Transmigrated into Naruto World
89 Fugaku“s death; Diran to become Hokage?
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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89 Fugaku“s death; Diran to become Hokage?

Fugaku became powerless while being shocked "this is the legendary Totsuka sword. hahaha, I knew it, My son is the most fortunate in the entire Uchiha clan. but even I didn't think you would cheat in a fair fight Itachi" then he slowly turned his head "Nagato Uzumaki, won't you come out even after my fate is decided?".Fugaku collapsed on his knees. Itachi left the Shadow clone in his body and he dashed towards Fugaku while tears flowing out and kneeled before him "I'm sorry Otou-san. I have no choice. to protect the innocent civilians and to protect hundreds of shinobi, I had to do this".

Fugaku chuckled "one of the basic qualities of a ninja is to deceive the opponent. there's no such thing as fair in this world. I understand that Itachi". Nagato came out of shadows and stood still silently. Fugaku asked, "since when were you there?" Nagato replied, "from the beginning". Fugaku laughed crazily "hahaha, so from the beginning we have no chance after all" then he roared "then, why did you make my son kill his mother, you made him kill almost two-thirds of the Uchiha clan".

Nagato made a sad face "it's because of Uchiha honour, I didn't step up. if I killed even the expense of some villagers and some shinobi, Uchiha will be known as a traitorous clan all around the world. then, what happens after more than half of the clan who participated were killed?, not only the clan will be exterminated, but also thousands of years of honour which Uchiha clan built will be destroyed in a single night. I only stepped up now because there's no way I will let my student's sacrifice to waste. that's why you had to be killed by him even if I had to make the fight unfair".

Fugaku sighed and looked at Itachi "I lost Itachi. but can you kill me before I get sealed inside that jar? I know I don't have the right to demand it, but I want to reunite with your mother. I don't want to spend eternity sealed in that".

Itachi nodded. his tears are falling on to the ground while taking out the kunai. Fugaku then said "I have one last request. after I die, take my eyes and give it to Sasuke if he ever gains Mangekyou sharingan. I neglected him all these years, at least with this, I will be able to die in peace. from now on, Sasuke will have no one to depend on except you. I'm sorry to put the burden on you Itachi. protect him well".

then Itachi killed him with a kunai. after taking his eyes out. his body got absorbed and Susanoo disappeared. Itachi collapsed to the ground and cried for a while

a few weeks later,

the third Hokage reading the reports frowning. his assistant said "Hokage sama, these are just from the past week. this week one still in process. will be done as soon as possible". Hokage massaged his forehead "damn, without a police force, crimes are increasing day by day. it was already bad five years ago, but now with Uchiha clan incident, Daimyo stopped supporting financially, the clan leaders are very angry and are demanding me to step down. not to mention the attacks from the other villages to the squads on missions".

then he announced a council meeting. after everyone arrived and discussing the issue. The third hokage sighed "did you think I enjoy being hokage? this past decade is a dark time for Konoha. first Kyuubi incident, then Root massacre, and now Uchiha clan massacre. if it goes on like this, I will be the first Kage to die of headache".

then, Hiashi stood up "as a Hyuga clan representative, I suggest you step down and appoint a successor. that would at least solve the unrest among civilians". The third hokage snorted "if I have a worthy successor, I would have already done so. One student of mine enjoys travelling, one became a traitor and another cut off her ties with the village. I only have two options with me. One is Nagato Uzumaki and the other is you Hiashi Hyuga".

Shikaku stood up "even though Uzumaki san is doing well as anbu commander, these two elders and some other jonin won't accept him". Homura stood up "that's right. we won't accept him. he is an outsider. nothing more than a war orphan from Amegakure. it's already enough that you entrust him with anbu".

Shikaku the continued "although many of the clan leaders and the village will accept him, there's no one in the village to succeed him as any commander. the only one suitable is Itachi but he is too young and lacks experience. so, the only option is Hiashi Hyuga".

then Hiashi coughed "well, count me out. I have a whole clan to manage. I can't accept the Hokage position". Shikaku nodded "that's right. none of the clan leaders can accept the position of Hokage. I have a name in mind but I'm not sure whether everyone accepts him or not".

Hokage then asked, "who is it?". Shikaku replied "Diran Senju". "what?" all clan leaders got surprised. Koharu stood up "Diran? no way. did you forget what he did five years ago? he massacred almost entire Root and killed the person, who had raised him without any mercy. don't you know how much was anbu suffering from extra missions because of him?".

The third hokage looked at her "Koharu. let him finish". then Hiashi spoke "but isn't he banished? before thinking further, will people even acknowledge the person who got exiled from the village to be their hokage? not to mention he is only 22 years. too young to bear the burden".

Tsume snorted "wasn't Minato even younger when he became hokage?". then each clan leader murmuring among themselves. The third hokage spoke loudly "everyone, be silent. let him finish first"

then, Shikaku continued "first of all he is a Senju, and a descendant of the first hokage possessing the same powers as him makes him more appealing to the villagers".

"Secondly, he is a Kage level shinobi. we can already confirm that. thirdly, there's a law that a Hokage can pardon the crime. so, his banishment can be lifted easily. fourth, if everybody thinks he is too young, then for a few years, Hokage sama can guide him till he deemed as worthy".

then, he looked at Koharu "we all know how Danzo is. both Itachi and Diran killed their evil fathers and yet one is treated as a hero and the other isn't. why? it's because people don't know the complete truth of Danzo's crimes. if Hokage sama announces the Danzo's crimes from the start, then at the expense of Danzo being hated, Diran will be welcome even more so".

Homura stood up "how dare you?". Tsume stood up "what? did he say any lie? you wish to explain Fugaku's crimes to the public and yet don't wish to publicise Danzo's. is it because he was your friend? how fair".

"you". The third hokage coldly spoke "Homura. sit down. you too Tsume" then looked at Shikaku "anything else?". shikaku then said "the biggest reason is that it's no secret that Diran and Daimyo sama are close. if he comes back to the village and accepts the Hokage position, our financial problem will be solved. not to mention he has his private bank. Konoha will sure to prosper. Think about it. he made Keishi the most prosperous city in just ".

Hokage thought for a while and looked at the clan leaders "what do you all think now?". they murmured them for a while. Tsume first stood up "I accept". then after Hiashi, slowly all clan leaders accepted the decision including the two elders even though with slight reluctance.

two weeks later,

I, Ichiko and little Miura went for a movie while returning to home. I stopped and snapped my fingers. "papa, what is it?" I looked at Miura "nothing". then, we continued our walk. after dropping them at our home. "Ichiko, I have some important business to take care of". "at this time?" then, after seeing my expressionless face, she nodded. after I went out she smiled "it seems someone is getting a beating from my hubby. I wonder who". then she suddenly coughed for a while. she closed her mouth with both hands and resisted it.

Miura with a concerned face "mama, are you okay?" Ichiko smiled and went to the restroom and coughed blood in a basin. then she looked herself in the mirror and cried silently "why me?". after she cleaned herself, she went to the hall and found Miura slept on the sofa. she smiled lightly and picked her up.

Meanwhile at some empty street in Keishi

few shinobi with masks pinned to the wall by wood jutsu. they were struggling to get out but can't move no matter what. from nowhere, a voice spoke, "you Konoha nin are testing my patience aren't you?".


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