Transmigrated into Naruto World
81 Diran vs Yagura part 1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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81 Diran vs Yagura part 1

for a few weeks, no one disturbed me. I was leisurely staying in Kaizoku, the capital city of the land of water. I didn't like it very much since the administration here is very poor. It isn't like Keishi back at the fire country where even shinobi from Konoha had to follow the rules. a bit lawless and seems like Daimyo don't even care about his own capital. but at least capital is better. the rest of the country is even in worse condition

well, it's mostly because of civil war happening for a few years and because of Yagura going insane and killing the shinobi with kekkai Genkai as they pose a threat to his rule. although there's another rumour which is flowing all over the country that he's being controlled by someone. only I know for sure it is true.

because of that, many shinobi turned rogue and left Kiri that includes six-tailed jinchuuriki Utakata. anyway, it's not my concern right now. I didn't save or helped anyone in the village but killed lots of rogue ninjas who are behaving like bandits and avenged the innocent victims.

I sat on the beach looking at the sea sighed "I wonder how can I calm my heart. it's been more than 6months I've killed dozens of evil guys and avenged poor souls yet nothing seems to work at all. I guess traveling is a bad idea after all. should I just find some remote place and live in peace there?"

while I'm lamenting about my future since I'm very troubled and confused, I drifted to sleep. a while later, I heard a loud sound. I woke up suddenly saw people are running and at a distance saw a big explosion in the sea.

I activated lv3 Sage mode and observed a person with a huge amount of chakra and it's a bit dark and evil. then I observed there are several thousands of chakra.

"Hmm, seems like a battle. probably between Fourth Mizukage and the resistance army. I stood up and dashed towards the battlefield. when I reached the location, it completely looked like there's a war going on. I was shocked to see the scene as I never experienced war before and didn't saw this many shinobi at a single place.

I didn't join the battle at all since I don't know who is an ally and who is an enemy. I'm not a Kiri shinobi after all. how the hell am I supposed to know who belongs to the resistance army and who belongs to the yagura faction?

Although I'm standing there on sidelines far away and watching the battle. my heart is restless, my blood is boiling and my body keeps telling me to join the war and go on a killing spree. I keep on saying some nonsense words whatever come to my mind which help me to calm down.

then I went towards the biggest chakra of all most likely three tails. after running for a while I caught a glimpse of three tails which is getting attacked by a dozen shinobi. I only recognized Mei, Zabuza, and Ao

they are collectively restricting him by chains. Yagura is in version two form which is a tailed beast's chakra being converted into a humanoid shape was struggling to move and throwing one by one yet they are still holding him down. it would have been nice if he's in the uncontrolled stage but too bad that Yagura is one of the few jinchuuriki who can control it and transform at his will.

after struggling quite a bit, he freed himself and struck Mei with a powerful blow "Coral palm" then a large formation of coral grew from the stomach which is the initial point of contact. very quickly it solidified and restricted her mobility.

Zabuza who's already injured heavily dashed forward to her "Terumi sama".she quickly melted it with boil release before it covered all over the body. she waved "I'm alright now" then she ordered, "everyone, move aside and don't go near him".then she dashed towards Yagura and began to make some hand signs.

everyone who saw that instantly backed away. "Yoton: Yokai no jutsu - Lava Release: Melting Apparition" then she spit put strong acidic fluid. since it was very short in distance, it was very quick and it hit him and start to corrode his flesh. he screamed in pain and transformed into full Three-tailed beast Isobu and attacked all of them with "Suiton: Daikaisuidan - Water release: Great Water Mass Bullet"

then a huge water projectile came towards them very quickly. Mei began to make signs to counter that and the rest all got panic-stricken.

just when she has done with signs and about to counter it with a jutsu, a huge amount of water before her, started to rise. a water wall formed and the attack collided with it. upon impact, some waves formed but the attack got nullified.

She got confused but when I suddenly appeared before her with my back facing her, she instantly recognized me as I was in same robes back then. her eyes got widened "You".

I replied "don't misunderstand, I don't have any intention to help you guys out. It disturbed my sleep and I decided to confront it.that's all. would be better if you leave it to me. after all, your injuries aren't light".

Then I looked at Three-tails "back then, I've run away from one of a tailed beast like you because I'm weaker. But now the situation is different. Come show me how much stronger did I got from then". he roared and attacked me with one of its tails, I dodged by jumping up easily and in air,

I raised my sword "Amagumo sage art: Water Cyclone Bullet" water began to gather at the tip of the sword like a cyclone shape water enveloped the sword with my hand in it and it started to grow bigger and bigger.

then I stretched my arm back spun around and thrust it forward. The attack hit him at a great speed and with great pressure that forced him to back off dozens of meters and fell down.

he got enraged and roared with anger and started to gather chakra. The atmosphere suddenly began to change. Mei upon seeing it instantly ordered everyone to run a bit far away. then she looked at me "Mister, you can't face that attack, move as far as possible"

I replied, "if I move, then it will attack in that direction where your army is fighting or in that direction where many civilians live. Do you wish to see countless of your people die? Moreover, I'm confident that I can stop it. if not I can at least divert the attack. go as far as possible". she was dumbfounded upon hearing my reply and stood there like a statue for a few seconds. then Ao appeared neared her and woke her "Mei sama, let's go". then she got worried and looked at me "but he".

Ao replied "we aren't obliged to care about a stranger's well being. We are in a war. it is more important". then she sighed "I won't be able to forgive myself in my whole life if the person who saved me once and now trying to sacrifice himself to save thousands of our people dies while I abandoned him. I'll stay here. and will try to stop the attack with him".

then Ao looked at her "But Mei sama" she looked at him seriously "no buts, this is my final decision. if I die here then abandon the war and go into hiding. Choose someone who's worthy and don't stop our mission until Yagura is done". Ao got tears in his eyes and kneeled "it's been an honor to serve under you Mei sama".



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