Transmigrated into Naruto World
93 A day before the Shinobi war part 3 - Diran vs Kyuubi
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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93 A day before the Shinobi war part 3 - Diran vs Kyuubi

My face turned serious "unseal it right now". He put his hand on his stomach and unsealed it. The moment it was unsealed, The cage was burst open and it roared. I looked at Kyuubi "Naruto, stand back". Kyuubi attacked with one of its tails, I jumped up and dodged it. Then I activated the Sage mode level 3 and disappeared from Kyuubi's and Naruto's view and a fraction of second later, Kyuubi was crashed dozens of metres away. but it wasn't hurt though. it just slid back and looked at me with its blood-red eyes.

then, without giving it anytime, I said "release" then, a seal on my chest which says 50 number disappeared. along with that, I too completely disappeared, by the time it knows what's going on, I was already underneath one of its tails, I raised my hand and caught one. I roared and raised it, spin it once and threw it far away" it crashed onto one of the pipes and fallen down.

Kyuubi stood up and roared "you" then, it started to gather chakra for Bijuu dama. I stood there folding my hands. he created a large Bijuu dama, The biggest I've ever seen. but in the state I was now, It's nothing much anymore. then I turned back and looked at Naruto "you complained that I took the help of my sword to destroy your jutsu right?. now watch my full power".

then, I activate Sage mode level 4, all the marks disappeared from the face and gathered into the tattoo under my eye, I poured all chakra into my right hand. I closed all my fingers, the water near me completely dispersed due to the pressure.

I slowly motioned my hand back. The huge Bijuu dama which is in solid form can blast out entire Konoha if it hits coming towards me. Naruto who was looking at the battle from far. "that power. so, Kyuubi wasn't going all out on me back then. if it would, even Octopops might have been useless. will he be okay? but why am I feeling uneasy from Diran sensei rather than that Bijuu dama".

when it almost reached me, I quickly motioned my arm forth and opened my palm towards it "Sage art: Heavenly palm of destruction". suddenly a huge hand appeared brightly glowing in this dark sewer mindscape. It slowly grew bigger and bigger than the size of Bijuu dama and stopped it. I raised my hand and closed all my fingers. The glowing hand also did the same with Bijuu dama and caught it and started to suppress it. then, I tightened my grip and it crushed the Bijuu dama completely.

upon destruction, the energy inside of it didn't nullify completely though. it dispersed causing a waved but eventually died out.

Then, I solemnly looked towards Kyuubi who was collapsed to the ground seemed very thinner. it seemed it put everything into its attack. After seeing this, I breathe out the air in relief because the jutsu took half of my chakra right now. So, I can pull an attack like that only once more. if we are on outside, it would pose no problem for me. but I'm inside Naruto. so, once my chakra is spent. that's it.

"If you are in complete form. then, maybe you would have a chance. but you are only half Kyuubi while the other half of you is sealed in this boy's father. so, don't think you are invincible as you once were".

It roared. I coldly spoke "Mokuton: Jukai koutan", then a massive amount of very thick trees erupted from all sides and captured all of its Nine tails, it's head, hands and legs. only it's mouth was spared. I looked at it while it roared with hate "you, this is Hashirama's jutsu". I walked near it and nodded "that's right. I'm Diran Senju, the current head of the Senju clan. don't even try. I'm not as merciful as the first Hokage and I already surpassed him long ago. you neither have the chance to escape or defeat me. if it's not for you being Naruto's Bijuu, I would have killed you by now since your crimes are almost unforgivable".

"You can fool that little kid Naruto but not me. at that time if you wanted to, you can escape from his genjutsu. after all, it's not the Madara who controlled you back then, it's just you already hate Konoha to the core. so, you willingly accepted his control to rampage".

