Transmigrated into Naruto World
91 a day before the Shinobi war part1
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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91 a day before the Shinobi war part1

After Kabuto attacked the turtle island, the shinobi alliance shifted it near to Kumogakure. Naruto and B after defeating jonins who were placed to protect them made their way to Kumogakure. B changed into Hachibi while Naruto changed into Nine tail chakra mode. B attacked the barrier with the tailed beast bomb, it hit the barrier but wasn't able to destroy it but with the help of Naruto, they successfully destroyed barriers one by one.

After the last one is destroyed, Naruto got excited "finally, we are out". but Bee wasn't as happy as Naruto was, and was rather frowning while communicating with Hachibi "is it enemy?" "I'm not sure, but prepare yourself, I got this same feeling when facing the third Raikage back then". a few seconds later, even Naruto sensed someone is coming towards them and rather than waiting, Naruto dashed forward to face the target.

Hachibi then tried to stop him "Wait, don't be reckless" Naruto turned towards him and grinned "relax, We are near Kumogakure. there's no way an enemy that strong would reach this place without any trouble. it must be an ally".

Then Hachibi shouted "Kid, lookout". "huh?" then he turned only to see a branch of a tree hit him and he flew few metres back before he took control and landed on the ground. I stood there folding my hands back looking at both of them and smiled "it's been a while Naruto".

at first, Naruto was delighted to see me but the next second his face became serious "Diran Sensei, they sent you to stop us?". I smiled "no, originally Raikage and Hokage were supposed to come, but I volunteered to put you two back into that island". "No way, I will participate in the war". I looked at him seriously "you do know what happens if both of you were caught. didn't you?". Naruto replied, "they are after our Bijuu just they how they abducted Gaara aren't they. I heard everything from Iruka sensei, Shino's pops. I know everything about the Eye of the Moon Plan".

I narrowed my eyes "despite that, you wish to participate?". he slid his hand side and shouted with full of emotion "it's because of that I wanted to participate. I can't let people die protecting me while I'm sitting here. so, what if we do manage to win the war and only I'm left. it's just doesn't worth it. I don't want that".

I suddenly disappeared and he got punched in the stomach and flew dozens of metres back and crashed onto the ground. My smile was gone and my face became cold and expressionless. I looked at him "you really think of yourself as a hero don't you?. did you got inspired by that Jiraya's book?".

"do you think people are sacrificing themselves for you? you fool. they are fighting the war to protect their family from the infinite Tsukuyomi, they are fighting to protect their villages, they are protecting the whole world. just how much are you full of yourself that you dare utter that everyone dies protecting you and you will be the only one left alive?. do you think shinobi who are protecting you are weaklings?".

Naruto and B were surprised after listening to my response. while Bee stood silent, Naruto replied "but still, it's a war. thousands of shinobi will die. if I were to be on the battlefield, I can protect them. I can share my chakra with everyone. with my multiple shadow clones, I can cover the entire battlefield. I even control Kyuubi's chakra now. even if my chakra became insufficient, I can manage myself with Sage mode. please trust me and let me go into the battlefield. I can't stay still anymore after hearing that someone out there put their lives risk. no matter what, I will participate in the war".

I laughed "hahaha, just by controlling a part of chakra of half Kyuubi really made you think you become invincible. you can't even make your own Bijuu who stayed with you from the moment you were born to trust you. how can I trust you that you are strong enough to protect yourself from capturing yourself? since you are so eager to go into the battlefield. I promise you, force me even one step back, I will acknowledge your power".

Hachibi then spoke "B, he is very dangerous. the vibes I'm getting is no longer that of the third Raikage but Indra's". it shivered a little bit. Bee asked, "who's that?". Hachibi replied "let me take over". then, B transformed into eight tailed beast mode.

I smiled and nodded "that's good. come on". it punched towards me, instantly I used mokuton jutsu and transformed one of my hands into a large wooden hand. same size of that of Hachibi's. then, I activated Sage mode level four and poured senjutsu chakra into it and caught it easily and locked it in my grasp.

then, it tried to move back it's hand but failed to do so. it tried to attack with two of its tails, but I didn't give it a chance, I concentrated everything in that one hand and forcefully lifted the whole Bijuu with one hand and I swung my arm and threw it towards Naruto.

