Uncertain Arrival
3 A “ Normal “ Baby
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Uncertain Arrival
Author :sunnytiger
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3 A “ Normal “ Baby

Pibo order the maids to bring the baby to him, and also lock the doors. After the doors were locked, he sat there starring at the baby. The baby looked odd, his eyes were blue, his hair was orange. Hmm, the baby suddenly sat up from his sitting position. Pibo almost fell off his chair from his shock, the baby stared at him with a look that said " F*ck you ". Pibo instantly got the message that the baby was probably meant danger. He took out a gun from his back pocket and pointed the tip of it at the baby.

The baby looked freaked out, when Pibo asked what are you here for? The baby smiled, and laughed bitterly. That laugh sounds familiar, Pibo thought for a while where he had heard that laugh.

Before he knew it the baby swiped his little hand to the right and Pibo's gun dropped to his feet. Seeing the bizarre thing that just happened right now, he knew that the baby was the one who killed all those peoples.

The baby stood up, and said in playful voice " You must have realized who I am by this second right? ". Pibo was about to pick up his gun, but with a snap he couldn't move a muscle. In confusion, Pibo asked " Why did you kill my wife? ".

The baby put his hand to his chest and lower his head professionally, " Before we discuss about that, I'll now do a proper introduction. I'm Tecky the god of death, that should explain why many people were killed. And about the dog barks? I figured since I was forced down here by god of the god to do stupid missions... I might as well take advantage of the situation and take one of the souls who didn't die on their expected dates..

Pibo realized that the dogs must have been the legendary death dogs, that the books were talking about. Giant dogs that were the size of lions, with sharp horns of a mountain goat. They were used as reapers to hunt souls that were supposed to die on a certain day. Tecky stood there his baby form, realizing that Pibo was processing the information. Ugh, why do these humans take forever to process information! He thought while starring at Pibo.

So I just go and hunt for their souls with my dogs. The hel hounds! ". Too much information to process! Pibo fainted right there on the spot...

Yes, sue me for fainting in front of the devil.


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