Kyuubi was shocked "it's not Madara? impossible. I Kyuubi, The strongest Bijuu was being controlled by a no-name Uchiha?". I nodded "well, I can't reveal the details you yet Kurama". "you". I smiled "don't worry, I haven't told your real name to that kid yet". "How did you know?. neither Mito, kushina nor even Madara know about it". I replied, "I know about your father Hagoromo Ootsutsuki more than even you". Kyuubi was completely shocked to hear that name from me. Then I said "now, can we talk civilized? I'm going to unbind you. so, please behave yourself". it nodded dumbfoundedly.
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I waved my hand and the trees all disappeared. I looked at Kyuubi which slowly stood up "so, here's the deal. you co-operate with Naruto completely until the war is over. treat him as a partner in equal". It smiled bitterly "I already intend to do that from the start since Naruto controlling me is better than Madara. it's just my instincts took over my reasoning".

I turned back and gestured Naruto to come near. He instantly came near and stood beside and looked at Kyuubi uncertainly. Then he looked at me "Did you made some sort of agreement?". I looked at him in surprise "how did you know?". I heard a while ago that you made an agreement with Sanbi after defeating it at Kirigakure. so, I guessed it. so, What is it?".

Kyuubi replied that for me "brat, until this war over. you will keep me in the unsealed state all the time and I will provide you chakra all you need. in short, we will be partners". Naruto widened his eyes "really?" then he jumped and landed on the nose and looked at his eyes in close "did you really mean it?". Kyuubi nodded. then in excitement, Naruto hugged its head with his chakra arms. "So, now. we will be like Octopops and Hachibi?".

Kyuubi flicked it's for finger and Naruto flew but landed safely. "it's only until War. after that, I would still attempt to take over your body". Naruto grinned "we will see after that". I smiled and looked at Kyuubi "ok, now that this matter is settled. we will go then. See ya". after we disappeared, it mumbled "he seems very familiar. I can't shake off this feeling".

A month later,

Naruto who is in Kurama mode fighting with me. after crashing on to the ground. he stood up weakly and deactivating the form and sat down and breath heavily. "I still can't maintain it and I'm too tired". I replied "that's why I keep on saying, just forget about controlling Kurama mode and Sage mode all by yourself and leave it to Kurama. you focus on maintaining sage mode. after you maintain it for some time, you can get hang of it and do it alone".

then, suddenly the world around us began to crumble. Naruto looked alarmed "what's happening?". I replied "as I expected. Our time is up". then, our surroundings changed. my eyes widened upon seeing Itachi fainted and Hachibi already changed into B and he is on the verge of being unconscious. upon seeing us. he fainted in relief.

Naruto asked, "what happened?". I replied while picking up Itachi on my back "I said it before right. we spent a month inside there but only ten to fifteen minutes passed outside. so, it must have consumed too much amount of chakra that even Hachibi can't afford". then, Two figures appeared and bowed "Senju sama" then one of them looked at both of them "what happened to them suddenly?". I replied "nothing to worry. it's just chakra exhaustion. hmm, it's better to rest here I guess rather than sending them to the medical unit. I will be asked too many questions".

I made some wooden beds on the spot and placed them there. I looked at Naruto "perhaps, you should go to that waterfall that shows truth once again. you may find your solution to the problem".

then, upon my orders, they released the barriers and Naruto went to the turtle island again. a while later, Itachi and B woke up. I looked at Itachi apologetic "I'm sorry. I didn't take Kyuubi into account". He shook his head "No, I already considered it. The only thing I didn't consider that it would consume a huge amount of chakra and would put too much stress on me when Naruto trained with his new form. I didn't get to observe the training since I was very busy there to maintain it. so, how's the progress in a month?".

I replied "well, he didn't mastered it but it's quite fast if we consider his talent. to be honest, not quite like Sasuke at all but with the help of shadow clones and never-ending determination. I'm quite satisfied".

one hour later, Naruto returned with all smiles. I looked at him and smiled "I guess it's worth it". he showed a victory sign. Then, I looked at Itachi and B "Shall we go?".


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