Transmigrated into Naruto World
86 Diran and Ichiko, Diran meets Little Miura 2in1 ch
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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86 Diran and Ichiko, Diran meets Little Miura 2in1 ch

I didn't interrupt the interview and came out and waited for her. after her interview was over, she came out of the building and got surprised to see me at the entrance "Diran?". I smiled "it's been a while Ichiko". later, we went to a restaurant "So, how did it turn out?". she smiled and showed a victory sign "I got selected". I smiled "Congratulations".

then she asked, "say, what are you doing here?". I replied, "well, I'm just looking for someone". "Oh! who is it?" "not sure's a bit complicated. forget about it. let's talk about something else".

while we are talking about some random nonsense, suddenly someone interrupted our conversation. "Ichiko, here you are. I'm looking for you everywhere." a guy with two lackeys stood beside our table "why don't just accept defeat and come back to me. do you really think someone will you a job after offending me?"

She snorted "hmpf, you think I'm afraid of you? or do you really think you can control this city? I already got one in Oversees Bank. I will see how will you deal with me now. anyway, don't disturb me. I'm on a date".

*Cough* only then he realised I was sitting before her all the time. he turned towards me "you, scram away from here". while he was just about to touch my shoulder, I didn't even look towards him caught his hand and moved it slightly. "Ah!!!" he started to scream. then Ichiko looked at me with a bit worry "please". I removed my hand and looked toward him coldly "you see, not every insignificant person has the right to talk to me not to mention touching me"

and I resumed my eating. the two lackeys "boss, are you alright?" one of them picked him up and he looked toward me "you will pay for this. do you know who my father is?" I turned towards me "what? you don't know who your father is? Aww, that's a shame".

Ichiko spilt the wine when I said that and started laughing and looked at me "you really are daring Diran. he is the son of the leader of mercenary association you know". "Oh! is it?. hmpf, another insignificant character. don't need to care about it".

then suddenly a group of ninja appeared beside him. he looked at me furiously "get rid of him". The customers suddenly started shouting and deserting the restaurant. The manager came and bowed to him "please, don't cause trouble". he was kicked away by one of the subordinates.

Ichiko then "you really intend to start trouble here. don't you fear that Daimyo guards will come?" even though she said that fearlessly on the outside, I sensed that she was worried inside.

I smiled "relax, don't need to worry about those clowns. finish lunch". then he ordered in anger "what are you waiting for. get him now". then, I spoke loudly "now, if you don't reveal yourself. there will be a dozen corpses here".

one of them murmured "is he crazy or something? who is he talking to?". then two of them who are still in chunin level ran towards me. I sighed "fine, don't blame me now. this one on your head".

while they are halfway, they suddenly got crushed down, and a shinobi who is around my age appeared. someone from the gang spoke "look at his waist cloth. he's one of the twelve". The young master looked at him coldly "so, you intend to protect him huh. I will see how will you able to protect him all the time".

he looked at me once more and took his subordinates away. after they went away. Ichiko came to him "Thank you for helping us". I replied, "he didn't help us, rather he protected their lives from me". she looked at me "you.." Asuma then "he's right. I just helped them from this devil". I snickered "you really like to draw conclusions very early. this is why you will never be acknowledged by your father"

he looked at me "what do you mean?". I sighed "grow up. you will understand eventually" he snorted "you are the same age as me". then without saying anything else he disappeared.

Ichiko who was clueless looked at me "what's going on? do you know each other from before? oh right, I forgot you are from Konoha". I replied "we are merely acquaintances. I had only talked with him once or twice. his father is the Hokage you know".

"what!! and you talk to the son of Hokage like that?. after meeting you back then, I researched about ninjas. it is said Hokage is one of the wisest and strongest person in the whole world.".

I grumbled "what do you mean strongest?. he's just a nothing for good hypocrite old man". "what??" "Nothing". then, later we parted ways. she later went to her home. after having dinner, she slept in her bed thinking "Diran, you are really a mysterious person".

since bank work hours are the same for everyone, we used to meet every day after her work even though I never said to her I'm her boss actually. when she asked me what work I do. I just told her that I work at the bank just like her. she just misunderstood that I work for Bank of Keishi. we became good friends eventually.

A week later, after one of our dinner dates, we were walking in an empty alley. Suddenly, I sensed many chakras. I stopped. she turned around "what happened". I said coldly "since you guys are already here. come out. why hide like cowards".

then around two dozen ninja stepped out with that idiot young master with some old man. he folded his hands and laughed coldly "so, you are the one called Diran. I will see who dares to protect you today. because of you, Daimyo forced me to resign my position and even exiled me from the fire country. I don't care what sort of relationship you have with the Daimyo. since I lost everything I build up for more than two decades, you will pay it with your life".

then he looked over Ichiko "and your beauty over there is the main perpetrator. after killing him tonight. I will give you to all my subordinates to have fun with you one by one". Ichiko in fear clutched my arm shaking.

