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90 Diran to go into hiding; Ichiko“s death 2in1 ch
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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90 Diran to go into hiding; Ichiko“s death 2in1 ch

I looked at them "listen carefully, I'm saying one last time, I won't come back to the village at any cost. The village and that old man can go to hell if they want. I don't care. I already cut off my ties to the village. didn't I said that already?"

one of them spoke "Diran-sama, you have already been chosen as the next Hokage. your banishment is already been lifted. hokage-sama sincerely request you to return".

I released them and said "how many times do you want me to repeat myself. don't test my limits. but I wonder why that old man send you guys? I mean honestly you five aren't even at jonin level. only one reached barely at most and if want to show his sincerity, shouldn't at least Nagato sensei or Itachi come here to persuade me?".

one of them bit his lip and said "about that...Diran-sama, you know about Uchiha clan incident right. coupled with the fact of root incident five years ago, one-third of the village's strength crippled. they were very busy with multiple missions. so, I beg your understanding".

I fold my hands and replied "did you think I would believe your half-truths. I already know from your emotions that you are hiding the real truth. let me give you the answer to my question. That old man didn't even think of a condition that in case I refuse right?.

he is probably thinking I would be very happy to return to the village and of course, will be very grateful to him to give me Hokage position without any contributions to the village right?".

they became silent upon hearing it. I smiled "it seems I hit right on the spot" then suddenly I changed my face became serious. "I'm warning you last time. if you people come anywhere near me again, you all would return to Konoha physically disabled".

after I went away, One of them asked "Captain, what now? should we abort the mission?" Captain of their team shook his head "No, this is our first S-rank Mission that Hokage personally entrusted us with. we can't afford to fail".

one spoke "So, what can we do? we can't use force, just a little snap from his finger restricted us. even if we have slight hostility, there's no doubt we will be killed without mercy".

then another one spoke "I have an idea. he had a wife and a kid right. if we can kidnap her and make her as a hostage?". the remaining four of them sweat-dropped and one replied: "are you trying to get us killed?". the captain who's stroking his chin "hmm, that's not a bad idea". "Captain, even you too?"

Captain spoke, "no, we don't make them our hostage, we don't have the power to negotiate with him. remember Nagato-sama's private lesson during our training? he said when we want to have a negotiation with a person using a hostage, never use his most precious person, use his second-most precious one because if we use the person who is the dearest to his heart, there's a high chance that he will go insane and fight to the death with us".

"that's why we will wait for a time and capture his wife, I heard that before marrying him, she's his employee. after he impregnated her, he took responsibility to marry her. so, it's best if we took her back to Konoha and let those in higher authority deal with the rest".

one of them asked, "Captain, why don't we report everything we learned to Konoha and let them decide what we do next regarding his family?". The captain looked at him fiercely "are you an idiot? if we do that, do you think we would even be entrusted another S-rank mission again?. everyone, follow my instructions and do what I say"

a week later,

Ichiko is in the hospital talking to a doctor "is there no chance of cure at all?". the doctor sighed "we don't even know what kind of disease you have let alone cure. why don't you contact Keishi Hospital, the chief doctor who is also the personal doctor to Diamyo-sama there is the best out of all elemental nations".

Ichiko shook her head "No if I contact her, my husband would also get the news about my health problem. after two years, he finally started to show affection in his actions towards me, I can't afford to turn that into pity. Tsugi-san, as my friend, promise me you won't ever tell him about this".

then, after saying goodbye, she came out of the hospital with little Miura. Miura asked, "mama, why do you come to this hospital every week?" Ichiko smiled "I come here to meet a friend. don't tell papa okay. this our little secret" and she crossed a pinky finger with Miura's while Miura giggling". then suddenly something hit Ichiko's neck and she fell. Miura when she turned all she saw a blur and Ichiko gone.

Little Miura shocked and looked around. seeing Ichiko disappeared and looking at the large crowd in streets around her, she became afraid and started to cry. when people who were passing by saw that, some gathered around her "what happened kid?" Miura isn't listening to anyone and only crying "Mama".

some murmured "looks like she got lost from her mother". then, someone pointed out "hey, doesn't she seem familiar?". then people looked at him "do you know this girl?". he replied "I don't know, but I think I saw her somewhere. I wonder where?"

then one academy student who passed by the crowd and after seeing her, she spoke loudly "isn't that Senju-sama's daughter?" "what? Senju-sama has a daughter" "yeah, you don't about it. I heard rumours about it. he has a wife and a three years old daughter" "isn't He only 22?" people began murmuring.

meanwhile, I'm at my office reading accounts, suddenly my heart became heavy. I wondered "what's happening. strange. this is the second time happening like this. first one was..." then, my eyes widened and realised "did something happened to Miura?".

