Transmigrated into Naruto World
86 Oversees Bank ; Meeting Asuma
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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86 Oversees Bank ; Meeting Asuma

A couple of weeks later, I reached Keishi. I decided to meet Daimyo and ask his help as the city is too big to find one person among a million people with only a name is almost impossible. But I'm also quite reluctant to meet him as I've learned from Shibuki that Konoha branded me as a criminal for assassinating a Konoha elder along with more than a hundred of his subordinates.

Nations fear me and people call me a devil. well, I'm sure rumours got exaggerated as it got passed from one to another. all in all, I'm quite infamous now. So, I mostly travel through a disguise now which is actually my own face from my previous life.

But since I need his help, I made an appointment to meet him as a businessman named Nakamura. I passed through the checkpoint and without waiting for anyone to guide me, I went to the room as I've memorized the place. I reached the place and opened the door. I was surprised to see an acquaintance there. there are two guards standing behind his back. they are none other than Asuma Sarutobi and Chiruku.

I thought "hmm, I thought they were disbanded. I see. Kazuma didn't plan to overthrow the hokage yet. that's why they are still around huh. but seems like Asuma grew up quite a bit quicker. his disposition is completely differently from 3-4 years ago".

I ignored them and sat after greeting Daimyo. then he said "I heard you come from the land of tea to here to build various shopping complex and in need of a land amount of land. But it's not an issue that you need to have an appointment with me. after all, there are no restrictions here in fire country except for Konoha".

I smiled "it's not just that. there's something important I need to discuss with you". he gestured "ok, go on". then I looked at two of them and then looked at him "alone please". Asuma frowned "that's impossible. Daimyo sama is the ruler of this nation. we can't...."

I interrupted him coldly "since when does a mere guard have permission to interrupt our conversation. Daimyo sama please order your servant to be in his limits". Daimyo frowned as well as Chiruku. Asuma got angry "you..."

I looked at him in disdain "what, you feel offended?. aren't you Hokage's son?. only a few years ago, a major mishap happened and I also heard only a few months ago, many shinobi got killed. and rather than serving your village at these hard times, you are happily enjoying to be some private guardian".

Chiruku interrupted "Nakamura san, aren't you forgetting who is in front of you?". I bowed "I apologize Daimyo sama". He's just staring at me while thinking something. "Um, Daimyo sama?". I got no response. the room became silent for a while. then he suddenly smiled while taking out his fan "Asuma, Chiruku leave us alone".

Asuma then "But Daimyo sama.." he looked at him sternly. they both bowed and left us alone. then he suddenly said "one who disdains Konoha nin at the same time one who was fearless to talk with such audacity before me. even the hokage won't talk like that unless I touched his bottom line. there are only a handful of people in fire country who will talk before me like you especially in my own palace. who are you?. I may not be a shinobi but I can discern lies and truth. you are not what you claim you to be".

I smiled "I'm impressed Daimyo-sama. But, aren't you afraid that I'm an enemy?". He laughed loudly "if you are, I would be already dead. people fear my twelve ninja guardians as they are considered as the most elite in the whole country. forget about fear. You looked at both of them like weaklings as if you can kill them at any time. I know that look very well. either you are very strong or you are just a fool with lots of money. you clearly don't look like a fool".

I was surprised "Daimyo-sama, you are very wise". he smiled "of course, if not how can I maintain the whole country without the support of Konoha. now, I have a pretty much idea of who you really are but I'm not sure completely. let me guess is it you Senju san?"

I was completely shocked and turned into my real appearance. He laughed "I was right after all".

I was completely shocked "How?". He replied "your transformation is perfect Senju san but that's where you got caught. it's because it's too perfect for even two of my guards can't detect, I got suspicious that only an exceptional shinobi of above jonin level Shinobi can do that. one of the best examples is Tsunade".

I asked "but, still I didn't get it how did you figure it out that it was me? we only met once years ago". then he replied "but, I kept tabs on talented shinobi all these years and you are in number one spot in that. forget about me, all five nations know that when someone wants to battle you, they have to watch out for three things. one is your instant regeneration, second is your mokuton and the last thing is your perfect transformation into an object in surroundings when in battle".

"and couple with the fact that you came here without anyone to guide means you are not new to the palace and this room and yet I failed to remember you. all these various factors which led to my suspicion towards you and the first name that popped up in my mind is Diran. you probably in disguise because your reputation isn't good and thought I would also treat you as a criminal. relax I know everything and you should know the Royal family is always a friend of Senju clan".

