Ultimate Book Of Creation
8 World turned upside down 2
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Ultimate Book Of Creation
Author :someone22
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8 World turned upside down 2

It was only my dad in the living room. He was eating cheesecake in one of the big plates while watching the news. He glanced at me then hugged his plate closer to him. My father likes to break the tension with jokes and acting weird, while my mom creates said tensions. I jokingly glare at my father then Aaron who goes and comes back with a plate just as big and starts to eat it in front of me.

"Seriously? Save some for the rest of us." My mouth falls open while they smile at each other and air-five.'How old are they again?'

"Honey, I know you too well. You have more at your house. Probably made six of them and kept three at your house in a hidden fridge or freezer." My Dad quarks an eyebrow at me and says, " You love cheesecake to much to share it all. Already justified yourself saying there won't be enough room in the fridge here for all of them too."

"'That's exactly what happened." Aaron laughs silently while eating. 'It's not like I didn't learn those tricks from my Dad. He puts his favorite food that he doesn't want to share in a paper brown bag and brings the whole thing with him to his work where he eats it for lunch.' I sit on the couch and take the plate from Aaron and start eating it while having my feet on his lap so he couldn't get any more.

"So... When are you having kids?" My Dad just randomly asks . I almost spit out my delicious cheese cake, Aaron took that opening and took his plate from me while not even caring I almost choked on cheesecake.

"Dad? Can you not?"

"What do you think Aaron? How many kids?"

"umph font orty ids" 'I want forty kids'

"Not happening!" My Dad laughs and turns the channel to My little phony , it was my favorite show while growing up. Although I mostly had my nose in a book. "Oh! put R.L Stine's on!" It was the episode where the ghost mother killed her two children by drowning them in a lake. This one always made my hair stand on end.

"Aren't you scared of this one?" I nod my head yes, not taking my eyes off the T.V. I jumped when her arm came from the fridge and laughed as I started getting anxious even though I watched it a thousand times. The best part was coming up when the T.V turned off.

"Hey! Why'd you turn it off- Oh." My mother held the remote and glared at me.

"I want you to apologize Thea, you could've stopped the fight but you didn't and let it drag on." 'Uh... I'm not one for apologizing, and i'll never be. Besides, he should apologize to me and Aaron fist.' She looks at me expectantly. Ella was holding Frank with big teary eyes with a trace of scorn in them. She was looking down on me. That little girl was looking down at ME.

I wanted to go over there and slap her till her face was swollen and then some. My anxiety started to make my blood thrum, I could feel my face already turning red along with my neck. "No. If you want us to apologize, then they have to go first. Apologize for everything they've done. Then I'll think about it."

My eyes lost any emotion in them, they left no room for discussion. My mom's face heated up brighter than mine. I knew the volcano was about to erupt, "Athena Jacob Ackens! You will apologize right this insentient young lady! If you don't ... So help me God!!! You will never be allowed to come back to this house!"

I stood up, I got my fathers personality, but for the anger... I have my mothers. "FINE! I'll go and never come back! I don't want a single phone call from you OR Ella asking for money! Why did I even come back? Your the same, always have been , always will be! Come on," I tugged Aaron's sleeve and pull him to the door so we could get our stuff on.

"After all I have done for you! I'm your mother! If I say die, you die! It's up to me to decide weather you stay alive or not! Don't even try to beg and come back you litt-" I slammed the door shut and stomped to the car, but turned around and said good-bye to my Dad before leaving.

I was fuming. Livid. Aaron drove the car while glancing at me every so often. It took us half an hour before we got back to the house. I needed to let off some steam. Quickly. I went to my room and put my pajamas and a jogging outfit into a bag before going to the bathroom, "I'm gonna take a shower." I tell Aaron as he passed me. I quickly started the water, which takes seven to ten minutes to heat up, and go to my Oceanic world after changing into my shorts and tank top.

I felt the warm sand beneath my feet and marvel at how fast things grew there. My trees were already fifty meters above the surface of the water. I knew they'd grow fast, but I never expected this fast. Blossom Willow, Crystal Rainbow, Baby Blue, and Fruit tree were wrapped around each other to form one massive tree island. I walked on the water to the trees. They felt the same, but different than the ones I made.

'System, what happened?'

[Thea, you have been gone for many days since you last arrived at this planet. Last time you left, the trees were asleep and also thought about you. They wanted to surprise you so they absorbed ten times the amount of energy they need and expanded. Since they were so close together , they wrapped around each other and made this new tree. Would you like to name it?]

'What do I name my first four babies?' I think about it while examining the new tree they created together and smiled, "System, I want to name it... 'World Tree That Reaches The Heavens'." I put my hand on the trunk, feeling the thrum of life through it.

I connected my mind with it, "I have high hopes and exceptions for you sneaky four. I love your surprise by the way. I never thought you'd out master me so soon, but... I still need separate baby blue trees, blossom willows, crystal rainbow, and fruit trees. You need to spread your seeds.

As if hearing my voice, the wind picked up and blew. 'Yes mother,' their voices were carried by the winds as countless seeds flew from the tree and scattered. Some landed on land, while most laded in water. I looked around and envisioned what it would look like once all of the trees sprouted. I walked underwater on the roots of the world tree and followed them down to my little palace which got decorated by their roots. Sighing, I sat down and looked at everything that happened while I was away form the planet. I knew I had to make humans. I didn't want to, but knew I would have to.

"Well this is funny, I came here to cool down and I did, but now I'm worried what would happen to my babies now that human greed would have to come." I scratched my head and remembered, "Ah shit! my shower!" I smiled as I knew that making humans had to wait now.


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