Unrivaled Mage
5 The Wolf
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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5 The Wolf

Zero decided to open his "Super OP Mega Cool eye" which had been renamed to " Ojo De Zafiro" from a language his mother taught him when he was young. (translates roughly to sapphire eye from spanish) He began to focus his mana into his eye to get the same feeling as before. "Zofia activate Ojo De Zafiro" zero requested. " Request acknowledged. Activating" as Zofia said this Zeros eye began to shine a deep purple again and he could see the world differently again. Zero wasted no time as each second of this eyes power was precious he began to flip through each book looking at each page to store the information. As he flipped through the 9th book roughly 2:45 seconds had gone by.

"Danger detected." Zofia interrupted zeros studying. " A pack of 5 dire wolves are moving towards this position and will be here in the next 20 seconds. Estimated power levels. 4 lower Condesing realm wolves. 1 peak condesing realm Wolf." Zero looked up and used his eye to sense which direction the wolves were coming from. " Well I guess using these guys home and not paying rent sorta ticked them off." Zero joked as he stood up from the grass he had been studying on. "System can you calculate my chance of survival after studying those books." Zero asked as he drew his newly obtained katana. " At host current level with eyes abilities host has a 40% percent of escaping 5% chance of defeating all enemies." Zofia calculated. " Well looks like I have to find an opening to escape. Let's see how strong monsters are in this world."

Pounding and ripping of brush inside the forest could be heard sprinting towards Zeros position. All of sudden 2 wolves jumped out from bushes and circled zero. 2 other wolves split into 2 different escape routes and paced in place. The final wolf was larger than the rest and stood 15 meters from Zero. The larger wolf snarled as he looked at Zero. Zero could feel some pressure coming from the larger wolf. " So this is what getting pressured by a higher realms aura feels like. My body feels slightly heavier for some reason but not enough to really hinder me. I wonder what higher realms aura pressure must feel like." Just the though sent a chill up his spine thinking there were so many realms above his current understanding, but Zero was ready to fight. As Zero was thinking to himself the larger wolf barked to the smaller wolves and they all started moving towards Zero. " Damn these guys are smart blocking off escape routes. Well looks like I just have to make an opening. System how long do I have till my eye closes?" zero asked as he examined the wolves approaching him with his eye. " Approximately 47 seconds" Zofia replied unhesistanly. "Nice I'll be able to see how much combat use this eye has." Zero said as he stepped forward towards the first wolf that lunged at him. The first wolf tried to bit his arm while the second wolf approached from behind and dashed for Zeros ankles. Zero used his eyes to predict which attacking points each would would take and jumped forward to stab the first wolf in his gut. Zero pushed his sword into the wolf's skin but only made a small incision. Zero saw the little damage he did and used his back foot to reach out and kick the second wolfs snout as he pushed off to roll away from the oncoming attacks. " Looks like their fur is a lot harder than it looks." Zero said as he rolled back to his feet. The wolves paused for only a split second before pushing towards zero again. The first wolf ran directly towards Zero and the second wolf attempted to flank him again. Zero ran directly to the second wolf. The wolf ,surprised, lunged at the oncoming zero. Zero used the wolf's momentum to push it into a rock near by with a spinning elbow to the wolf's side as he dodged the lunge while knocking out the wolf who had just smashed into the rock. The first wolf arrived at Zero and bit into his left leg. Zero winced in pain. He felt the teeth sink in when he reflexively took his sword and slashed across the its eyes. The wolf yelped in pain and released its grip as it stumbled back to regain some sense. Zero took two steps back when he heard a message from Zofia. " Host has 20 seconds remaining of Eyes abilities. Suggest escaping 2 km west. living being detected that isn't another monster." Zero took a deep breath and looked at the large wolf and looked west. The third wolf was standing in his way. Zero broke out into a sprint ignoring the burning pain In his leg. Zero approached the wolf and heard the 4th wolf running behind 10 meters behind him. The third wolf growled as Zero approached and ran towards him and lunged at him. This time Zero used his eye to calculate how high the wolf would jump. He slid under and stabbed out with his katana. This time he aimed inside the mouth of the direwolf and pierced into its head. "Condesing Realm direwolf killed. 500 exp awarded." Zofia pinged inside his head. "Nice!" Zero was excited but had no time to celebrate.

