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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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84 Little fu

Three months later

I was standing before a large waterfall. I sighed "it took me almost ten weeks to get the clue. if not for Kansuke sensei it might even take 6 more months the least. I hope I will find her descendent here.

hmm. but where is the entrance?" then I remembered my sensei told me in order to access the village, one has to go through underwater cave systems below the large waterfall. The cave systems exit leads to different places in Takigakure.

quickly I found it and went through the cave and after a while, I reached my destination. strange thing is that I never encountered any guards on the way. then I thought "hmm, seems like there's no security over here. I wonder why. probably that route is normal one". the village is actually very small compared to my expectations.

"I guess all hidden villages aren't like Konoha after all". well, the village isn't impressive but at the same time, the conditions here are better than Kiri at least. but I have to praise it for never been successfully invaded despite being surrounded by four other countries and also its the only village with a tailed beast outside of five great villages.

as I was roaming the village, I discovered a strange thing that I haven't encountered any shinobi above genin level. after asking residents for directions, I quickly went to the village head Shibuki's residence. I was disappointed to see that it's actually a small wooden hut, that is built near some trees, which has a sign with a kanji for Taki above the entrance.

I went near them and asked humbly to meet with the leader, one of them just politely as well as nervously replied that he's not there. then I got even more suspicious, I instantly activated Sage mode and checked the village. I quickly found a large amount of shinobi gathered in the northern part of the village. and there are a couple of flies spying on me from a distance. I smiled and started to move towards the location

meanwhile, before the northern lake of Takigakure, shibuki assembled almost every chunin and jonin available and placed them before the lake as guards whereas he and a small girl who is holding his hand as well as few elders of the village went into the cave which is connected to the lake.

Shibuki then spoke in a concerned tone "must we do this?. we don't know his intention at all". one of the elders replied "Shibuki-sama we must not take chances. if he's really for that thing, our village will be done for. that's why we have to seal it inside her and keep her hidden so that he cannot sense that thing anymore".

Shibuki sighed while looking at six years old little orphan girl who he treated as his own family. then they reached the middle of the cave. The little girl suddenly got afraid upon seeing the giant creature which is sleeping while being restricted by various seals and wrapped up in some chains.

the creature has seven tails, in which six of them looked like wings with three of them on each side and the seventh tail looks like a normal one.

the little girl lies down and they started some ritual without disturbing the seven tails. slowly after the preparations completed, they slowly removed the seals on it and started to seal it inside the girl. just then, it woke up and tried to attack. but since it was grounded by chains and can't fly, it began to struggle a bit.

the elders got worried and they began to speed up the process. very quickly, it removed itself from the chains and quickly bite one of the elders killing him in a single move. then it looked towards the exit and started to escape.

one of the elders screamed "shibuki, quickly do something, don't let it escape. then he warned all the ninja stationed outside the cave. "the beast is escaping, capture it at all costs. tell everyone outside be ready".

while I was moving towards the location I sensed earlier, suddenly I sensed a large amount of chakra which is moving towards the shinobi from another side. I sped up and after a while, I reached the place. I saw seven tails is being wrapped up in chains by more than hundred shinobi. they are tightly holding it, while it desperately trying to escape.

after seeing that it was in control, I didn't step up and just became a spectator. a while later, shibuki came with carrying an unconscious little girl.

they began to seal it once again, it roared "you vile creatures leave me no other choice. die" then it began to gather a massive amount of chakra. the surroundings began to change, even I can feel a lot of pressure much less these weak shinobi. Shibuki paled and roared "everyone move away".

I cursed "damn, this wasn't it supposed to go, where is that cheerful bijuu I saw in the anime. it is out of their capability. I need to step up". I went into sage mode level 3, after gathering a large amount of chakra, "Wood release: Heavenly deity gates".

then, three gates fell from the sky, one on its head, one each on three wings on each side and completely restrained it. as it completely sealed the mouth and the wings, Bijuu dama wasn't completed and the character dispersed.

