she replied "he was very strong, completely apart from other weak humans. he used to hunt the demons that scattered and didn't got sealed into the underworld and used to save his fellow humans from evil beasts. you know he has also a sword similar to the one you summoned to absorb my attack."

then I thought "all of these are indicating me to something. but I'm not sure how to connect all these dots. let's think about these later."

then, I followed his directions and we reached a door. we opened it easily. I was completely shocked. there is a mountain full of ingots which are completely full of chakra metal. then i saw a huge amount of scrolls. the strange thing is there's not even a single speck of dust here. everything is very clean.

then I saw in the middle of the room. A sword was stuck into the rock. Eri said, "it was Seiji sama's sword, its original form isn't actually a sword though." I was stunned upon seeing and laughed crazily "hahaha, I was searching everywhere in the world, but the final sword rests here. Seiji san, you are too brilliant to hide this one here "

Eri was taken back "what do you mean by that?" I replied, "wait for a second, you will know it". I summoned Inazuma and activated lv4 Sage mode. and both the swords suddenly started to glow. Eri was shocked "this, I remember it, Seiji sama said that his five swords will glow sometimes if they are near to each other. don't tell me, it's Inazuma?."

I nodded "and not just that, I have remaining three also". Eri thought "he looks like Seiji sama and he even has Seiji sama's five swords. maybe he's Seiji sama's reincarnation. but his abilities seem to be very different. maybe he can...."

then Eri said, "Diran sama, there is something you have to see". I followed her directions and reached a small door. there were some characters written in the ancient language above the door. i asked her "Can you read it?". she nodded "yeah, we are all very familiar with it. it says only those who can wield the five Elemental swords has the right to enter the place. Seiji sama once tried to enter but was denied.probably because he wasn't able to activate the original form of the elemental swords back then"

I nodded and summoned the remaining three swords and placed down in the circle in front of the door and activated their original forms. they glowed for a while and all got changed into their original swords, there isn't much change to Inazuma except for small tiny two little swords erupted from another side the end of the sword and just above the hilt. Amagumo changed into Trident. Infernus changed into Bow, the Empty void changed into scepter and lastly the sword which i just acquired changed into two gauntlets.

Suddenly, the characters above the door started to glow and the door slowly opened. I went inside leaving Eri outside just in case. there's nothing except complete white room a bit similar to the room Naruto trained to control Nine-Tails chakra. but after walking a bit, I saw in the middle there's something looked like a circular disk but there are dozens of sharp edges on it. I went near it. I raised my palm. it quickly landed on my palm without any issue. I came out. took all my weapons. and we both came outside.

before going outside of the portal. I summoned a few of my summons which doesn't have a proper home and shifted them here. I built them huge houses for them to live. then after coming out of the portal. i sealed with blood barrier with restricts anyone without my permission to enter.

Later, I went to the land of lightning met with Miura and took rest for the day. next day, we got information that Turtle Island had been attacked by Kabuto. Kisame was exposed and got killed by Gai. the main thing to worry about is that the enemy has the intel on Allied shinobi forces.

Two days before the war,

I, Hana, Mei, Itachi, and other friends of mine sitting together and having a drink. then Mei said "two days more, and we were going to face the biggest war. I don't know how many of us will live at the end of the war. so, here's a toast to everyone for the upcoming war."

I replied, "don't worry, we will defeat them and survive". Ao then said, "never would I have thought we would be in war again." Itachi then said "I really pity shinobi from Kiri. you constantly faced wars over and over again. and just 11years go, you have stopped the internal war and now you are facing shinobi war again".

then someone spoked "speaking of Kiri. I heard Senju sama is the one who helped them in putting an end to the fourth Mizukage". Mei replied "yeah, it true. if not for Diran kun, I wonder how many years more we would had to suffer"

then Hana grabbed my arm "Diran kun, you didn't even tell me what you did or where you are after you were banished out of village. you promised me you will tell everything." Mei also said, "yeah, you also promised me". then Itachi said "Diran, don't run away now. you promised three of us. we never know whether we will get this opportunity again. the night is long. C'mon Diran, I also want to know your adventures"

I looked at everyone. everyone looking at me patiently waiting for me to start. I sighed "fine. it all started 11 years ago after I killed Danzo and got banished from Konoha"


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