Transmigrated into Naruto World
94 A day before the Shinobi war part 4 - Zero division
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Transmigrated into Naruto World
Author :nishu
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94 A day before the Shinobi war part 4 - Zero division

Later, all of us went to HQ. after convincing them for more than half n hour, they accepted Naruto's participation in the war. in the final meeting before the war, I asked: "So, what did you plan on countering white Zetsu clones?".

upon hearing my question, Tsuchikage's face became dark. Shikaku smiled bitterly "we have a number of ideas but Kages don't wish to divulge the secrets of their respective villages. so, the five divisions were already changed to each village with each division, thereupon dividing into different divisions.

I looked at them and looked at him "you do know that's a dumb idea don't you". he nodded "well, we can't do anything about it. Only a fellow nin from the same village has the possibility to distinguish from fake and real".

I shook my head "no, you can't distinguish them easily. back then, I was also tricked by Zetsu. although, now I can distinguish easily. but still, for average jonin, it's impossible. I have a better idea".

All the kage looked at me. I didn't say anything and pointed my finger to someone. all looked at Naruto who was talking with B in a corner. then, suddenly he turned his head and got taken back to see all people looking at his direction "what. what is it?".

I smiled "in his new chakra mode, he can distinguish evil from good. with his massive number of Shadow clones, he can cover the entire battlefield and the problem can be solved easily".

Upon hearing that Tsunade smiled "it seems my initial decision was right after all". then, I looked at Shikaku "so, change the divisions back to how it was before. Oh and also, please form a separate division".

Raikage frowned "separate division?". I nodded "the five divisions in the battle regiment all have their roles but there's no one to fight Madara and the seven jinchuuriki or more like seven Bijuu. Kazekage and Tsuchikage are already entering the battlefield with the fourth division. Mizukage is going to protect the five Daimyo. so, the two of you needed to stay here in case something unexpected happens. so, that's why we need a separate division which is comprised of strong individuals who are not only capable of confronting their group but also able to protect Naruto when he's danger".

Tsuchikage nodded "yeah, that's true". Tsunade asked "so, I guess you also decided who should be on this special division". I nodded "I have a few names for now. if you wish, you can recommend others. the people I have in mind are Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi and Jiraya". Itachi frowned "Sasuke? just a while ago, I tested him. He became really strong but I'm not sure he is that strong to confront seven Bijuu and Madara".

I laughed "Itachi, don't underestimate him. I'm confident that my disciple is strong enough to face them. anyway, even if did something happen, You and Jiraya will be there". Raikage frowned "wait. what about you?". I replied, "One of my shadow clones will go with them just in case". "what about yourself?" "I'll stay at the main battlefield for now with medical-nin just in case. If the enemy is Madara himself, then we don't need to sit in HQ. once we end him, the war will be over. I'm afraid that there's a high chance he isn't Madara".

then, all of their faces became dark except Naruto who was clueless "isn't it better?". I sighed and looked at Gaara "please explain to this idiot".

Gaara replied "Naruto, if the enemy is not Madara Uchiha, then wouldn't that mean we have to battle Edo Tensei Madara who has an unlimited amount of chakra and undying body. it's more troublesome. Only a calibre of the first hokage can face him".

then, he looked at me "may be Senju san has a possibility. after all, you inherited Mokuton ability and there's a rumour you already surpassed the first hokage". Naruto also nodded "yes, I saw him beating Kyuubi".

while Tsuchikage and Raikage snorted, the rest are looking at me with expectations. I sighed "Sorry, if it was Madara from before then, yes I have the confidence to defeat him. not just me, Itachi also could kill him with his unique jutsu. but, whether it's reanimated Madara or real one, the current one has the rinnegan in his possession. they have stolen the eye from Nagato sensei. so, I'm not sure anymore".

Tscuhikage frowned "yeah, I almost forgot about that eye" and he sighed while looking at Tsunade "your village is really blessed with many legacies and candidates for your successor. I'm envious".

after a while, I broke the silence "anyway, it's almost evening. we have to mobilise the army tonight. I'll take my leave". while I was about to go, Tsunade asked, "what will be the name of this special division you proposed". I smiled "let's just name it Zero division".

later after dinner, everyone is summoned. the Five Kage stood up and looking down from the top of the building. The commander of each division with myself, Naruto, Itachi and jiraya stood in front of the army. Gaara rises up in the air with sand below him and gave a speech. after his speech, although everyone motivated but still some people began to murmur about Naruto. various types of discussions broke up between themselves. I silently activated my sage mode and scanned every one of them. some strong sensors instantly put up guard but after sensing the direction which that power is coming from. they put their guard down.

I smiled and said it in a low voice "Naruto, activate chakra mode now". Itachi, Jiraya and other Kage level shinobi and the shinobi whose ears were very sensitive turned towards me. Naruto asked "now? why?" I replied, "just do it". without asking further questions, he suddenly went into Nine tail chakra mode. suddenly, people stopped their discussion and turned towards Naruto and looked at him curiously.

