Transmigrated into Naruto World
87 Diran“s thoughts; Uchiha clan“s rebellion
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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87 Diran“s thoughts; Uchiha clan“s rebellion

after that, we had a long talk and we decided to marry for little Miura so that she can get father's love as well as making her a legitimate child. although in this world, there are no such laws. But, since I'm from the prestigious Senju clan, it would affect her after she has grown up.

I and little Miura bonded very quickly in just a few hours. when we parted she already started crying refuse to leave my arms. perhaps this is how a father and daughter relationship is like. even though I didn't show any sadness emotions on the face, just like Miura, I was also reluctant to put her down.

after all, she is my blood. we parted ways and I returned to my apartment. that night, I didn't get sleep. I sat on the chair at the balcony looking at the bustling city. I started to think while drinking.

in my past world, I lost my parents in an accident when I was only 2 or 3. I grew up at my aunt house. but because of vast inheritance properties, my parents left behind, I was never loved by my relatives properly as they would obviously care about money more. although my life was pretty smooth without any hardships neither physically nor emotionally, I grew up without any familial love. whenever I felt sadness, there was no one to comfort me.sigh.perhaps, it's also one of the reasons I was ready to die back then as there was no one who would care even if died. the one which brought me to light is the naruto series. I practically grew up watching it for fifteen years.

perhaps, I wished subconsciously to born again in my favourite world with family. well, I didn't get what I want though. anyway, that's past matter. two years ago, I was guilty of that night. but now I'm a little bit angry on Ichiko for making me stay away from my daughter for a whole year.

this is also one of the reasons I wanted to marry her so that, my daughter would get everything that I missed in my life. "Miura huh. it seems Ichiko remembered pretty much well when I joked to her back then that if I will have a daughter, I will name her in the memory of the person who I treat her as my sister".

I looked up and sighed "who knows perhaps it's Miura who reborn as my daughter. I'm sorry Daimyo-sama, I didn't keep my promise to take care of her. It's all because of me she was killed"

Tears welled up in my eyes. I rubbed my eyes. then killing intent started to envelop around my surroundings. my eyes were blood red "this is all because of that old hypocrite hokage. if only he does his job well, Miura wouldn't have died. I wouldn't have to live in this city like a businessman and drinking alone in sadness".

Then, I realised some people are fainting on the road down below because they can't handle the pressure. I instantly calmed down."sigh. what people say is right. when you hate someone, you just blame them for every disaster you face. but it's been more than two years since I battle anyone. I was sure a kage level but my progress has been stopped two years ago. I lost the motivation to train. although, three years ago, what happened to me is bad but still I guess one good thing happened". I laughed very big "hahaha, I'm now a father".if anyone who saw me in that state at that time, they would really think that I went crazy.

Two years later, Konoha

Naka Shrine, Uchiha Clan district

all elders from the Uchiha clan were summoned by Uchiha fugaku. "it's the right time to attack. the village is in it's weakest state right now. previously, the only issue was Nagato Uzumaki and the Hyuga clan. but now, since both the Hyuga clan leader and Nagato were outside the village, there's no one we need to concern about right now".

then one of the elders spoke "what about Itachi? you should know he is the only other user alive aside from you possessing a Mangekyou-sharingan. he also has a strong sense of loyalty towards the village. I'm afraid he won't sit and watch by".

Fugaku snorted "what nonsense, he is an Uchiha. if he can't join us, then he will sit in sidelines. if he decides to go against us, then as an Uchiha clan head, I won't show mercy to him even if he is my son". unknown to them in the dark, a small crow watching them, in its eyes, there's a three tomoe sharingan. after meeting over, it immediately dispersed itself.

at home, Itachi is laughing with Sasuke. suddenly, after crow dispersed, his face grew dark and became disappointed. "Nii-san?". he looked at Sasuke and poked his head "I'm going out Sasuke".

