Twisted Hearts
4 Panic at the bathroom
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Twisted Hearts
Author :Hexin
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4 Panic at the bathroom

"Just kidding, I'll try my best." She smiles a smiles that made me hurt inside. I couldnt tell she was acually being rude or if I was the ass who was.

"Ok, Well I'll try my best too." I know its cheesy but hey when you only read romcom manga, this is the you have to work with.

"Really?" she blushes a little and looks down at her desk. So I guess romcom lines work.

"There'll be be major consequences." she lays her head down and hides her face in her arms.

"I promise." So I guess she is just a pretty sweet girl she just doesn't express it well.

She sits up in her seat only now her smile does bring pain to me as she replies to my comment, "Since its a promise you have untill the end of the day to ask me out publicly then I want to go on a date that make my heart flutter. If you fail I'll do to you what I did to the guy the other day after you left."

"..." I couldn't think of what to say. Just what exactly did she do to him? She was definitely enjoying the way she played with my head, and it pissed me off. "Fine," I collected myself, "but if i do this you have to be sure to reward me like a good girl."

"Silence one duth not speak to their master that way." she sighed, "You're not the kind of boy to pull one over on a girl anyway."

I stand up and clear my through, attracting ever so curious eyes, "Mia, I..." I hesitate. What in the world am I doing, "I need to use the restroom lets continue our conversation when I return." People begin to murmur as I walk outthe door of the classroom.

In the bathroom I stare at my refelction. "What the hell have we gotten our selves into. She's way outta' our league she's from a different world." I splash water on my face. "Y'know what I bet this is just one bad nightmare." I smack myself in the face. As tears well up up on my eyes I grit from to the pain. Theres a girl with a tazer who infact might be willing to kill me. "Fuck!" I start to laugh at my self. "What the fuck?" I stop laughing and stare myself in the eyes, "Well here goes nothing."

I hurry down the hall and reach the classroom. I put on a smile and stide into class and stand at the front.

"Ok." I start to attract all the eyes in the class. "Mia! Oh Ms. Wynn would you do me the..."

She quickly shuts me down and people begin to snicker, "Thats to extra try again at a later time."

I sit down in my seat feeling disapointed, then I realize I'm a little disapointed. Why the hell was I disapointed?!

"The dates next week at the annual fair. You can try again then. Until then you dont get paid." she stares at her book.

"It's a date."

She corrects me, "It's a follow up job interview."

I smile for some reason this make the crippling embarrassment a little more barible. Then I start to think. If not a fake boyfriend, then what am I for the next week?

To Be Continued In Chapter 4


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