Zero pulled out his sword and continued running west. The fourth wolf quickly caught up to Zero and jumped in front of him. Zero stopped and stood in a battle stance when he felt a sudden uneasy feeling. Before he could react the large wolf sped behind and pushed Zero over onto the ground. The fourth wolf took advantage and bit into his shoulder holding his weapon. "argghh!" Zero exclaimed from the pain as he released his weapon. The fourth wolf continued to hold its grip on his shoulder as the large wolf approached Zero. The large wolf stepped on zero chest and put his face directly into Zeros. Zero stared into the Auburn eyes of this large wolf and focused his Eye into the wolf's eye. The wolf's eye slowly started to change colors from Auburn into a faint purple. Zero continued pushing as much mana as he could into this " staring contest" which seemed to be a battle over control. As the wolf's eyes were flickering they suddenly returned to the original Auburn color. " Time limit has been reached deactivating "Ojo de Zafiro" please replenish mana for further usage." " Zero groaned as he heard this notification. "Dammit just as I was learning to tap a bit into this eyes power it needs more mana. Man I have to figure a way out of this. I don't want to end my second life so soon." Zero began to scan his surroundings as quickly as he could but he heard the Large wolf's deep growl.

The wolf seemed annoyed from zeros attempt to use his eye on it. The large wolf growled and began to open its mouth to rip out Zeros throat. The wolf reeled back and began to lunge at zeros throat when an arrow flew through the air and stabbed the large wolf's eye. The wolf howled and began to scan the direction the arrow came from. As the wolf scanned it saw two more arrows approaching, one behind the other, aiming for the other wolf. The other wolf was on alert and released its grip on Zero. As it attempted to dodge one arrow the second arrow pierced its side and it began to howl as well. The large wolf noticed the arrows came from above. On top of a tree a cloaked archer sat aiming towards the wolves. The larger wolf seemed to sense its disadvantage and howled a signal that made the injured wolves retreat. The large wolf stared at the cloaked figure before retreating into the forest.

The cloaked figure scanned the area and jumped down from their perch. Zero rolled his head to the side to see and brown pair of boots walking towards him. He looked up and the boots were right next to him and widened his eyes. Above him stood a beautiful blonde female elf with green eyes. He stared into her eyes intrigued with how this elf looked. She silently stared at him before extending her hand out to him. Zero reached out and was lifted to his feet. The elf took his good arm and supported him as they walked towards the town. " Zofia can I use a potion to heal my wounds." he asked in his head as they walked. " Host wounds are bone deep suggested using higher level healing magic to heal body. Potions can be used but will only stop the bleeding for now and replenish some lost HP." " Okay how far from the nearest medical establishment and how long till I bleed out?" Zero asked. " Host will reach a medical facility before wounds are deemed completely fatal. Suggest saving potions for later use." " Hmm, you're really good at calculating things why can't you help me calculate during my battles" Zero casually said. " Because host doesn't ask." Zero rolled his eyes hearing this response. " Thanks a lot Zofia" Zero thought. " You're welcome" Zofia responded. Zero continued walking in silence with the elf as they walked towards the town. " Thanks for saving me." Zero finally spoke up to the elf. She nodded and remained silent. " I would like to ask the name of the person who saved me" zero said. The elf remained silent as they continued walking. " Well my name is Zero. Again thanks for saving my life." Zero figured she was a private person. He had met plenty of people like her in his previous line of work.

They finally made it to the medical facility and the elf released zero at the front door. Zero smiled at her and said " Thanks again for all this. I really wish you would tell me your name." The elf stared at Zero and looked down for a moment before looking back at him. She took a small breath and said "Bell." Bell turned around and begun to walk away. Zero watched as she disappeared and said " Thanks Bell." and turned around to push the door open. He was feeling a bit light headed as he stumbled through the door and saw a brunette nurse with beautiful brown eyes looking down at paper work. " Please wait a moment while I finish this documentation." she said with out even looking up. " um can I get a little help here I'm kinda in bad shape." Zero said a little annoyed with this lady's approach to "customer service". The nurse looked up and saw Zero. She dropped her documents and looked at him with small tears in her eyes. " what the hell is the sudden change with her" Zero took a step back as he was being attacked with one of woman's strongest weapons. TEARS. "Jeez lady I'm wounded but not that wounded. Right?" Zero begun to re examine himself when he heard the nurse say, " Brother what happened to you." Zero looked back up confusingly at the nurse. " Brother, wait.. I have a sister."


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