Transmigrated into Naruto World
83 Tobirama“s Diary
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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83 Tobirama“s Diary

The village I was staying right now called Fishing village. it's a small village of population about a couple of hundred. there are only two jobs exist here. one is fishing and the other is agriculture which isn't very much successful as the land isn't much fertile.

since there aren't any kind of natural resources exist here, no one cared to attack or invade the village. It's been a few weeks since I arrived here. at first, I don't like the village much as it's very backward. So, I didn't go out much and just meditate all day. Ichiko also returned to Keishi after a couple of days after I woke up. after she went away I built a small house near her house and lived here till now.

The only one I got acquainted is Takahiro san who Ichiko considers as her family. he is a farmer who has a son of 12 years of age and a wife. after having lunch with them I came back home and sat on my bed. then I suddenly remembered the Second Hokage's diary. I tried to open it, it glowed bright red for a second and opened.

"Since you can open this diary then that would mean you are a Senju and I would have already left this world a long time ago. this diary doesn't just contain my experiences. it also contains some history that was buried forever. So, I hope you respect your ancestors and close this diary if you don't wish to accept the responsibility which will fall upon you once you turn this page".

then I turned the page "Good, now that you've turned the page. I guess you are ready to accept the wish of mine. let's go into this story of mine. shall we? So, how should start it? hmm. let's go into my childhood. back then there's no existence of Konoha or other four great villages. it was the warring states period.

back then during the Warring States Period, the countries of the world were uniformly small, constantly battling each other for land, power, and opportunity. To fight these battles, countries hired one or more clans of mercenary shinobi to represent their interests, the shinobi's loyalties ultimately going to the highest bidder.

The constant warfare, in turn, led to constant death, creating an average lifespan of only thirty years. Children were the greatest victims of the era, forced to fight for their clan no differently than an adult would and, more often than not, being killed by older and more skilled opponents.

Amidst all the vying for supremacy, two clans emerged as strongest. one is our Senju clan and other is the Uchiha clan. people say because of this constant competition, the enmity between our two clans rose. but that isn't true. our father Butsuma Senju once told us when we were little that our two clans originally had the same ancestor Hagoromo Otsutsuki who was also known as the sage of the six paths.

but Indra who is the son of Rikodou sennin and who is also the Uchiha clan's ancestor despite being the elder brother betrayed kinship and tried to kill our clan ancestor Ashura. all because Rikodou sennin chose Ashura as his successor. well, Indra was born genius and awakened Sharingan and thought he was special whereas Ashura who didn't have much talent awakened the power of his own which rivalled his brother with the help of his allies and friends.

that's the beginning of our clan enmity. just like the jutsu and clan name. who knows whether it's a true story or a made up one but it was sure that the enmity also passed down for both clans for centuries. from the childhood we were trained to hate Uchiha.

But my foolish brother Hashirama Senju was very different from all of us from the start. you know our father doesn't like him much as he keeps defying father about our customs.

despite all of this, we used to live very happily until I lost Kawarama who was killed at the age of 7 by those Uchiha. that day a huge argument happened between Hashirama and my father and my brother for the first time got slapped. from then the distance between my brother and my father slowly grew far.

eventually, we lost our other brother Itama. that event really put deep hatred in my heart towards Uchiha but for my brother, it is something else entirely. he started to go out frequently in secret. One day our little sister Yume followed him in secret and found out he is meeting a boy of our age.

at first, I wondered why need to be secret. I thought "maybe he doesn't want to drag into our clan business" I didn't think much about it until we found my brother befriending Uchiha clan's heir Madara in secret. well, actually even he doesn't know that Madara is an Uchiha.

One day, we planned an ambush to kill Madara but too bad those damn Uchiha also planned the same on the same day. well, that day everything changed for Madara after he awakened Sharingan but my foolish brother haven't lost his determination.

years passed in a blink of an eye. Hashirama and Madara became their respective clan heads. they both stood in a world which had turned into fact opposite of the one they had discussed and fantasized about in their younger days.

after my brother took over my clan. He with mokuton ability completely overturned Uchiha. we trampled them so much that they began to take some mercenaries as support to fight us. but after I injured Izuna, who later died with heavy injuries. they completely fell into disadvantage

later Madara awakened a completely new different eye than a regular magekyou sharingan. despite being in a disadvantage, he challenged us because he thought he can win with those new eyes but alas my brother is stronger. after a full day battle Madara was finally defeated.

at that moment, I felt like I was the happiest person in the world. I took my sword and went near him to behead him but my brother stopped me and still talked about his foolish dream. eventually, Madara accepted the alliance and put an end to millennium years of enmity. and after the formation of Konoha, a different number of clans joined one after another. soon My brother Hashirama was elected to become hokage although my brother wants Madara to be hokage.

So, to maintain a good relationship between Uchiha and Senju forever My brother betrothed our sister Yume Senju to Madara Uchiha without asking her permission. of course I rejected it on the spot but what can I say he said his decision was final.

later I went to Yume who was training and said: "Yume, just now brother had betrothed you to Madara". She was shocked and enraged "does he think I'll just accept it". I consoled her "it's ok, he probably decided that because he felt bad for Madara and to unite our clans. once you meet him and tell your decision, I'm sure he will change his decision".

later we went to him and after hearing her, he got depressed "I'm sorry Yume, Tobirama. I didn't think thoroughly and because the state of my mind isn't good I did it without your permission. but Yume, why are you so against this marriage?"

she got silent for a second and replied: "because he's an Uchiha". then he said "I know him more than anyone. he may look cold on the outside once you know him, you'll know how kind he really is. You know that he hates Senju just as tobirama hate Uchiha but still just for my sake he accepted the marriage.

if you reject it now, I'm afraid how the relations between our two clans turn out. I'm not forcing you to marry him. I'm just saying give him a chance. befriend him and know him and forget he's Uchiha for a moment. if your decision is still the same, then I would cancel it".

"but" she didn't talk anymore and became silent. she nodded and went away. after a period of time, I found both of them walking together. strangely Madara is smiling while talking with her, while she was listening with a smile. only later I figured that the smile on my sister's face was a forced one.

later after my brother officially became hokage and until the wedding date, we found nothing strange about her except going out alone frequently. My brother was practically in the clouds that Yume is getting along with Madara. but everything turned upside down on the wedding day when Yume went missing or rather she ran away leaving behind a letter stating she can't marry him at all and doesn't want to be a sacrificial lamb.

Madara became a laughing stock in the village. he became enraged and activated Susanoo but as a hokage, he stopped Madara and reasoned with him. Madara sure got cool down but the villagers and other clans began to fear him.

later, after a series of incidents, Madara decided to leave the village and later after he captured Kyuubi he returned to the village and waged a war against the leaf. after a huge battle at the valley of the end, my brother finally put an end to Madara.

later we sent many shinobi to track Yume.we found her but since we are in the middle of a shinobi war with other villages, I let her stayed there peacefully. I'm not sure whether I'll be alive after this war or not. my brother still regrets even before his death about her. I'm not sure how many years had passed on. but I hope you bring back if not Yume at least one of her descendants to Konoha.

The last thing we found out before the war, I got a letter from her stating that she got married and staying happily somewhere in the land of Iron."

Diran P.O.V

I closed the diary "that's some history. but isn't he a bit foolish to think whoever reads this would go in search of his sister's descendants whatever? well, I promised him back then and I don't have anything to do anyway. might as well do the job and be done with it. he said it's in the land of Iron right. hmm."

after saying goodbye to Takahiro san and his family, I started my journey towards the Land of Iron to find Yume Senju's descendent whereabouts.


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