Naruto's eyes widened suddenly and looked at me. I smiled "there are too many shinobi here. just blast them up in the air and leave it to me". He grinned and turned serious while looking at the massive army before him. some people started to become wary "what was he doing?".

it's the same question came into the minds of Kage who are looking at them from above. Naruto suddenly disappeared like a flash of light appeared before an ordinary shinobi who also wore an alliance forehead protector. a chakra arm suddenly came up and punched him and he flew upwards. by the time others know what's going on, in a few seconds, there were around a dozen people who flew just like him. Raikage and Tsuchikage said at the same time "fourth Hokage".

when they became highly alert, I wave my hand. from the ground trees erupt below those dozen people and captured them. I spoke loudly "all of you, distance yourselves from these people". since they all know my identity, hurriedly they obeyed and moved away from them. the dozen up there who were captured by trees struggling to move yet can't move one inch.

I shouted "Naruto, do it". He nodded and rose up in the air made two shadow clones. three of them with the help of chakra arms made four Rasengans each and stretched their chakra arm dozen shinobi were struck by dozen Rasengan who were very far distance away from each other.

Raikage shouted from above "Diran, what's going on". I looked up "don't worry. see until the end". 80,000 shinobi who were extremely alert and confused by Naruto's actions completely surprised when they saw those dozen shinobi suddenly turned into White Zetsu clones. all Kages faces became dark upon seeing this "so, there were spies here all along".

after seeing them, The place became chaos. all immediately became alert towards each other. I shouted "silence". after became silent. I spoke "now you see what your enemy tomorrow will be like. for now, all of them are destroyed. don't give them any chance to absorb your chakra when you are fighting. they absorb the chakra through their mouth. so, you can easily guess when they were about to absorb. the one which done matter what, kill it at all costs".

"and as you can see, you will have at least one shadow clone of Naruto here who can distinguish enemy from an ally in every group. let's destroy those enemies who dare to challenge the five great villages". all of those who now have confidence immediately roared "yeah, we will leave none of them alive".

I picked up Miura who's with Sakura in the healing unit and started to move towards the main battlefield which is the Land of frost and land of hot water. the two countries were already being evacuated way before. according to analysis, Akatsuki will send a small fraction of their army towards Kumogakure by sea from Mountain's graveyard (Akatsuki's hideout). and most of the army will travel by land through the land of frost and land of hot water.

The First Division, which is the mid-range battle division, is stationed in the northern part of the Land of Lightning, in order to prevent the Akatsuki from using the small gulf to infiltrate the area from Mountains' Graveyard. The Second Division, or short-range battle division, is on the border of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Frost, sealing a northerly path into the Land of Lightning. The Third Division, or the short- to mid-range battle division, was advancing fast through the middle of the Land of Frost but was called into the northern part of the Land of Hot Water to aid the Surprise Attack Division. The Fourth Division, the long-range battle division, is on the border of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Frost, sealing a southerly path into the Land of Lightning. Mifune's Fifth Division, the special battle division, is aligned in a large arc from the north part of the Land of Frost, through the middle of the border between the Land of Frost and the Land of Lightning, all the way to just south of the First Division, in order to aid any of the divisions that need immediate response, and to finish the seal on the Land of Frost and the Land of Lightning's border.

at last Zero division is to wait until Madara and the seven jinchuuriki to make a move. since they all have huge chakra, it's easy to detect where their position is. while I was travelling with Miura and the rest, a hawk appeared in the sky and reached towards me. I looked at it and raised my arm horizontally. it landed on my arm. I took a piece of paper which is tied to its leg. then, it disappeared. I opened it and read it. I smiled "looks like he succeeded" while keeping the letter in my pocket. Miura who was puzzled asked "is it from Sasuke Niisan?". I nodded "yeah, it seems he will take some time".
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then, I turned towards Naruto clone "I have a message I need to relay this to your original". he scratched his head "well, I can't transmit messages and we are already very far from HQ".

"Idiot, you are a shadow clone. just make another clone. and you disappear. the message will transmit itself directly". he widened his eyes "Ah, that's right". I sighed "Do I really need to depend on him in this war?".

I gave him the message and after making another shadow clone, the one which was before disappeared. Naruto who was still at HQ after receiving memories of Shadow clone "oh, shadow clones can be useful in this way also?". He called Itachi. Itachi who was near him asked "anything important?". Naruto replied "it seems, Sasuke won't join the battle yet. he was busy in some important secret mission given by Diran sensei. I wonder what it is".

Itachi breathes out in relief and thought "it's okay as long as he stays away from this group. even if he was strong like Diran says, I'm not optimistic about him. I hope he will be late. if possible, I hope he won't even get to participate in the war".

in a land far away from the battlefield, Kimimaro, Guren, Karin and Jugo who were holding three Zetsu clones while standing behind Sasuke who activated Eternal Mangekyou sharingan while looking at the five figures who came out of coffins and a dead body at his feet which is Orochimaru's.

Sasuke can only recognise two people from them though. three of them sighed in unison "not again".


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