Unrivaled Mage
1 Awakening
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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1 Awakening

Zero woke up on the cold hard floor with a bottle spilled with the stench of rum over flowing the room. Zero pushed himself off the ground and groaned. "Where the hell did I end up?" Zero remembered being at a bar drinking his pains away when he got into a fight with a very large university student. The fight didn't last long as it ended with Zero getting beaten to a pulp by 4 guys in an alley way. Zero dragged himself home and drank some more to make himself feel no more pain. Zero woke up and scanned his surroundings, but when he looked around all he saw was stone walls and iron bars in a dimly lit area filled by torch light. " What the hell what kind of jail cell has torches? Wait what the hell WHY AM I IN JAIL!?" Zero began to panic as his life was being completely flipped upside down. As Zero was adjusting to his surroundings he instinctively felt around his neck for his lucky charm necklace. It was a simple silver locket with a mysterious symbol he could never identify. He sighed with relief knowing he still had his lucky charm. " HELLO! Anybody out there!" Zero yelled out trying to find someone. " Would you shut your yap inmate before we shut it for you" a prison guard wearing a fitted blue uniform said walking up to the cell. " look at him he's completely out his mind" a prison guard with a belly slightly in a slightly unfitted uniform with a huge mustache said to the other guard. "Gentleman please I'm just trying to figure out how the hell I got here" Zero asked to the men. " Well it would seem someone had to much fun last night hahaha" said the mustache guard. " I remember when I had one to many and ended up who knows where" the slim guard said. " Look son if you think you're sober now we'll let you out so you can pay your fee to leave ahaha" the mustache guard chuckled with his belly popping out of his uniform. Zero smiled and thought " finally I can get out of here and figure out what the hell is going on." The guards opened up the door and led him down the hallway. "Really what the hell is there no lights in this damn place why all these torches" Zero thought as traveled down the corridor. They reached a tall wooden desk with a stack of papers and two chairs. Mustache Guard made his way into his seat and started shifting through papers, while the slim guard turned with his elbow on the corner of the desk to speak to Zero. " So the fee to exit today will be 2 gold." " 2 gold" Zero said in confusion, "why can't I just use cash or card" The guards stared at each other and looked back at Zero. "Hahahahaha" they laughed together "that's a good one boy I've never heard those funny phrases but we only take gold" the mustache man said behind the desk. Zero was confused " what the hell is wrong with these guys" he thought to himself. "nothing is wrong with them it is you who is confused" all of a sudden an elegant female voice said in Zeros head. "aghhhhhhhhhhh!" Zero yelled out while clenching his head. The sudden outburst startled the guards and the slim guard reached for his baton and looked at Zero and said " whoa calm down what the hell is wrong with you" Zero looked at the guards and said "Wait you didn't hear that!?" " No you are the only person who can hear me stop acting crazy in front of these guards otherwise the host will be imprisoned or killed" the voice said again. " There, there it is again you guys can't hear it!" Zero exclaimed to the guards again. The mustache guard got up from his desk and looked at Zero and said " look boy I'm 2 seconds away from throwing you back into the cell if you don't stop hollering about these things" Zero looked at these two and couldn't decide what to do in the moment. " I suggest host use points to exchange for 2 gold to bail out of prison." The voice sternly told Zero in his mind again. Zero smiled slowly and reached into his pocket and told the voice " fine fine whatever gets me the hell out of here NOW!" " Transaction authorized exchanging points for 2 gold. Minus 200 points. Balance 34 points." An image of the transaction flashed through his mind in an instant and he felt his hand in his pocket get heavier. He pulled out the 2 gold and put it on the desk. The guards looked at each other and the slim guard said " Look kid you can't be making all those crazy talks wherever you go other wise we'll see you very soon" he smiled and put the money in his pocket. Zero nodded his head and walked out from the large wooden door to the outside world. Zero was blinded by the difference in brightness and couldn't see so he raised his hand to block the sun for a moment. Then after slowly removing his hand his jaw was agape in pure shock. " holy mother of all that is everything where the hell am I?" Zero was shocked by what he saw. He looked around and saw a world that looked straight out of a fantasy novel. People walking around with cat ears and tails. Large men with fangs and green skin. People flying on large beautiful beast inside of a place with a medieval town look. " Host has transmigrated to a new world. The world of Agartha." Zero couldn't help but fall on his ass and ask the voice " wait transmargiritawhat? Does that mean I'm dead" The voice responded " here you are not where you were before yes. And I am here to help you?" The voice told him " wait help me do what!? Whoa first of all who are you and why are you in my head?" Zero retorted. " I am a system given to you so you can save the world you now reside in. There a a threat looming over the universe and I was created to choose and guide the next successor to this mission." Zero interrupted " wait what mission what universe why are you saying all these things and again WHO ARE YOU?" The voice sighed " in due time you will find out everything you want to know for now just focus on gaining some strength so you don't just die in this world. As for who I am that is simple. I Am Zofia."


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