Transmigrated into Naruto World
92 A day before the Shinobi war part 2- Tsukuyomi
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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92 A day before the Shinobi war part 2- Tsukuyomi

"You won't listen no matter how many times I told you. I'm immune to genjutsu, they don't work on me at all".

he waved his hand "Nah, I was just little curious on how well you fare against two of them. but why would you looking for me?" I said "there's only one day to the war, I want to increase Naruto's strength. so, I need to borrow your jutsu". Itachi eyes widened "Tsukuyomi? Did you want to use it to train Naruto in that? it's impossible". I asked "why? I remembered once you told me that your jutsu improved after gaining Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. you can trap multiple numbers of people at the same time right". he nodded "it's true I can do that but it takes a huge amount of chakra and it puts a tremendous amount of stress on my body. using it for a few minutes is still within my capabilities but a whole is impossible".

I sighed "I thought it's possible but still, it's fine. Hachibi can provide you with enough chakra for that. say, if you can maintain one hour, how many days we can get?". he thought for a while and said "at least 6months. but I'm afraid even that's impossible. if I can get a continuous supply of chakra, I'm confident to maintain the. jutsu for at least 15minutes".

"fifteen minutes? it will only give us one or two months. never mind. beggars can't be choosers. we'll go with that. make the necessary preparations. relay my message to HQ through someone. if I went myself, I would have to explain the whole thing in details. we don't have the time to answer that. these fifteen minutes will be crucial. so, make sure they will completely seal off this area and not a single bird should disturb you within that time".

Itachi nodded and disappeared. meanwhile, I explained the situation to Naruto and B. Naruto got excited to train under me while B accepted to provide chakra continuously for Itachi to maintain the jutsu.
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after all, preparations are done, he stood of me and Naruto while B changed into Hachibi. I looked at Naruto "ready? don't resist". He nodded then I looked at Itachi and nodded.

Itachi closed his eyes and opened while activating his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Naruto was surprised "his eyes look completely different from Kakashi sensei's new sharingan". I almost burst out of laughter hearing that. even Itachi twitched his eyebrows. after all calling E.M.S, just new eye is like disrespecting it. which was the final stage of Sharingan according to Uchiha clan.

Then, my surroundings changed and both Naruto and I were tied to a wooden pole. Naruto screamed "what is this. how come it's different from what I was just promised". Itachi appeared before us. I sighed "Oi Itachi if we were tied up like this, How am I supposed to train Naruto here". He was embarrassed by slowly speaking "sorry, out of habit. wait a second". a few seconds later, we got free. He looked at me "for now, It is 96hours per two seconds in real life, but slowly the time will decrease, as we already calculated, you will get two months here till I reach my limit. If I try it hard enough, I may give you another twenty days. put to good use".

I shook my head "Nah, you don't strain yourself too much. we will need a month to a month n half at most. so, relax and you also need to be in top shape for the war".

our surroundings changed and we found ourselves in training ground six back in Konoha. I smiled "this brings back our memories back when we were genin". then, I remembered Nagato sensei and sighed. I looked at Naruto "then, let's start your training. The first you will do is to unseal Kyuubi completely and bring it out". I crackled my knuckles "it's time that Fox need to know just who is the boss here". then I looked at Naruto "Generally, there are three types of relationships can be existed between a jinchuuriki and a Bijuu, One is It controls you like how Shukaku did it with Gaara back then, second is to be as equals like B and Hachibi. third is you are controlling the Bijuu".

"Honestly, third is almost impossible unless you possess a huge strength to suppress it. of course, if you can do that, you won't need it's chakra either way. so, before I explain what we are going to do, I need an honest answer from you". he replied, "what is it?".

then I asked, "how do you view Kyuubi personally?. his power, his personality, his past actions etc.." Naruto was silent for a while, then opened his mouth "when I was small, I used to get attacked by some drunken villagers at night whenever Uncle Nagato wasn't with me. even though there were some anbu who was supposed to protect me, they never step up whenever I was injured. only when I was on brink of death, they will suddenly appear and chase them away and admit me into the hospital".

I frowned not because of his flashback, but he was replying unrelated answer to my question but still, I didn't interrupt him and patiently listened to his story. he continued "Every time I was sent to the hospital, I healed pretty quickly. sometimes nurses over there give me different colours injections may be poison, but still, I was fine Every time.

I thought that the hospital is great until I met Kyuubi. you know, for more than twelve years, he looked after me as a guardian protecting me Every time without even me knowing about his existence. I am thankful for that".

Then, I asked "don't you even hate it a little bit?. you know, it killed your parents. because of its very existence, you spent your whole life in suffering. even now, you are in trouble because of it". He sighed "at first, I did blame for my parents' death. but, when I was unlocking my new chakra mode, Kyuubi tried to take over me, then I met my mom and dad".

while saying this, his face is radiating with a smile and then, with a determined face, he said "after hearing the entire story from them, I changed my views towards him. if one day, if it's possible, I will free not only Kyuubi but also every Bijuu out there who wishes for freedom".

I fold my hands and asked "and how do you achieve that? you know that a Bijuu is always being viewed as a weapon by a village. even now, the alliance that formed isn't permanent. Once the war is over, the Bijuu will be free, then once again there will be a war between villages over ownership of Bijuu".

His face turned in a frustration "I don't know-how. I gotta do it somehow". I smiled and waved my hand "ok, for now, forget about it. listen to me carefully, here's what we going to do the first thing". I raised my hands towards him, do it exactly like me, I will insert my chakra through you, accept it and guide it through your seal".

Naruto then "Oh, just like how Octopops did it". I replied, "well, he is a jinchuuriki like you, so he doesn't need your guidance for it". He nodded and we sat opposite each other. then, I opened my eyes to find inside Naruto's mindscape. there's a little amount of water and inside the cage, Kyuubi which almost recovered to its peak stage was snoring, suddenly opened his eyes upon seeing someone intruding. He looked at Naruto with hate in his eyes "Naruto. you brat. after stealing my chakra you dare to come to see me again?".

Naruto snorted "hmpf, don't blame me and act like a victim. it's not like you didn't attempt to steal my body. if it's not for my mom chaining you down, you would have swallowed me back then". Kyuubi didn't say anything about it and looked at me "who are you. you seem very familiar".

I replied "I don't think we're acquainted. this is the second time I'm meeting you. the first time was your massacre back then I almost died and went into a coma for six months. anyway, that's all past. today, I wanted to meet for a business".

Kyuubi narrowed his eyes and didn't reply anything. I turned towards Naruto "unseal it". he looked at me uncertainly "are you sure?", last time it was very weak to resist the gates I used to suppress it. Now, looking at him, it seemed it won't go down that easily".

I smiled "I'm here aren't I, this little fox didn't have the power to defeat me". Kyuubi upon hearing me roared while scratching the Cage from inside "how dare you. I'm Kyuubi. the strongest Bijuu in the world".


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