later, he went to hokage mountain and sit there alone for a while. he murmured "If only Diran or sensei were here, we would somehow think of a solution and make it work. I can already see the outcome. if rebellion occurred, thousands of civilians will die as well as hundreds of shinobi and there's no doubt Uchiha clan will be either be massacred or just the elders and the clan members who participated in the rebellion will be killed and the rest of the clan will be exiled from Konoha. after getting exiled, there wouldn't be any village who dares to shelter the old, women and children of the clan and without protection, it wouldn't survive in the wild". slowly he thought various things, eventually, the sun is almost rising.

he looked up in the sky and tears welled up in his eyes "I don't have any other options father, I'm sorry. for the safety of the village, for the honour and safety of the clan, I need to do this".

he went to Hokage's office who was seriously discussing something with the two elders and kneeled on one leg "reporting Hokage-sama. it's an emergency", then he looked at the hokage.

just when he was about to inform, Hokage sighed "it's today isn't it?". Itachi was shocked "Hokage-sama?". Hokage looked at him "you don't have to report, I know everything about the rebellion. I already expected it when the previous talks failed".

Then Itachi interrupted "I apologize for my rudeness, but I wish to place a proposal". one of the elders just about to say something, Hokage stopped her and looked at Itachi "you do know what will happen if there's a rebellion occurs don't you?".

Itachi bowed "I don't wish to ask my father's life." Hokage then asked "OK, I will listen to what you want to say". Itachi then said "I will kill my father and all the elders that involved in it with my own hands. in return, I hope Hokage-sama will leave the Uchiha clan as it was before. I will bear all the burden by becoming traitor of the clan, I hope now and in future hokage-sama will protect my little brother Sasuke if there will be a time when I'm not beside him".

Itachi kneeled down and bowed "I sincerely hope Hokage-sama to accept my proposal". the third Hokage stared at him for a while and nodded "fine". Itachi then stood up "Thank you Hokage-sama".

after Itachi left, Homura one of the elders sighed "what a diligent shinobi. He is the example of a true shinobi". Hokage sighed "we were really putting a huge burden on him. the only thing we can compensate him is to reveal the entire matter to the world and share some burden".

that evening

a subordinate came and kneeled down "Fugaku-sama, everything is ready". Fugaku then asked, "what's the situation of anbu?". he replied "nothing strange, Hokage-sama didn't order anything. it's the same as every day".

Fugaku then lightly smiled and nodded "good, inform everyone to gather now in half n hour".

after 30min, everyone gathered and just when they were about to go out of the compound, Fugaku frowned and felt something amiss. he quickly activated sharingan. then he realised he was in a genjutsu. he immediately dispersed the genjutsu and found himself alone in one of the empty streets of the Konoha.

he was surprised to see to Itachi alone there. but quickly recovered and chuckled "Itachi, your genjutsu level is increasing day by day. I wouldn't even know I was in genjutsu whole time if not my intuition. So, you intend to stop me no matter what?. but why drag me here. you want to defeat and imprison or you want to kill your own father, your own clan head for the sake of Hokage?"

Itachi then spoke, "not for the sake of Homage but for the innocent villagers who will die because of the clash between the forces". Fugaku coldly replied, "you can't stop me". Itachi then said, "father, you underestimate me too much". Fugaku asked, "Then what are you waiting for?". Itachi replied, "for my main body".

Fugaku frowned "the main body?" then suddenly his face became dark "you are not thinking of stopping me or imprisoning me. you are thinking of massacring the clan didn't you?". Itachi replied "I'm sorry. but I have no choice". Fugaku roared "you unfilial son, how dare you" he immediately punched the shadow clone and it dispersed.

Fugaku dashed to the clan compound and found bodies everywhere. he roared "No...." then he saw Itachi crying holding a female body. Sasuke yet to be seen anywhere. he dashed towards him and snatched her body and hold her. his eyes became blood-red in colour and turned his head and roared "Itachi..." after he put down her body aside, his eyes began to change from three tomoe sharingan to magekyou sharingan.

Itachi's eyes also changed to magekyou sharingan. the anbu who stayed in the dark never came out once and the hokage who was sitting in his office silently watching the battle in his crystal ball.



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