Naruto who was in shock when he saw Hachibi was lifted entirely in the air suddenly came back to sense when he saw it's going to crash towards him. One hand made out of mine tail chakra came out of his body and with its support, he jumped just in time.

"forget it. your physical strength isn't enough to force me back. use your strongest jutsus and see yourself how weak they really are. C'mon, don't hesitate. give me everything you have". Naruto still didn't listen to my advice and dashed towards me quickly, but alas it's too slow for me. just when he reached me, he was blown away by an invisible attack and Hachibi caught him when he's about to fell onto the ground.

"Hachibi or should I call you Gyuuki?. don't hesitate and use Bijuu dama, you too Naruto. Use your Rasenshuriken". they both looked at each other and nodded. Naruto looked at me "don't blame me later". he threw Rasenshuriken towards me and at the same time a massive Bijuu dama coming on its way from another side.

I summoned Inazuma and pour senjutsu chakra into it and revealed it's the true form with no changes except two short pointy edges at the hilt. I raised it and swung it twice, One slashed through the Bijuu dama and the other one through Rasen shuriken. I smiled and thought "nice, so in it's true form, I can cut through anything made out of chakra".

I looked at their dumbfounded faces and smirked "so, how does it feel to know that your strongest jutsus were useless in this fight". Naruto mumbled "you didn't even destroy them with your own power. it's that sword's ability". I looked at him "although, I use this special sword. on the battlefield, if such a thing happens again, will you argue with your enemy that it's unfair?" Hachibi then spoke to B "there's no use anymore. we lost" and transformed back into B.

"Sigh. forget about it. Naruto, I will give you one last chance, forget about defeating me or forcing me back, use your strongest speed and pass through me". Naruto who was dejected suddenly got his hopes up "Diran sensei, don't take that back okay if I managed to pass through" and thought "hehe, I still have a trump card you have yet to see".

he took a stance and stood there for a while and dashed forward with high speed, after going through halfway, he suddenly grinned "release" and suddenly his speed became more than tenfold.

For B, it seemed as if Naruto suddenly disappeared. as for me, I smiled when he disappeared halfway, I ran senjutsu chakra through my eyes and suddenly, everything became extremely slow. and with a fraction of second once again, Naruto was blasted off and crashed on to the ground".

I fold my hands while looking at him "the gravity seal that you used, I was the one who created it and gave it to Jiraya san for your training". then just when he was about to say something, I said "you should see how much weak you are compared to me. the enemy out there Madara Uchiha who is someone even I don't have the confidence to beat him, so tell me, how can you hope to protect yourself from him? knowing all of this, would you still face him in battle?".

Naruto became silent and then spoke slowly "ever since I was born, I had no family, no friends. even though Uncle Nagato, Hokage Jiji, Ayame oneesan looked after me, that didn't still fill the hole in my heart. only after getting acquainted with Sakura-chan, Sasuke-kun, Kakashi sensei, Ino chan, Hinata-chan, Lee, Shikamaru kun etc.. the hole in my heart is filled.

Uncle Nagato died because of me. if anyone of these died in this war protecting me while I'm sitting here doing nothing, I would really won't able to forgive myself all my life. So, even knowing I can't defeat my enemy, I would still face him. even if I get to die, there's still one more jinchuuriki here to protect".

I smiled and clapped. for some reason, even I was convinced with his talk no jutsu. "good, I will allow you to participate in the war but I have a condition". upon hearing it, Naruto became ecstatic and asked: "what are the conditions?". I replied, "B-san will not participate in the battle and will accompany Raikage while staying at HQ". B's face instantly crestfallen but he nodded after understanding my point.

"Naruto, your current power won't be enough. so, we will be going to upgrade your level". "huh?". then, I spoke loudly in the air "since you are here, It saved me so much time to go look for you. come out Itachi". Itachi suddenly appeared in the air while I grinned looking at him.


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