I looked at him coldly "I don't know who you are. we don't actually have enmity from the start. but since you touched my bottom line. none of you will leave alive here".

he looked at me and laughed loudly "brat, I already know that you are previously a shinobi of Konoha. I've made enquiries about you. based on the reports, you trained together with Asuma Sarutobi, who is the son of Hokage as well as one of the twelve ninja guardians. judging by your age. no matter how talented you are, you are jonin level at most. do you think with less experience you can content with these many people in which half of them are jonin level?"

I laughed crazily for a whole minute. "I've never seen a person who is stupider than you. hahaha". then I made a wood clone. "this is my clone. he will take you far away from here. I don't want you to see what happens next". then she looked at me, my clone and at the young master. she shook her head "no, I will stay. this problem started because of me. if you lose then I will just kill myself". she pulled a knife from her handbag.

I was taken back "you.." she replied with a determined face "I will rather die than escape like a coward while giving up my friend. I'm not a ninja. I can't fight. the least I can do is to stay". I sighed. even though she said some brave words, her emotions are a mess. I didn't reply anything as there's nothing to be worried about after all.

I looked into her eyes and said: "don't regret it later". then suddenly without warning, one attacked me. she shouted, "watch out". I tilted my head. without evening seeing, I caught his neck. I crushed his neck while seeing into her eyes. I removed my hand. she got taken back and started shaking "you probably didn't see any killing right. now you will see what the shinobi world is really like".

I turned towards the old man and gestured to come on. three ninjas started to attack me at the same time. when they are just about to land a hit on me. three heads of them were removed and rolled on the ground. all the people around me were shocked. then I looked at the sword in my hand and looked at them and shook my head "Nah, you guys aren't even worthy to die under my sword".

the old man shouted, "everyone get him". remaining twenty ninjas dashed forward from all sides. after putting away the Inazuma, I cracked my knuckles. then, I sighed "forget about it. It's getting late, I need to sleep. will just be done in one move". My wood clone made some signs

"Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no jutsu - Wood release: Smothering binding"

it transformed it's two arms into a tree which created multiple branches captured every one of them and rapidly grown around them and immobilized them at once.

without even both of them knowing what's going on I disappeared and appeared beside the old man and cut off his head. the young master fell down in fear and started shaking "you, don't come near me..." I smiled at him "after you crossed the line, there's no mercy from me. you should've cherished your life when I forgave you last time. but this time..."

then I also killed him quickly and looked at the petrified ninja who is still struggling to escape from my jutsu.

then I looked at Ichiko who got fainted. I sighed and dispelled the clone. "leave before I change my mind" all of them ran away quickly. I picked her up and went to my apartment.

next day, she woke up. I smiled at her "good morning". she looked at her surroundings "where am I? what happened last night?". "how much did you remember?". "I remembered everything until you cut off those three ninjas. what happened after that? don't tell me you killed everyone?".

I laughed "Nah, I'm not a mindless killer to kill whoever in sight. I spared the remaining twenty and only killed those father and son. from now on, I guess you don't need to worry about them".

she said, "I guess you are really a powerful shinobi". I frowned "you aren't afraid of me?". them she replied "why would I be afraid of my friend. those scum deserved to die anyway. if you aren't with me, I don't even imagine what would have happened to me. I need to thank you for that".

I smiled "go and fresh up, till then I'll make some breakfast". after having breakfast, she looked around. she sat on the bed and saw two photo frames which are beside the table. she took one and saw our team picture. then she took another one and I found her staring at it for a while. "Ichiko". she came out of it and hurriedly kept it down.

she asked me while picking up my team picture "are these your friends?". I smiled while taking it from her. I said while looking at it "they aren't just my friends. they are like my family. this one with the weird eye is my sensei. this is me, this little kid in middle is Itachi and this girl is Hana".

then I put it down and picked up another one which had me and Miura in it where she claimed on my back. when I see her smile, I became sad. I caressed the picture. "this is..." "Princess Reiko isn't it". I was stunned to hear that from her. "how did you know?". She became sad "I studied in the Waterfall country capital for a few years. she was really a spoiled girl on the outside but she is really kind despite being a princess. too bad she died in the mishap happened two years ago in the capital city".

I shook my head "no, she didn't die back then. she was very much alive and well. she was killed in a conspiracy around a year ago". "what do you mean?". "it's a bit complicated". she wanted to ask me the details but when she saw my expression, she held back and thought "I wonder what's the relationship between them"

later we parted. after a few weeks, we became close friends but one thing I found strange is that recently Ichiko started to behave weirdly. not externally but I felt her emotions are a mess whenever we went for a movie or amusement parks. in one phrase, whenever I stand close to her, her body temperature seemed rising, sometimes her heartbeat is rising etc..

I got the conclusion that she definitely liked me. but I didn't point it out as I don't want to disappoint her. most girls don't take the initiative to propose anyway. so, I indirectly rejected her by telling my story back in the village about Hana, about Miura etc.. so that she won't get depressed after the proposal.