Meanwhile, Shibuki whose face was pale and the others who were running suddenly stopped upon seeing it being restrained. The elders who witnessed the scene got frightened even more. One of them spoke "Hey Taro, isn't that first Hokage's jutsu?", the other one replied, "that means that demon is here isn't he?". he roared "No, that beast belongs to our village, you aren't supposed to take it"

then I disappeared and appeared behind him and gave a chop to his neck. he got unconscious right away. "tch, the hell are you spouting nonsense for"

then, Shibuki who already frightened to the core earlier slipped and fallen on to the ground in fear. with his voice shaking, he ordered: "everyone attack this demon, dont let him take our tailed beast". I got confused by his words "huh? what do you mean by that?". then suddenly a kunai came into my direction. I dodged it easily. i said "wait a minute" but some of the shinobi who were still active started to throw kunai and shuriken in my direction.

after dodging them for a while, I got impatient. I made some complicated signs and unleashed "Secret Wood Style Jutsu: Deep Forest Emergence". I created a dense growth of trees and captured them very quickly before they even had the chance to escape. In the past, the first hokage used this technique to serve as a foundation for Konohagakure.

then I turned towards Shibuki who was struggling to escape from the jutsu "now, can we talk peacefully?". after all being captured in one move Shibuki lost hope. he lowered his head and begged "just take the beast. please leave them alive".

I smiled "well, aren't you misunderstanding something? when did I say I want to steal the bijuu from your village?" he was surprised and just when he was about to relax, my face became dark "but, I don't have any intention to leave people who wanted me dead".

his face instantly lost colours, I raised my hand and closed all my fingers. the trees and branches began to tighten all the people who were captured. for a whole two minutes, the place is filled with full of cries. Shibuki began to beg, tears completely covered his face.

I thought "maybe, I took it too far". then I released them and looked at Shibuki "take it as a warning" then I looked at the unconscious little girl and asked him "what is her name? and her relation to you". he replied hurriedly "fu. she's like my daughter". then I looked at the captured seven tails and sighed

"seven tails and the little girl belong to your village, I don't have any right to interfere. if you want to seal it, then do it but one condition is that her jinchuuriki status should never be revealed to the public as well as your subordinates. if you can't promise it, I'll just take the bijuu away from here and seal it somewhere safe".

Shibuki looked at me in a bit of gratitude and bowed "thank you " then he said "but how can the secrecy be maintained? all of the shinobi of the village present here" he pointed to the ninjas who are collapsed to the ground and taking rest while some are looking at us.

then I thought for a bit "hmm, leave it me". then a while later he summoned the elders and few people who were necessary for sealing. then he looked at me "Diran sama?".

I nodded and turned to others "Kokuangyo no jutsu - Bringer of Darkness".

them various cries are all over the field "I can't see. what's happening". then I looked at the shinobi who were behind "I've trapped them under genjutsu, now they won't be able to know what's happening here.with this wide range, I can only keep it up for five to ten minutes at most. do it quickly".

then suddenly seven tails started to release. "damn" I raised my power to maximum and pin it down with force. ten minutes later, everybody got released. one shinobi looked at the surroundings and he screamed: "wait, where is the beast?".

I looked at Shibuki and nodded "you take care of rest of the matter. I'm leaving". he stopped me "please wait, you've done so much help for us. please be our guest for a while". I nodded.

two weeks later

after researching everything, I found out the address of the descendent named Yasuhide who migrated to Keishi twenty years ago. I took the address and was about to depart to Keishi.

Shibuki and little fu came to sent me off. she tugged my clothes "Diran Niisan, are you going far?. will you come back?". I looked at her, she reminded me of Ayame. I kneeled to her height and patted her "no, I'm going very far and probably will go even farther. so, I'm not sure I can promise that I come back. if fate allows, we'll meet again". I raised my hand and made a figurine of seven tails with wood and gave it to her.

I said "this is my gift to you. if you ever meet a similar creature like this in future, don't be afraid and try to befriend it. OK?". she hugged me "thank you". I patted her "take care" then I look at Shibuki "I hope you will keep your promise". he nodded. I departed from there and set off to Keishi


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