Twisted Hearts
2 Zero to Her-no
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Twisted Hearts
Author :Hexin
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2 Zero to Her-no

My names Jason, I know not anything cool right? Well thats because I'm just a plain teenager. I avoid conflict and don't talk to people. Thats just how my life is. That was until I met Mia. Our initial meet up wasn't all that happy you see.

So I was taking the back alleyway to get to the comic shack when I hear someone start to yell.

"Get off me you piece of shit!"

"C'mon I just want the purse."

I stop in my tracks when I see a girl getting assaulted. Now I'm not particularly tuff or anything, but I can't just walk away. So I do what any reasonable young adult would do in this situation. I yell at him, "Hey c'mon get off her and pick on some one your own size!"

As expect he stopped and turned to look at me and smiled, "And whos gonna make me?" he grins.

"I- I will." I put my fists up like I'm ready for a fight. Its about that moment when I realized walking away would have been more benifitial to my health.

The man approaches me. He's about a foot taller than me being around 6' 1". He looks down at me, "Ya got sum' balls kiddie, I'll give you that." After complementing me he socks me in the jaw but I just stagger away. "Scram kid." but instead of doing what I was told I squared back up.

"Is that all you got." Mouth was going to get me hospitalized, but hey when life gives you lemons you make orange juice, and I wasn't going to back down.

I run forward and throw an ineffective punch, only to recive a devastating right hook forcing me to kiss the concrete. He lifted up his leg as if he were going to stomp my face in only to be stoped by a loud crackle. The man fell to the growd like he was having a seizure or something like that.

I look up to see thig girl that just watched me get my ass kicked holding a tazer. Looking down at me she scoffs, "Sorry I thought you stood a chance. I'm really greatfull for the way you got your ass handed to you for me."

I just lie there and moan.

"My names Mia by the way Mia Wynn. I just moved here." She puts her hand out. I take her had and she helps pull me to my feet. "So does my knight in dull armor have a name?"

I answer trying to ignore the aching pain in my jaw, "My names Jason Smith."

"Jason smith?" the way she looked at me was kind of annoying.

"Yes my names Jason Smith does that bother you?" what was said next was no where near the argument I had in mind.

"No actually you are the perfect cover guy for me."

My face went stupified, "What?"

She began to explain what se was getting at, about how she's always being hit on since shes so pretty, and how this wasn't her first time being assaulted. Especially how she needed someone not too good looking, as so not to atract attention from other girls. Also how it'd be nice knowing I'd be willing to take a beating for her.

I quickly realized what she was getting at. "So you want me to be guy deterrent and a meatbag to take your beatings."

She smiles, "Yes!"


She stares blankly for a second then blinks, "Wait what? Your refusing to be a beauties boyfriend? Are you no into girls?"

I sigh, "No I just dont like the thought of being a punching bad and it'd be fake boyfriend. Also I just met you." I start to walk away towards my original destination, the comic shack.

"Uh um ... Wait what if I pay you?"

I stop

"...To Be Continued In Chapter 2


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