Unrivaled Mage
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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Zero had to stop to gather himself and what was going on around him. Zero was now in another world with something inside his head which he couldn't tell really wanted to help him or use him. " Well Zofia can you tell me how long you're going to live inside my head?" he asked. "Until the host completes the primary objective. 1: Save Agartha.." Zofia replied. Zero scratched his head and finally sighed loudly " Fine, fine, fine, well do this your way but how equppied am I to even try this doesn't the hero receive some sort of powers when he arrives?" zero asked. " Host will recieve assistance becoming stronger as you progress in this world. Host still has yet to open up starter kit for transmigration completion." "What the hell kind of RPG game is this? Doesn't this dumb lady even know to give a tutorial before the kit." he smiled as he thought to himself. " Well this dumb lady was waiting for the dumb host to ask about how this world strength was measured but he never asked. Zero's eyes widened " Wait you can even hear my private thoughts? Damn I thought just because you lived in my head you couldn't listen to it. Jeez. Okay Zofia tell me how this world works some more." zero said. "...." Zero looked around waiting for her response. "Zofia?" he called her name. "..." Zero finally realized what was going on. He pulled his hands over his face and scratched at some stubble.

" Please tell me more about this world Zofia " " Request acknowledged. Agartha is separated into 5 kingdoms and some unknown forest and islands that have been deemed to evil to inhabit. The five kingdoms have been separated by each kingdoms rulers specialty. You currently reside in the Silver Kingdom where they specialize in combat arts. The three combat arts are Armed Combat, like swords and spears, Long range Combat and Martial Arts, there are subcategories like Body Condition, Flexibilty, Speed, and Force Focus within these martial arts but the most known is the kings Dragon Form which combines most strengths together to reach a peak martial art. Zero nodded his head as he listened while the towns people continued to walk by looking strangely at the man nodding to himself for 5 minutes.

The other 4 kingdoms are more related to Magic. The Cobalt kingdom specializes in Water magic and the king specializes in Ice Magic. The Ruby Kingdom specializes in Fire and the queen specializes in Volcanic Magic. The Golden kingdom specializes in Light magic and the king specializes in revival magic. The final kingdom is the Onyx Kingdom specializes in Dark magic and the queen specializes in death magic." " Wow why are all these kingdoms so cliche and balanced" Zero asked Zofia. " When Agartha was made the being who divided it all wanted things to be balanced so no one magic would ruled the world. As it stands the silver kingdom is at the bottom because they are mostly limited to very few True Magic users compared to other kingdoms. The Ice kingdom sits at the highest point between the 5 because the Ice King recently advanced to demi-God realm and most kings now are stuck at King Realm." Zofia said.

"Woah wait you didnt mention anything about realms and gods! Lady you gotta stop leaving important stuff out." Zero exclaimed to Zofia. " Again Host did not ask for this information nor did host let me get to that part." Zofia snapped back. " Fine just tell me more about these Realms." Zero said. "..." silence from Zofia. *sigh* " Can you please tell me about these realms zofia?" Zero asked after noticing her attitude again. "Request acknowledged. There are 9 Realms of cultivation in this world you belong to the first realm known as Opening Realm. it's the very beginning realm where you learn to control energy around you also known as mana. The next 8 are the Condesing, Advanced, Elite, Unique, Lord, King, Demi-God, and the highest is known as God." Zofia explained. " Now would host like to open starter kit?" Zofia reminded Zero. "Oh I almost forget yes please open it." Zero told her. " Request acknowledged. Opening host starter kit. Host has received 2000 Gold. Host has received Elite Ranked sword. Host has received Opening realm Manauls. Host has received Map and map function. Host has recieved 2 potions of mana. Host has recieve 2 potions of healing. Host has received Ancient eye. Host has received a bag of poop. All items will now be stored in host new inventory function." Zofia completed listing off items.

Zero stood with a confused look on his face. "Why would the system give him poop" he though t. He shook it off and asked " Zofia please explain Ancient eye and what is does for me." "Exact effects are unknown but host can equip to gain more power in this world. Would you like to equip?" Zero looked around as saw how many people were around and decided to find somewhere secluded to do this. " Zofia open map function." he told her. A map then pulled up inside of his head as he looked for somewhere to go. He noticed a cave nearby that was close to the town's river so he decided to head there. "Okay time to go and try to see how lucky I am. Let's see what this ancient eye is all about."


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