I hurriedly went to my home and saw that it was locked "did both of them go out together?" then, I went to various places Miura and Ichiko liked in the city but all of them replied they haven't seen both of them today.

my intuition told me something bad happened to either or both of them. if only they weren't ordinary people, I would have tracked them by Sage mode.

I hurriedly went to Daimyo and told them everything. at first, he joked that they must have been roaming around. then after seeing my serious face, he mobilised some of his guards to looks for them but I was in a hurry. so, I forced him to use to his entire army to look for them including the twelve ninja guardians.

after half n hour, we got a report that Miura was found alone in the streets and was brought to my office by some civilians. I hurriedly dashed towards there and after seeing her, I got relieved but at the same time felt like a mountain crashed on my heart upon seeing her crying non-stop with pale face and without energy.

"Miu chan" then, she looked at me and with her little energy, she forced herself to stand up and ran toward me and collapsed while I caught her. I wiped her tears "tell me what happened? where's your mother?".

she weakly responded "Papa, Mama...Mama." and she fainted. then, I carried her straight to Daimyo palace and wait for the information. after a while, I got information that a former shinobi saw four shinobi in masks running fast carrying a woman.

after I hear that, my killing intent aroused so high and it enveloped almost a quarter of the city. the civilians and low-level shinobi all fainted along with the Daimyo. only twelve ninja guardians seem fine but even they aren't in as good condition. one of them spoke, "Senju-sama, please have mercy and lower your killing intent or else people won't just faint, they will die for real".

I looked at Diamyo who was fainted. I immediately calmed down "I apologize Daimyo later for putting him and the people in danger". then, I turned towards Asuma who's face was pale "but Konoha will have to pay a price for this. your father made me very angry for the first time in these five years". instantly I activated Sage mode level 3.I made a wood clone and it carried Miura to my home.

"I can't find them in the city anymore. it's almost an hour, so, they must have not gone too far from the city". I disappeared from there. after I went, Daimyo was woken up by Kazuma.

after hearing everything out Daimyo sama sighed and mobilised the remaining eleven of them to take care of the matter. after they went, Kazuma said "Daimyo-sama, it seems Hokage sama don't want to give any face to you anymore. he even ordered Diran-sama's wife to be kidnapped right in the middle of the city. Konoha needs to be reminded that Daimyo-sama is the absolute ruler of the fire country which includes Konoha".Daimyo replied sternly "Kazuma, didn't I said not to talk about that again?" "I apologise Daimyo-sama".

elsewhere ten minutes later, a few miles away from Keishi

as they are running towards Konoha, Captain suddenly said "I'm feeling something bad going to happen. let's hurry" then a voice came from the back "why are you guys in so much hurry?". after hearing my familiar voice. they got stunned and turned back. "Diran-sama.. this.." before they even know what's going to happen, their heads rolled on the ground. "Hmpf, since you are acting under the orders of the Hokage, I gave you a quick death. be thankful for that". I looked at the unconscious Ichiko and my expression changed to gentleness.

I picked her up and went back to our home. after she woke up. she was surprised to see the familiar surroundings. I was sitting next to her. after she saw me, she asked me what happened. after listening to everything, tears started to come out of her eyes "I'm sorry, I became a burden to you".

I stroke her hair "silly woman, don't talk like that. everything is fine now. its already been settled". then my face became cold "Konoha will pay the price for this". Ichiko took my arm and shook her head "No, just forget about it".

I replied "how can I? I know that old man very well. he a persistent ba****d who won't stop his efforts until he reaches his goal. Until I settle it with him, he won't stop".

She said "then, let's leave this city. forget about the city. let's just leave this country. I don't want you to fallen out completely with your village and become enemies with your friends because of one man. we have lots of money anyway. the bank will work on its own. you don't even need to be here to direct it".

