Unrivaled Mage
4 The Cave
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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4 The Cave

Zero cotinued his journey through the town spotting amazing items from armors, weapons, medicinal herbs, and other foods/furs he had never seen in his original world. He stopped to buy some new clothing from a small shop, which were plain black pants and a silver shirt with blue lining across his chest and arms. Continuing on he pondered on weather he should equip his newly gained Elite level sword but weighed the options of how risky it might be so he also stopped at a weapons booth and purchased a sword similar to a katana for 10 gold pieces. " System can you tell me how many people are in this town and who the strongest person here is." Zero asked as he continued towards the cave in the out skirts of town. " Currently there are 10000 beings living in this town in the region of the silver kingdom. The strongest person detected is in the advanced realm." Zofia replied analyiticly. Zero nodded taking in the information about the strongest person nearby. He had yet to fight anybody so he still had no idea how strong people really were. As zero approached the cave he paused "Zofia please scan for nearby presence." " Request acknowledged. Scanning. No beings detected for 3 km." Zofia replied. "Well isn't that convenient just a random empty grave just for me" Zero thought fo himself pleased he would have some peace while figuring out his new item. Zero walked into the cave and walked inside but not to deep as he still needed to see. " Man I really wish I could see in the dark at times like this" he complained. " Host can purchase dark vision for 500 point. Host balance is below required amount and can loan points but the host will pay 100% added loan tax" Zeros face contorted after hearing the information on the tax. " That's straight robbery what kind of system taxes it innocent customers like that" he complained. Zofia did not respond. Zero rolled his eyes in defeat and opened his inventory.

Item: Ancient Eye

Zero then selected the eye and saw an option

Item Ancient Eye. Would you like to equip

Zero stared at the option. "Equip? I thought it'd be more of a necklace or something." zero thought about if he should risk losing an eye in the process. Finally he shrugged " You know I've never gotten anywhere just wondering what if's" he said as he selected the yes to equip.

As Zero pressed the yes button his inventory closed and there was a dark vortex that opened in front of his face he then saw a purple light flash inside the darkness. As he looked inside he suddenly felt a burning sensation in his left eye. He began to hold his eye and scream from the pain. " What the hell is this feeling?! It feels like someone is using a blow torch on the inside of my skull!" Zero thought to himself as he felt excruciating pain. After a full 50 seconds of this pain it finally started to subside. Zero felt a cool sensation in his left eye. Zero slowly got up while holding his hand over his eye and stumbled out of the cave. He slowly walked to the river nearby to drink some water to recover slightly from what just happened. Finally zero felt his eye stabilize to a warm feeling as he knelt next to the water he slowly removed his hand and tried to open his eye. Zeros eyelid felt heavy as he lifted it slowly. When he opened it he couldn't believe what he saw. Zero saw the water reflect his image and all he noticed was a deep sapphire colored eye. His whole eye had changed where there were black veins on the ball of his eyes that connected and cracked across the smooth sapphire colored surface. He looked up and saw everything. He saw the flow of mana in the surrounding area. He could notice details on small rocks he couldn't see before and his eye could sense the beings from over 3km away. After looking around for about 20 seconds his eyelid became heavy again and he closed his eye, but when he opened it again it was gone. he had his normal brown eyes again.

" Zofia what was that just now" zero asked his system. " Host has unlocked Ancient eye abilities: Aura Sensing. Enhanced Vision, Information Storage and Copying, Mana Sense, Illusion Sense, and Time Manupilation." Zofia stated. " wait did you say I can bend time?"zero asked "Yes, but host has a very limited amount of mana stored and can not use these abilities yet until host reaches a higher realm." " Damn I knew it sounded to good." Zero continued to sit down and looked up into the sky. He thought about how he would continue living in this world. he thought about his old one. as he did he held onto his chain and remembered who he was before. Wondering who he wanted to be now. " Well I can't just sit here and not doing anything. It's time for me to focus on what I want to do, but it seems i can't do anything right now in this state. Well i guess it's like for a good old training session." Zero stood up and stretched his body and began to execute a simple punching routine " Not bad for a 28 year old man huh Zofia" he said as he moved around. " Wait how old am I in this world." he asked. " Host is currently 23 years of age" Zofia replied. " Oh nice looks like I lost a couple years feels good to be a but younger" Zero said smiling and he began to move a bit quicker. " Oh that's right I got some training manuals on the opening realm"

Zero opened up his inventory and pulled out 10 books on the opening realm. He began reading the first one which took him about 40 minutes. As he pulled out the second one he recalled something. " wait didnt my eye have some sort of information storage. Zofia can I use my eye to read these books?" " Yes, host can use eye to copy information but host mana level will only be able to keep abilities active for 5 seconds with current mana levels." Zofia explained. " Okay so I just gotta store up some mana alright I'll just get some more then." Zero slowed his breathing and felt the air around him. The book explained that mana was in everything and that he just needed to hold on to the heavy feeling as he breathed in. after about an hour he opened his eyes and asked Zofia " okay how long can I open my eye for now Zofia?" "Calculating. Host can use abilities for 10 seconds." Zeros expression sunk after hearing this. " You mean all that work only gave me that much time. " Host is currently using insufficient method to gather mana. Suggest host activated system assisted mana gathering." Zeros jaw dropped " well why didnt you tell me you had such an over powered function?" Zero asked in a complaining tone to Zofia. " Because the host never asked." "...." zero had no words. " Okay Zofia activate system assisted mana gatherung." " Request acknowledged, activating now." Zero began to breathe in as he did before when all of a sudden he felt an almost drowning sensation as he felt his body being flooded with the feeling from before. Zero clenched his teeth and began to process the mana as best he could.

After 10 minutes of this Zero opened his eyes. " Okay Zofia how long can I keep my eye open for now" Zofia replied " Host can keep open for about 4 minutes now." "Damn all that mana and I can only keep it open that long. man this eye sure needs to a lot. Okay time to use my eye. Wait what should I name it" " Host can name ability whatever he pleases. "Sweet. Okay let's name it... Super OP Mega cool Eye!" zero shouted proudly. "....." Zofia stayed silent. " Zofia you like that name right" "...." Zofia stayed silent "Zofia?" Zero called out to her. "Host naming rights have been stripped in system settings. " Zofia replied coldly " Wait no Zofia don't do this." Zero clenched his heart. " I'll change it okay wait please Zofia." he tried persuading her. "....." Zofia remained silent


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