I thought she would get depressed, but contrary to my expectation, she just said "So, since you got banished from Konoha. you won't ever go back right". I nodded. "does that mean, you can never get back to her". I sighed and nodded. she didn't say anything else and we parted. next day, she was just as usual like every day and her emotions seemed a bit stable. I thought she got over it.

life went on like this. on one day, my birthday came up. I gave her a treat at my house. we ate, we danced and we drank too much. I slept that night very comfortably. that night I got an erotic dream with Hana.

next day, I woke up at noon. I felt a pain in the head. I clutched my forehead "ugh, seems like I drank too much" then I got stunned to see myself naked on the bed and the bed was a mess, my clothes are a bit far away "What the f**k, did I...." "I did it right" I screamed "no way..."

I hurriedly put my clothes on and dashed towards the Bank. I entered the Bank. the staff greeted me as usual. then I found her cabin empty. I asked the staff. the manager replied to me "Diran-sama, she just resigned today".

I thought "it's too much of a coincidence. my suspicion is right. I did spend the night with her after all". I sighed and went back to the apartment and sat and started thinking. two chibi of me appeared in my mind. one which has angel wings is telling "Hey, no matter what, as a man, you need to apologise". the other one which has devil wings is saying "don't think too much, you are an adult. she's also an adult. you two are drunk. just treat it as one night stand".

the angel chibi then said "even so, you two are good friends. if you don't find her and apologise, your friendship will also be broken right and not to mention you already have a person in your heart. it's not good for both of them".

the devil chibi then replied "Nah, you might have Hana in your heart but you aren't a couple officially. so, there's not guilty. and see, she already resigned from her job and didn't even have you an explanation. so, she's also feeling guilty. just give her some time and then meet her. you already have a more pressing problem to deal with. it's been months, but still, there's no information regarding that person. confront the Daimyo again".

I nodded and bother of them disappeared. then I saw a paper below the photo frame. I took it and read it. I looked up and sighed. "fine, for now, it's better if I don't look for her. even if I want to I don't even know where she will be anyway. most probably fishing village?".

next day, I went to Daimyo and ask him about the report. he summoned the person who got his mission he replied "it's almost done and we narrowed it to five people. still, need two to three days". a couple of days later, I got the report. when I saw the picture I got shocked. it was none other than Ichiko who I was searching for all along. I asked the Daimyo to track her down. after a week, I got the report that she was currently staying in the fishing village of the Land of Tea.

after hearing that, I got the impulse to go after her. but then, I thought "even after we met, how should say it to her. because she will believe I looked for her because she was a part of the Senju clan not because she was my friend. damn. anyway, as long as she's fine, that's enough"

at first, I did miss her, but she's only a normal friend. it's not like I love her that I will miss her every day. so, eventually, the chapter between us had been closed and forgotten.

Two years later, Keishi

a twenty years youth is walking on the streets, he has a distinct dark purple hair and a black mark like tattoo under his left eye. everywhere he is walking, people whether they old or young, rich or poor, man or a woman greets him with respect and give way to him. the young school girls have love heart in their eyes who are watching him from distance and lots of killing intent towards him from the men for obvious reasons. he's now the most famous celebrity, The Oversees Director and also the Daimyo's advisor. but most people call him The Senju Prince. that's right it's me. Diran Senju.

these past two years have gone by flash and I brought major changes in the city. there are many academies in all areas except the ninja academy built up here.

I and Daimyo supported many research intuitions who were willing to develop here. quickly Keishi became the most prosperous city in the world even overtaking the lightning country capital within a short time.

I was treated very well here just like how I was being treated in Konoha. but strange is that I didn't met even one Konoha nin till now even though my location is already being exposed. I for one at least expected Nagato sensei would contact me but it seems Hokage even banned Konoha nin to contact me.

one day, as I was sat on a bench in a park while eating ice cream, I saw a little more than one year kid slowly running towards me and a 14-year-old kid chasing her "Miura, stop running around. she laughed "Hahaha" then she suddenly tripped her foot and was about to fall. I quickly caught her. then she looked at me. I asked her "are you alright..." then I was stunned to see her face, she has dark purple hair, black eyes and a familiar face which I can't point out exactly.

then a 14-year-old kid caught up and took her into his hands "thank you". then he looked towards her "Miura, say thank you to him". she looked towards me "Thank-you Ojisan". he then bowed and turned after walking a few steps, he turned around "Say, Mister, you really seem Familiar". I smiled "yeah, you are also familiar to me, although I can't seem to remember where I have seen you".

then from his back, a woman's voice was heard "Toyoharu, what are you doing there?". he turned around. I too looked at the direction. I was surprised to see Ichiko once again. when she saw me, she halted her steps and just stared at me. we went near her. I smiled "Its the fourth time I'm meeting you by coincidence. it's been a while Ichiko".

the little Miura hugged her legs "mama". after hearing that I was shocked to the core "Mama? that means...."I looked at the little Miura and stood there like a statue.


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