"but". she pleaded to me once "please, let's just forget about the incident and go away from here". I thought for a while. even though I was reluctant, I nodded "Fine, but where should we go?. there aren't a lot of places where no one would recognize me".

she replied "there is. My hometown. remember fishing village you once been brought upon four n half years ago?" I nodded "yeah. it's a nice place. I liked it when I stayed there for a while". next day after talking to Miura, and discussing with Diamyo, we decided to go to the Fishing village which is in the land of Tea.

One year later, after Ichiko suddenly became ill, I discovered that she has an incurable disease. by using my forbidden jutsu, I halted it temporarily by keeping her life force in check.

Then, I travelled back to Keishi and met with the chief doctor in secret. after seeing the reports she said "I'm sorry Senju-sama, it has no cure. it's already in an advanced stage. if its Tsunade-sama, there may be a slight chance, but I don't want to give you empty hope. even if it's her, there's not much chance even if she was at her peak. but she already deserted the village after her lover died in the second ninja war. I heard the rumours that now she spends her life in gambling and drinking. her skills mostly must have been deteriorated. sigh.. if only Hokage-sama had agreed to that plan Tsunade-sama proposed years ago, by now Konoha would be the heavenly land for patients for all types of diseases. anyway, there's no use talking about the past".

I came out in disappointment. but I comforted myself "But, hey isn't Tsunade still alive and well?. if I can reach and plead her, considering us both of the same clan, maybe she would consider it. no matter what, even if I had to use force I would make her cure Ichiko".

I told Takahiro Ojisan and Toyoharu to look after them and packed my bag to look for Tsunade. I expected Ichiko to object as I know she would never want to put any kind of burden on me. she didn't say anything about it but requested me to at least stay for a month with her before I began to go on a journey. I didn't find it odd as her condition is pretty much serious.

after a month, on a fine morning on the day, I was about to go, I wake her up but she didn't wake up. after calling her a few more times, I touched her only to feel her body cold. I picked her hand up and found there's no pulse. even though I fully knew the answer, to confirm it I activated the Sage mode and I was collapsed on to the floor.

I didn't even understand how did this happen. tears falling from my eyes onto the floor. later, Miura found out and started crying non-stop. after burying her and everything over, after Miura slept, I sat on the sofa while reading a letter which I found below the photo frame of three of us. I drank for a while and sighed "just like you requested I promise that I won't go seeking trouble with Konoha". and I live there peacefully with Miura until I saw Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura at Degarashi port.

* Flash Back ends*

back to the present in the land of Lightning

I stood up and stretched my body "So guys, that's my story" then I looked at the sky "Oh, Sun is about to rise". I turned towards them to find Mei, Hana and some of the others were tearing up and some others were filled with various emotions. I clapped "its already dawn. go and sleep for now. there's only one day to the war".

after everyone cleared out, Itachi patted my shoulder and smiled "Thank you". then we parted ways, I went to the room allotted for me and Miura. I saw Miura already woke up and meditating. when she saw, she smiled "Papa, where were you this whole time?" I replied "I was with some friends the whole night. are you worried?". she shook her head "my papa is the strongest shinobi in the world. so, I'm not worried about you".

I pinched her nose "you cheeky brat". she grinned "ah, by the way, fresh up. I will make breakfast for you". I waved my hand "Nah, it's okay. I'm very sleepy right now. just wake me up a couple of hours later. I need to attend the meeting".

after lunch, I went to the meeting. there we again discussed several strategies. in the middle of our meeting, we suddenly got a message "Naruto and B were trying to escape the turtle island and on their way to here". Fourth Raikage stood up "I will take care of it. Naruto must have probably heard from B and confirmed it with the jonins placed there. Tsunade, you also come with me to take care of Naruto".

I stood up "no need, I'll go there". Raikage looked at me "you?". Mei replied "I agree. to deal with jinchuuriki, he is the best choice out of all of us. he can suppress them with his mokuton jutsu". I looked at Tsunade "I don't know how to convince them with the words. so, I will have to use force if I needed to. do i have your permission to do that?. don't worry. nothing will happen. I will just suppress them and convince them with force". Raikage sat down "fine".

after thinking for a while, she replied: "I wanted them to participate in the war but since its alliance decision, I will respect it". I disappeared from there.


Last Chapter of this volume;

Next chapter: A day before the Shinobi war part 1


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