I smiled and bowed "thank you Daimyo-sama". he waved his hand "you can just call me Uncle you know". I laughed "Hahaha, I wouldn't dare". then I sat again properly "actually, I didn't come here to build some shopping complex. I'm here for someone. I only have a name Yasuhide. he and his family migrated here two decades ago".

He stroked his chin "not a big matter. but it will take a while to search for his details as you know there are more than a million people situated here. although we have details of every immigrant here if he came twenty years ago, it will probably take months. but I will assign more people to get it quickly. until then you can stay as a guest in the palace".

I shook my head "it's ok, I will just stay in some inn. I don't want to trouble you". he replied, "it's not much of a trouble.we have many rooms empty anyway". then I convinced him "it's not just that. I'm a banished citizen of Konoha. if you shelter a person like me. It would make you look bad in front of the world. It's ok. no one in Keishi knows my face anyway. I'll just stay somewhere in the city".

He sighed "fine, as you wish" then, I changed back to my disguise as both of them entered again. Daimyo looked at me "Diran, you don't need to put the disguise anymore. you are now an honourable citizen of Keishi". Asuma frowned upon hearing the name and looked at me.

I sighed and removed my disguise and looked at the surprised Asuma "Hello Sarutobi-san, it's been a while". he was genuinely surprised to see me "it's you". while Chiruku was puzzled, he asked, "you know him?" Asuma scoffed "who doesn't know the Banished Sage of Konoha. One who mercilessly killed his own adopted father and more than a hundred root shinobi in revenge"

then he looked at me "why is a person like you here?" I didn't answer him and looked at Daimyo "I will take my leave". Daimyo nodded. then Chiruku asked Asuma "Seriously?" Asuma nodded "he's dangerous you know. my father once said he was arrogant and he even treats Kages as his equal. has no respect for the authority at all. just looked at how did he talk before us in front of Daimyo-sama himself even the Kages won't talk to him like that".

Two months passed by and yet there's no news of that person. in these two months, I have done nothing but meditation since I can't train here in the city. I had interactions with many people who do business here and found out that the city was sure prosperous on the outside but many people aren't as wealthy as they seemed to be.

due to the high population, bank giving loans to a limited number of people, so a large number of citizens taking loans from private organizations at a high-Interest rate. because of that many are struggling just to pay back the interests.

Then I discussed with Daimyo "Oji-san, if you don't do something, these loan sharks will completely drain the city's economy and people's lives". He sighed "I know, but the funds are limited". I nodded "that's why I came here with a proposal".

he looked at me curiously "oh! what is it?" I replied "I want to set up a bank. Our clan have lots of funds, I can use them as a base for it. with the bank, I can provide loans with low interests to a small businessman or those who have low income. with this, we can at least shut most of those private organizations".

he thought for a bit "but, never in history, there's a bank outside of Daimyo's control. it is to ensure to control the economy of the hidden villages and the country for eternity". I smiled "just make an exception for me Uncle. it's not like you are facing a loss. this way, your citizens will prosper". then he said "but your clan had more than a hundred million Ryo in it. if we move everything. it will cause economic imbalance, as well as the bank, will face loss. how about this. you are permitted not more than one third to your account. I think it's more than enough for startup".

I was already petrified and my voice quivered "hundred million Ryo?. a 100k Ryo will ensure a house in the centre of Konoha and I have that much? how?". he smiled "it's because of shodaime. because of his gambling habits, he amassed a huge amount of Fortune decades ago and never used much. the compound interest built up eventually".

then I asked "but Oji-san, you are a Daimyo. how come you remember this petty stuff. I mean it should be the job of someone else right". He smiled "didn't I said the royal family is always a friend of Senju clan. it's not just because the first hokage is a fearsome individual. it's also because of the money he had in our bank, our fire country became prosperous and brought economic stability back in those days. so, with that said. what name did you think of your bank?".

I thought for a while "I just thought of a name. it will be Oversees bank".

a few weeks later, the bank was constructed and was inaugurated. for a while, the business was going too well and I attracted some enemies but as everyone who got disappeared miraculously who made troubles for the bank, some people left the city while some stayed and continued their business offering even lower Interest rates.

a few weeks later,

I posted recruitment for the assistant manager as the previous one was removed because he got caught in corruption. I went to see the hall where the interview is going on. I was surprised to see Ichiko there.


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