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79 The Day of Banishmen
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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79 The Day of Banishmen

11 years ago

After killing the majority of Root members and Danzo with Shisui, with the help of clan leaders, I was spared from imprisonment and was banished from Konoha forever by the Third Hokage.

Then I understood one important lesson that no matter how much strong you get or how much of a genius you are, Hokage's orders are absolute only Damiyo's order can nullify it. you should accept it. or else you can only become like Madara.

My case is a bit special since I was the clan head of Senju clan one of the founding clans of Konoha, So I had people's support and even all the important clan leaders support yet I was still banished. That's why I decided to retire my life as a shinobi.

My wood clone met Hokage privately and submitted the required papers gave my forehead protector back to him. He got taken back and said, "I want to talk to your main body, can you pass the message to meet me."

then a few seconds later, I spoke: "tell me, Sarutobi san". he was surprised. I replied "I can swap myself with my wood clone. without wasting any time, come to the point directly".

He replied "is this really necessary? although you have been banished.. it'll be only for a few years, later your banishment will be lifted and you will be allowed back to the village."

I smiled "do you think whatever you order, I will nod my head and obey it?". he replied " your banishment was necessary to pass the message to the village that having power and strength doesn't make you above the law. no matter who it is, if he did the crime then he has to pay."

I laughed crazily "hahaha, coming from that your mouth really disgust me. then how come you did nothing when Danzo had done numerous amount of crimes behind your back. and even know it very well."

his face became grim "Yeah, you are right. but he is necessary for the village. do you know after today, the anbu and the jonin had to do dirty work for the sake of the village?"

"I know Danzo is a bit twisted but because of him, our village kept safe from the other villages. What can I do about it other than giving him some leniency whenever he did some wrong. now because of you, our village will be vulnerable to lots of spies and assassinations."

I replied "you and your hypocrisy won't get erased since you are so experienced and it will get in the way of listening to me. but a fact is that whenever people do bad things for a greater good, in the end, nothing good can ever get from them."

"and I know that the one thing you fear isn't from other villages, its Uchiha clan rebellion isn't it?". he was shocked " how do you know about that?" I replied "my best friend is an Uchiha and you might have already known that I'm a sage. it's natural that I know about it. you think you may sending message to them by Banishing me but mark my words no matter what you do, Uchiha clan rebellion will happen and you will see your own village will get destroyed because of a soft spot for your student." after then I went back.

He sighed "I wonder why fate always put us two against each other." then he looked at forehead protector "you really disappointed me Diran kun, I hoped for you to become Hokage after me but you chose to go away from even becoming shinobi. well, Orochimaru wasn't found. can't be done anything but Uchiha clan, I should focus on it for now. hmm, how about making Itachi an anbu so that he can spy his clan for me?. unlike Diran, he is good at following orders. let's see" Third hokage thinking about it while stroking his beard.

I packed all my things, including the rusty sword and the Second Hokage's diary. I know after several years, Tsunade will return so, I decreased the effect of barrier around the calm compound so that anyone who has relation to my DNA i.e first Hokage's DNA is permitted to enter.

Later, after I left Konoha, I began to walk slowly and leisurely towards Keishi. a while later, I reached Miho town. it's a very small town. I went to the only Inn there but unfortunately, it's full. So, after having dinner I decided to continue my journey. while I was going outside the town, in the streets I heard someone cried for help.

I reached there instantly and saw a girl is being held by two burly guards and two others are beating up a middle-aged man. she's crying "please leave my father". one of the guards who's holding her smirked: "you think you can humiliate our young master and can escape from punishment."

then I spoke, "hey you guys over there, leave them alone and scram away from here". only then they realized that someone is there. after seeing me one of them spoke "hey kid, don't involve yourself in this. you seemed like you are not local. better you scram away from here or else you will face young master's wrath."

I look coldly at them "I'm not in a good mood. if you don't leave them now, you will face consequences". then one guy left her father and came toward me and tried to punch me. I didn't even look at him and caught his punch and twisted his entire arm and tore it off. he screamed.

all were stunned and someone whispered "he's a shinobi. let's go away from here". they ran away. the girl immediately went to her father and kneeled while crying. I went near him and helped him stand. He thanked me. i waved my hand "it's fine". he asked me "are you a shinobi?". I replied, "used to be". he then asked, "can I ask your name ?" I smiled "call me Diran. by the way, who are those and who is this young master?".

he replied "he's the son of this town's leader. very spoiled and cruel. those who went against him pay a huge price. he said he wanted my daughter. I got enraged and slapped him in front of everybody. but he didn't do anything in public because if the news went to Konoha, there's no doubt he and his family will be, he always did things in the dark thereby erasing all evidence.

by going against him his guards beat us daily and today you saved us for them. if it's possible, please go out of the village now. there were some rogue ninjas with him.

I smiled "there's no need for that. please go to your home and sleep. by tomorrow your problems will be solved".by the time he was to reply I already disappeared.

next day, someone knocked on the door. the girl's father opened it and got afraid at first but later he was completely shocked. The town's leader with many villages at his back and a beaten up son of his in his hand came inside and apologized "please forgive me and my son for his actions". then he looked at his son "now, apologize them".

he looked at her and kneeled "I really love you and wanted to marry you but I guess I got way over my head thinking no one has the right to go against me.aI'm sorry for my actions towards you and your father". then the leader said, "for an apology, I hope you accept this." father got shocked at seeing this. it's the land deed which was only available to authorities in the town.

Later, After he went away. the father looked at some direction "thank you Diran sama." and the leader said to his son "remember it, son, there was always more powerful than someone. I hope you would regret your habits until now and turn into a new leaf. after all, you will be the next leader of this town".

who knew one small incident and one little action of mine would make that spoiled young master a respectable leader of the mercenary association after a few years


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