Twisted Hearts
3 Unexpectedly Expected
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Twisted Hearts
Author :Hexin
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3 Unexpectedly Expected

"Uh... wait I'll pay you!" She shouts almost despratly.

"A meat shield for hire is still a meat shield." I reply. "I'll see you around." I continue my walk towards the comic shack.

I finally arive at my long awaited destination. My home away from home, my fortress of solitude, and to make it all the better I get payed to be here as it doubles as a part time job.

I walk through the entrance doors and my manager/boss and only friend Marty jumps out of his seat. "What the hell happened to you?!"

"I found out that comics are bull and in reality life the only winners the one with a tazer." I slump down in a bean bag.

Marty looks at me shocked, "You mean to tell me a tazer did that to your face?"

"No, I saved a girl by getting pulverize then she took him out with a tazer to save me." I explain to him while rubbing my bruised, swollen cheek. "What's more was the girl was trying to get me to pose as a fake boyfriend to keep other guys away."

"Is she cute?" He looked at me curiously while tidying up his desk.

"Way out of my league. Gorgeous hazel eyes, perfect chestnut hair, and a really nice bod."

"Sounds like trouble."

"Definitely unwanted attention." I pull a comic book off the desk in front of me, "At least its over with and she's out of my life."

Marty strooled around the shack tidying things up, "Say you start back at school tomorrow don't you? Isn't there a chance you could see her there?"

And like dark magic there she was that very next day. In my home room standing at the front of the class with Mrs. Peltz was Mia, she just smiled and stared. Her face just said her whole plan was falling into place and I didn't want to see what piece of the puzzle she was saving for me.

"Fine!"I said standing up. All eyes we're locked on me. She let out a giggle. "You can sit next to me, I saw you eyeing the seat."

"Why thank you..." She asked as if this we're honestly our first time meeting.

"Jason, Uh nice to meet you." she even had me thinking for a split sec that she wasn't the same person. That was untill she sat next to me.

"Welcome to hell, your mine now." Her voice was like an Angels too bad shes the lucifer kind. What a fuickin' cliche.

To Be Continued...


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